Narcissist mother in law and husband

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    Hi I’m new on here ,I’ve recently discovered what in fact is wrong with my horrible narcissist husband ,sickening even worse his mother whom is 1st generation narcissist completely pulls his strings ,she hates me and has effected our marriage from day one ,sadly my weak husband lets her and in turn he’s made me weak and desperate for his love ,I feel I’m battling both of them and no I should get out for my sanity ,if I bring it up to him I get the silent treatment it lasted 10 months recently sheer hell sadly my husband is extremely ill so I feel guilty if I leave .

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    Donna Andersen

    monte98765 – I am so sorry for your experience. Personality disorders are highly genetic, so they do run in families. Your husband will always treat you the way he has been treating you. Even when he recovers from his illness, it will be bad. You may feel like you need to care for him because of the illness, and your husband may convince you of that, because they often try to make their targets feel guilty. But keep this in mind – sociopaths typically do not take care of others who are sick, so if you ever need him to return the favor, it is unlikely he will.

    Your first responsibility is to your own health, wellbeing and peace of mind.

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    Thank you for your response ,I totally agree with what you say ,he won’t get better he has blood cancer ,why on earth do I feel like I owe him ,he don’t give a bloody shit about my well being ,I feel so weak with him I’ve never in my life felt this weak with anyone ,I know I should go but it frightens me and I don’t know why ,I worry about a thought only which is stupid .

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