my ex's new girlfriend is stalking me online

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    I was with my ex for four years, two of which he cheated on me. I ended it almost two years ago and he ended up with the girl. They now live together. For a year and a half he begged me back. He is in the middle of a custody evaluation to get custody of his son, I threatened to go to the evaluator with evidence of his abuse if he didn’t stop, and I have not heard from him in almost two months. He was always with this other girl while he was begging for me back. The abuse was terrible and I have been suffering from ptsd.

    The other girl is the issue now. For almost three years now, she has stalked me online. I had to delete my facebook page, restart my Instagram and make it private, and have changed my twitter account countless times. She always manages to find me. Every single friend I send a message to, she blocks almost hours later. It’s like she has it open on her browser. My friends have never reached out to her. Nor would they. Because she has my friends blocked, I can’t delete and make a new account. If I do, she can go into her blocked list, look at my friends, see who they are following, and find me again. She has done it before. Very quickly.

    Today I looked at her Twitter account after almost a year of not looking and I shouldn’t have. I tweet articles about sociopaths, etc, and on her page she “responds” to me. I think he managed to convince her I was the abusive one. Her tweets were like “We know what you are. Stop pretending it was him. We know what you did to him.” When I said I was going to get a new tattoo, she unleashed a series of tweets saying she was so glad how she doens’t have any, and how people with tattoos are scumbags. Anything I post, she has a response to and it is unnerving and within a few hours of my posting. These tweets go back months/years.

    I am 32 years old and she is 23. I am aware she is young and I have to proceed delicately because she’s not quite mature and when he met her, she was not mature. Do I ignore it? Pretend like it’s not happening? It is making my skin crawl knowing she is looking. I had my account private for approximately six months in the hope she would stop and even then I guess she kept checking to see if I would make it public again, which I did.

    I also used to have a blog where I would write daily. She had found that, I had an IP tracker (I knew of the town she worked/where she lived). She looked at my blog upwards of 30 times a day. I eventually deleted it because knowing she was looking that much really scared me.

    I had asked my ex when we were still talking if he could please have her stop but he said he was tired of the drama and it was my fault. I think he loved that it was still going on after all this time. I truly want to be left alone. Keep in mind, I don’t post personal things on there. I never post what I’m doing, details of my relationships, photos. It is mainly articles/political nonsense. I keep it as boring as possible.

    What would you guys do?

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