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    WOW I have read book after book a psychopath mentality. My Ex Spath fits it all to a T.
    He does something nice though and makes it look like he’s a “good guy” gets his praise from others and I am like “ya wonder what his motive really is” just that probably to look like a nice guy because too many are catching on to him! Oooooh it burns me up! Know what though I don’t care I know what he did to me. So what if he does something nice once in a blue moon does not change who he is.
    When you are the woman he loves day in and day out is pure torture and he goes through the whole cycle!
    Love bombing,devaluation, triangulation, and discard.
    What he did he did not do for a woman inlove with him. They are the ones that are punished and tortured. I swear I called him out on all he does. He knew I would hear about it. Probably thought It would make me feel like I misjudged him. Know what all I care about is how he was to me and treated me! Makes me see him no different end rant!!

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    Donna Andersen

    Ladybugg – I am so glad that you are seeing the truth of what he is. Good for you!

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