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    After reading these stories, and doing some investigating on what my sociopath ex fiance has lied to me about the past 6 years, I want to file a lawsuit against him for misrepresentation.
    I want Gloria Allread to represent me. He has not only lied to me, but to past employers. He claims he graduated from a top name university with a degree in engineering. He has worked as an engineer and quit before they could catch on.
    Now, I found an ad on a top job hunting site where he is posing as an engineer from the middle east and even has a middle eastern alias. This man had an arsenal of weapons when I met him. I saw them. He needs to be stopped before he hurts anyone else, and maybe kills someone or becomes a homegrown terrorist.
    I need help doing this, and support. Everyone I know will tell me to “just move on”. I cant. My Dad was a top attorney in my homestate, and I was in college to be a police officer when i was drugged and gang date raped many years ago. I ended up being unable to finish school. But the want for justice and stopping criminals is in my blood. So can anyone help me? Does anyone know Gloria Allread?

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    I decided not to do this. I am going to just try and move on. I tried to delete this post, but couldn’t, so no need to reply. Thankyou

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    Take good care. Living well is the best revenge.

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