My ex [22M] started reaching out to me [21F] in social media recently.

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    We’ve known each other since high school, and were in an on and off relationship. It was a toxic relationship. I only stayed connected to him because of his family issues and he was basically on his own. Around fall of 2015, I moved to a different city for college. He stopped talking to me around the end of 2015.

    I live with my parents during the summer, and he showed up at my doorstep unannounced after about half a year of silence. My parents knew him, and they were there at the time. I tried not to show how annoyed and pissed I was because my parents didn’t know about us. After that, he texted me asking if we could be friends, after cutting me out and . I couldn’t, at least not anymore. I blocked his number after that.

    Not too long ago, I’ve been getting random calls from random numbers, all of them I’ve blocked after. He also requested to add me in social media. I’m furious, annoyed, exhausted, frustrated. It’s been two years after he went cold turkey on me only to resurface again and give me a shitty reason. I’ve also blocked all of the accounts of him that I know of, but he just won’t stop.

    I’m not responding to any of his attempts. I’m still in the healing process, and knowing that he’s trying to reach out to me opens up wounds from the past. I don’t think he’s getting the “silent treatment” approach.

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    Donna Andersen

    pixiedust – You are doing exactly the right thing. Do not respond to him at all. Do not even respond to say, “Leave me alone.” Even though it is exhausting, and you want it to stop, if you take any action it will mean that you are engaging with him. It is better to continue ignoring him. Eventually he will go away.

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