Intergenerational Disorders

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    Hi there,
    I am exiting a 4 year involvement with a sociopath. Prior to that had been married to a full blown NPD person, (and managed to have a child with him) for 5 years. A live in partner before that was a Somatic Narcissist (7 years). So that’s 16 years with disordered men. They just got more disordered as I got older.
    With a help of my counselor I realized that all 3 were very similar to my narcissistic father. My mum is a classic co-dependent enabler. So no wonder I’ve been picking same guys.
    I cannot fix my parents (and they live overseas, I see them once a year, so I can manage them). But what do I look out for when meeting people to avoid attracting another disordered man?

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