Is he sociopath?

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    Hi all, I am from Toronto. I don’t know how to express my feelings, I am totally disappointed with my bf! We have been living together for the past 1.5 years. He was so sweet at the starting and later I realized his porn addiction! He said me that he started watching internet porn when he was 12 y/o. He always likes the violent stuff and he used to try different types of (wild) positions and actions which were really painful. He enjoyed seeing me screaming with pain in bed. I felt something abnormal and asked him regarding this. But he was more sweet at that time, he said me that he thought I was enjoying and screaming. He promised me that he will be soft from the next time. But he was terrific at the same night! He is getting worse day by day. He lies to me always and I eel like he is having relationship with many girls. He leaves home suddenly at night and reaches in the morning! He looks disturbed sometimes and over excited sometimes! He behaves so strangely, especially in the bed. He was on some official trip in the last week (that’s how he said me!). At that time, I have done a rhinoplasty surgery to correct my deviated septum problem and I am on bed rest now. He reached home yesterday and asked me to suck his *****. I didn’t even remove the band aid on my nose! But he asked for such a thing! I just cried at him and he was compelling me to do so! It really hurts, both physically and mentally! I don’t know what to do. He is so lovely at sometimes. Is he a sociopath? Whom should I talk regarding this? What should I do now? Can you please suggest me something? I am totally fed up!

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    He clearly has no respect for you and doesn’t care about your feelings. Why didn’t you refuse to perform oral sex on him? I’m sure you will have struggled to breathe after having rhinoplasty surgery not to mention the swelling and pain around your eyes and face?
    Regarding the question of him being a sociopath theres a checklist on here detailing the characteristics of sociopaths.
    Have you never asked him where he goes to all night? If you are living together why do you allow him to leave you at night and return in the morning?

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    Have you considered ending the relationship? It sounds very abusive.

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    I hope you keep reading here.

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