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    My ex is an INFJ and a sociopath/clusterB personailty disorder/high on narcissism. Only 4\% of all people are INFJ. (FYI – I’m an ENFP by the way.)

    I am curious if anyone has known a sociopath who was INFJ or if there has been any documentation that might suggest INFJ’s are more likely to be sociopaths.

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    I am an INFJ and I am not a sociopath, psychopath or narcicisst (in fact far from it). IMHO Myers Briggs is not a good way to determine if someone has sociopathy.
    INFJ make up less than 1\% of the general population btw. 🙂
    The only way to find out if someone has sociopathy is to let them take the MMPI-2 scoring test by a doctor.

    Regards, Nevaeh.

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    i’m an infj and i’ve been targeted by a sociopath. I’ve read that this is common for infj’s to have this problem.

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    Back2BeingMe67, I seriously doubt he was INFJ due to the characteristics of that type. Did he type himself? My ex did so but all the answers were BS – I saw his answers and they were very definitely not who he is! You’ve got to bear in mind they like to see themselves as perfect, wonderful people – and also that they justify their wrongs to themselves. Self insight and ‘honest answers’ aren’t exactly their strong suits! (Understatement!)

    If you want to know what he really is, take the test for him yourself – answering in terms of the choices you know he would make through having observed his true character for yourself.

    I did this and the result was ESTP – which absolutely describes him, and is absolutely the dodgiest type! The description of an ESTP actually includes lying in order gain, manipulate and ‘image manage’, and they are noted for lying just for the ‘fun’ of it and ‘sense of power’ when others believe the lie (dupers delight); they are easily bored by routine, live in the moment and are thrill seeking, rule breaking, blunt and obnoxious; they are completely out of touch with (or have no) feelings, and no integrity – never give a sucker an even break. One recovery forum for victims polled the MBTI of it’s members – ESTP’s aren’t really showing up on that list.

    Plenty of INFJ victims there though – it was the highest type on the list. Other rare ‘I’ types also featured highly. However, you’ve got bear in mind that certain of the ‘I’ types are more likely to be on that poll due to finding answers and solace online (and in books), than finding sufficient consolation with friends and family, who may see the ex for what he is but not understand the ‘why’. Especially when viewed in combination with the ‘Judgement’ aspect, which wants and needs the answers necessary for full closure to happen (needing proper closure is very much a ‘J’ thing!). Friends and family knowing he did you wrong, but not understanding that he’s actually disordered and the dynamics of this – due to how some types are, the solace of those who “see it, but don’t fully get it” is not sufficient – validation/closure comes from understanding the disorder and getting the full answers.

    Anyway, you can read about the ESTP type and see for yourself that it describes the psychopathic nature to a tee. This short link doesn’t beat about the bush in terms about how ESTP’s operate:

    Providing the second link just because gives a lot of data, due to the sidebar to the right of that page providing links to eight sections describing the personality type in various life functions (romance, work, parenting, etc).

    Looking at it, it also makes sense when you examine the worse potential aspects of each function and how this applies to them in combination:

    Extrovert (always on the hunt for attention/supply), Sensing (observant, catering to superficial ‘needs’ and immediate ‘wants’ – always wanting what they want, in the moment), Thinking (because they sure aren’t feeling!), Perceiving (no sense of definiteness, commitment, or closure on their decisions – wanting everything (or everyone!), indecisive, back/forth between their various N supply, push/pull).

    ETA: An ESTP initiated a discussion on an INTJ forum – he attempts to justify his lying, manipulative, competitive, selfish, rule breaking ways. The thread makes a very interesting read and demonstrates their ability to ‘justify’ their wrongs as right and claim everyone else has it wrong:

    ETA: And another quick thread that really nails and helps us to understand how their liarly liarness is perfectly OK (in their opinion) because ‘the end justifies the means’ is here:

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    “You’ve got to bear in mind they like to see themselves as perfect, wonderful people — and also that they justify their wrongs to themselves. Self insight and ”˜honest answers’ aren’t exactly their strong suits! (Understatement!)”

    I agree. Mine was doning the test about 3 times (I guess? I remember him taking the test at least two times for sure) and there was always a different result (but he never came up as an INFJ).
    My result never changes no matter how often I take the test.

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    Omg, I took the Myers Briggs Test test for my sociopath and he indeed came up as an ESTP!
    I even answered the questions mostly in favour of his “good” qualities.

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    Yes, same here Nevaeh. After the break up, he told me – many months later – that he’d taken the test several times during this period and the outcome was a different type, each time. He specified four different types, none of which even came close to describing his personality, attitudes and behaviors.

    My supposition; his test answers depended on which of his various supplies he’d immersed himself in mirroring at each particular point in time that he tested himself.

    He manufactures break-ups so he can switch back and forth between his various ‘main supplies’ on a regular basis – I lived through that, but didn’t work out that is what he was doing until the other shoe dropped at the end. At that point his attempt to manufacture an argument to split was extremely obvious – I kept refusing to bite and he kept trying – and finally I saw it for what it was. One week later; photos of him with OW got posted on a FB event page, by the event organiser – unbeknownst to Mr Psychopath. Whoops.

    So the other shoe finally landed, and when I looked back over our history I realised; he’d been doing that all along. There had been no real arguments; the public humiliations he’d engineer were all just manipulations designed to upset me and create distance, in order for him to spend time with another of the women he was stringing along.

    Just realised I forgot to post the second link I mentioned in the ESTP post. It’s way too diplomatic and kind about what ESTP’s are, but it does have lots of different sections – this makes it somewhat useful in terms of the broader picture:

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    “My supposition; his test answers depended on which of his various supplies he’d immersed himself in mirroring at each particular point in time that he tested himself.”

    I also believe indeed it could be mirroring.
    He also stated that some questions were “hard” to answer for him- of course if you don’t know who you are you can’t answer them properly.

    Oh and mine is posting pictures on FB to intentionally hurt me.

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    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that your result for him was ESTP.

    Here’s a link where ESTP’s acknowledge their high degree of psychopathic traits, and revel in the fact that they tested above all other types for primary psychopathy – as if it’s something to be proud of. The questions on the Levinson test itself make for some interesting reading too. You can also see where INFJ’s fit onto the primary/secondary traits graph on this same link – extremely low on both axis:

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