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    when your daughter is in a relationship with a psychopath*
    you cannot speak sense to her
    if you try she will walk out
    so you go years without being able to talk deeply to her
    when your daughter is in a relationship with a psychopath
    she will drop her family values, her morals, her modesty, her purity
    she will find her value in her use to him as a sexual object
    she will forget that she is beautiful inside
    she will forget that she has qualities that make her rare and unique
    she will forget that she has strengths and passions and desires of her own
    she will forget that she has her own life to live
    when your daughter is in a relationship with a psychopath you will rarely see her
    he will isolate her from anyone who can see what he is doing to her
    your heart will break over and over, every special family occasion she does not come home
    every celebration she is not present for, or ‘has to’ leave early from,
    every change you see in her that is evidence of his exploitive mark on her
    your beautiful, nurtured firstborn, systematically being destroyed for the sick amusement of a beast
    him having stolen her ability to trust her own perceptions and discernment
    being a slave to him and his wicked, erratic ways
    it is agony as a mother to know that she is in an addiction
    her body and mind and soul are addicted to his hot cold treatment of her, to the cycles of abuse he inflicts upon her
    that she continues to crave him as he mistreats her, that she is bonded to something so harmful to her
    and the advice to the mother is to detach. that you cannot help her. that you cannot talk to her about it as it will push her away
    like a drug addict – well how would I know. I know nothing about addicts
    I just know this is a beyond-frustrating, agonising and heartbreaking position to be in
    not being able to do anything
    and to see that MANY of the women who come to their senses
    do so after 20 years
    that puts nausea into my stomach just to think about
    that we may not be able to do anything and have to watch our daughter live a life of abuse for 20+ years until she finally sees he is a beast
    and decides she has had enough, and lets go of the hope that he will change
    and that the ‘nice’ him that she keeps hoping will reemerge is just part of the abuse
    a mask he puts on every now and then to reel her in again after he has been particularly awful

    this is where my head is at after our 4th Christmas with our daughter in a relationship with a psychopath

    (*psychopath/sociopath/narcissist/person with exploitive personality disorder, emotional and psychological abuser)

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    What an overwhelming situation! I can’t imagine having to witness a child go through such a destructive relationship with a sociopath. To feel so helpless while you wait for her to realize that it needs to end, how awful!! I think that because you are powerless over her relationship, perhaps letting go and letting God may be the only way. I pray that she sees the light and that somehow you can find a pathway to peace.

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    I am impressed that you are understand the situation your daughter is in. My friends and family did not. I felt like they did not understand. I am out of the relationship now. I’ve had no contact for one week! But I still crave him. And he was terrible! What woke me up was reading about narcissism and psychopaths (like Love Fraud, Psychopath Free The Five Step Exit and more). I read so many stories that were exactly like mine. Your daughter may have to find this out herself. I didn’t want to believe it in the early years but there were red flags. I see them now.

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    I am so sorry for the frustration and hurt that you are going through. I too have been a victim who has gotten out of the situation thanks to some advice and truths that I received and just like how you are suffering it was the same way for sister..She saw through him early on..she said that she felt there was something really bad and she begged ame and prayed for a year or more for me to get out.She is so thankful and happy that I woke up from that awful situation..I am really hoping that you daughter will see and realize what you are talking about, maybe if you could get her to look at this website she will see her truth in one of the stories here. I am so sorry that you have to stand helpless on the sideline while your daughter is being destroyed

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