Just learning about my abuse. Need advice

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    I recently found out the man I have been having a hard time getting over (it’s been a year) was a sociopath. It was confirmed by a therapist. Everything I’ve read is spot on. I’ve started reading a book called physiopath free by Jackson Mackenzie. I could have written it myself it’s so accurate!! I’m very lucky because it was a long distant relationship (he moves a lot and kept a relationship secret from me). I’ve discover that there is potentially some sexual assault that I encountered as well as verbal assault. Can someone give me any advice as to how they’ve healed and moved past this? I’ll be seeing a therapist who has expiernce with narcissists and sociopaths. I’m still at the point of disbelief. Everything I was confused about for a year mKes sense now. I though I was crazy and too sensitive. Anyone have any advice?

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    Hi abm107660, glad you found out the truth from your therapist. Most therapist do not understand the abuse a sociopath does during a relationship or understand that aftermath of leaving a sociopath. So be very thankful that you found someone that understands.

    The book you are reading is excellent. So are Donna Anderson’s books (Lovefraud site creator). Look under the “Bookstore” tab at the top. Donna has a library full if information right here on this site as well as videos up at the top that you should definitely watch. Donna also has a mentor program to help people heal, if you go to the top, look under the tab “contact” and you will find info. Also she has developed a wonderful computer program to help people understand all that the have been thru.

    The fact that you have a therapist that truly understands sociopathic abuse I would recommend that you follower her/his advise. What helped me thru the nightmare of finally getting the truth about my then husband from a therapist also was a true blessing.

    It’s extremely overwhelming to hear the truth & read about everything these people did to us. And at times you may have to take a break from all of the reading just to calm your mind & spirt. But with that said the best thing you can do beside therapy is to read everything you can get your hands on and then analysis it with your relationship with this evil man that was in your life.

    When you are sad = read, when you are angry = read, when you are sobbing = read. It will help you to heal. DONT stuff your feelings down, you need to feel them because during the relationship with this sociopath he prevented you from feeling these feelings and now they will be percolating up. Like I stated it can be overwhelming to feel all of the feelings. Just remember to breath and take a break when it gets to much.

    I would also recommend that you ask questions here. And vent. it is all part of the healing process.

    I’m truly sorry that you were sucked into this evil mans twisted world. But I am so thankful that you know know the truth.

    Last & most importantly:


    Do a search up at the top of Lovefraud on the no contact rule. Also do a search on the net. it’s the most important rule you will every follow. It is the only way to have peace & calmness in your life. SLAM the door shut of this sociopath by following the no contact rule. Block him from your phone, email, text, social media & alert friends & family to do the same. Sociopaths always try to boomerang back into a past victims life. Dont let him back into your life!! If you can change your phone numbers!

    Also look into adrenal fatigue symptoms. See sites like Adrenal fatigue org and DrLam. com. Most victims of abusive sociopaths have adrenal fatigue symptoms (PSTD) that need to be healed also.

    Hugs to you.

    Wishing you all the best.

    Take care.

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