is he a narcisist ?


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    I have been with my D for 9 years now and he is a very selfish thoughtless man, I have over the years came across potential evidence of him being unfaithfull, ie a long hair stuck under his tonail, his bed made very nice when he lived in his own house,(he has never made a bed in the 9 years I have known him) durex under my couch, sighnes of him using poppers when he came home from work, and many more . he sweres he knows nothing about any of this and he has never done anything to me, and said he is sick of my suspitions and it isn’t fair on him, but he never stayed out all night or went out very often, he said he is sick of the acusations,

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    Elliesnan – Hard to say if he is a narcissist from your description – but he might be a cheating liar if your suspicions are true. Have you thought of installing a well-hidden nannycam? He is denying everything because he knows there is some doubt in your mind. Remove the doubt – then remove him if that’s what you need for your own sanity and safety. Good luck..and never, never doubt your gut. It knows more than your easily-influenced brain! (Wish I had learned that a while ago).

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    Donna Andersen

    elliesnan123 – everything you describe is typical of a sociopath or narcissist. You find evidence, he denies anything is wrong and then attacks you. Right out of the sociopath playbook. I’d say dump him.

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