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    This is an article by sandra brown. you may have not been told there were wolves but once you know you have a new power. you can leave as soon as you sense danger.

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    Great article.

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    Agreed great article sunnygal. Gives me hope:)

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    Sadly I’m old enough to know better and knew from day 1 that this guy was “off” somehow but going through difficult divorce after 36 years and this guy At work flattered me,was flirty, attentive…plus he was one of my Lieutenants at Detention Center…impressive…told me he understood because he too had gone through a divorce where wife had cheated. Other officers warned me saying he was still married. Yes, he “love bombed” me and I let him move in with me within a month of our first date.

    Yep, he was still married to the woman who had been Wife #1.

    5 year TUMULTUOUS RELATIONSHIP mark in September but married in April 2017. So far hes left me 20+ times and always managed to convince me he was alone, not cheating…last month i was ready to file for divorce after he moved out in March 2018 becuz guess what? Went thru his phone and discovered he’d been on Sex Dating sites and had many nude pictures of women and was on KIK N SKOUT….

    So he’s a Sex Addict who swears he is not doing anything NOW since we cancelled divorce and he moved back in, being the man I fell in love with years ago. He’d been a total bas….d for over a year. Claims I’m “the problem” doubting him and that I forced him into that behavior. Says it was his “security blanket” when I accused him of lying and cheating.

    2 days ago I went thru his phone in charger while he went to store and found Google history looking for women and on his phone contact an odd looking entry so I called it. India guy answered and asked for name, when I asked if this was DISH he said oh, yes, I provide you INTERNET. Nope. Before he’d paid for 2 porno sites so I know he has again. Asked him to show me New banking accounts online Tonite to proof he hasn’t…guess what? Not here, no talking again, just his usual silence when he gets caught…

    I’m too old (66) for all this Drama but am scared to death how I’ll survive with just Medicare and my monthly Survivor Annuity.He’s retired military so right now I have TRICARE. Big advantage plus his second income.

    Turns out I’m Wife #9 or 10….

    Is it me or is it him? I’ve allowed him to do this to me so is it ME?

    I feel absolutely emotionally and physically drained. What Now?

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    Also, Military Behavioral Health ( he says) is supposed to schedule Sex Addict Counseling and Marriage Counseling THIS month June. I had hopes he was actually serious about treatment but apparently this is just another ploy. Another lie.

    Last Ex warned me he was a liar n cheater. She remarried him though so ???

    Suggested we meet so she could tell me how this was going to end. Interesting, right?

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    sleuth- i know a gal staying in a relationship for tricare. up to you to decide if the benefits are enough to stay.

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      sleuth why don’t you post your story as a topic for more responses.

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    Sleuth, this guy sounds like a classic sociopath. You should run as fast as you can. There are probably some government agencies, churches, and domestic violence centers who can help you. If you stay with this man, he will destroy you. Make no mistake about it. Personally, I’d sleep on the street before living with a sociopath.

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    this is a great fairytale.

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