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    I fell for him. Thought he was the love of my life. The first 10 months were amazing. Then things went a little weird. I knew there was another girl, but he told me it was over because he loved me so much. We went on for a few more months. Turns out it was never over with the other girl. I cornered him, told him to choose. He would not respond. So I contacted her. He cut me off, told me that he was a sociopath and a pathological liar and she is a “safer bet” (sidebar – I am married. Not cool, I know, but life happens. She is not married, and younger) than I am so he is going to stick with her, but he is mad at me because she will probably dump him after all that I told her (like how he planned to marry me, got a tattoo for me, and a zillion other things) It has been 5 days of no contact and although I understand that he is sick and I should never want to see him again, I am dying. The worst part is that we work together so I will have to see him next week. I have not been to work for days because I am so distraught. Help, please.

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