Is my husband a pedophile?

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    In a previous topic I confirmed my suspicion, my husband is a phychopath.

    Now one episode pop up in my mind. When we started dating (maybe 2 months) he mentioned he was accused of sexual abuse. For me it was very weird, because it is not the kind of information you share with a person you start dating. And the moment when he shared was inappropriate, we were watching a movie.

    Then he gave me more details. He was working as a caregiver of a disabled little girl. He told me her mother accused him after he said he had a girlfriend. He told me the mother was jealous of his relationship because she had romantic feelings for him.

    Now I know he did not have any girlfriend at that time. He never had any serious relationship in his life (he is 35 years now)

    After I moved with him , I saw the report of the police regarding this delation, but it was in a Scandinavian language I do not speak.

    Now he works as a teacher in a high school. He has made jokes about having affairs with his students many times, even if I showed my repulsion and asked him to stop doing it.

    Even I left the country some weeks ago and he won´t be part of my life any longer, this thought is very disgusting. He has two little nieces and he is in contact with teens every day.

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    Donna Andersen

    Melania – It is possible that the guy is a pedophile. I am so glad that you are away from him.

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