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    I know this doesn’t work in abusive relationships, because the abused runs back to the abuser until their eyes are opened. We’ve tried. But still, I completely identify with this mother zebra!

    (in this 15 sec video footage of her rescuing her baby from a lion’s jaws in link below)

    And I still wish I could do this. ‘Back off bastard she’s not yours. Let her go.’ and then literally, ‘run for your life baby girl!’

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    Sorry to hear what your going through, trying to get through to your daughter will be a tough job. Your daughter is probably addicted to the trauma bond, which the victim gets addicted to the emotional roller coaster. It’s addictive like a drug, with a mixture of high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, paired with dopamine when given affection as a reward. “Through gaslighting, control, and intermittent love, the abuser has their partner backed into a corner of self-blame and desperation of trying to win back the affection of the person they love.”
    Here is an article that explains it all Link: Trauma bond
    Trauma bonding is very addictive, hes probably got her emotionally controlled, and the only way out for her might be alot of therapy,

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    • This reply was modified 3 months ago by  angelstar.

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