it was her fault

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    she says she will be alright tomorrow
    she says it was all her fault

    we know he has blamed her. he has said it is all her fault
    she believes him and tries to be better, tries not to get upset, tries not to react
    dies to herself so he can continue to hurt her, continue to blame her for his misdoings
    continue to blame her for his neglect and emotional unavailability

    a mother’s heart aches and bleeds for her daughter
    that she will see
    that she will open her eyes and comprehend what she is seeing
    that she will open her ears and understand what she is hearing
    that he does not love her
    that he does not care for her
    that he is satisfied to use her, abuse her
    hurt her, leave her, abandon her, blame her, be cruel to her
    and she waits and suffers and keeps it all to herself

    as she is not allowed to speak about the relationship

    ‘it was all my fault anyway’…

    oh the agony for a mother of a daughter involved in love fraud.

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    Sorry to hear what your going though. Just be supportive and encouraging to your daughter with open arms, sooner or later she will want to leave him. The love spell will finally were off and she will need a place to run too.

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    Donna Andersen

    freedomformydaughter – the situation for you and your daughter is heartbreaking. You express it so eloquently. I hope at some point she will start to see the truth.

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