Im invisible!!


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    Yes I feel invisible, but not worthless!!!
    My story is the same as everyone elses, in the fact that I met my husband 17 years ago, living together with this wonderful man within months, who had so much in common with me, and married soon after!!
    Ive prob been abused now for at least 15 of those years I have been called EVERYTHING and I mean everything, he has threatened to kill me, put me in hospital and has told me I am not safe around him on many occasions, then he love bombs me with affection!!
    Since reading about Sociopaths, he has EVERY SINGLE trait on the checklist!!
    My 16 year old son, will not call his dad, dad anymore and he is now throwing confusion tactics onto our 14 year old daughter, and enough is enough!!
    I have been in touch with womans aid, and they are helping me find a rented house, and I have been put on high priorty!!
    I have also told my doctor everything, so why do I feel so confused, and guilty? the guilt is the worst!!
    Will I ever heal, once away from this preditor?
    Why does he not take my feelings into consideration?
    Why does he put me on a pedistal and thenpush me off verbally?

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    Donna Andersen

    ncijo – I am so sorry for your experience. What you are describing is classic sociopathic behavior. He behaves the way he does simply because that’s what sociopaths do. He is fundamentally different from regular human beings. Please keep reading Lovefraud – you’ll find more and more information that explains what you have endured.

    I am glad you are getting assistance. Please be careful.

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    One of the first emotions I felt after the final discard was guilt. I knew that I didn’t cause this, that my ex was a pathological liar. I think that it is a result of being told constantly that you are wrong that you are the one at fault. It takes a while for the brain to catch up.

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