I need advise on court case coming up

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    So Ive got myself in a lot of trouble.I knew for the last six months something was wrong with him and didn’t research it till i have got myself into trouble.He for sure is a sociopath that pushed me to the point that I hit him over the head with a roasting pan on Thanksgiving and got thrown in jail.Now I’m charged with a serious domestic assault.He knew what he was doing.He was a maintenance man at the apartment I live at and I think his goal was to get me kicked out of my apartment.He knew I was catching on to his lies and wanted to grind me into the dirt.I know what I did was wrong but for the last six months Ive gone through physical and emotional abuse from him and I never pressed charges on him.He did get his keys taken away from this apartment community and can not be on property which is a relief.I tried to leave him many times but he always knew the right things to say to drag me back.And now I look like the bad person.And he was the one who pushed me to lose my temper on purpose.Any advise on what I can do?

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