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    Hi Everyone,

    I joined the forum this week after seeing the site creator on LifeTime. I could truly relate, and I am glad to find a forum of people who understand what I went through.

    I married a sociopath. His actions throughout our marriage were of no consequence. He ended up hurting me and his children from his previous marriage. I lost everything I own, everything I worked for because of him. Marriage is work. Hard work. He would do the bare minimum, and expect the universe from me.

    Where are we now? We have been separated for over a year. I am still picking up the pieces and trying to put my life back together. He has found a new victim.

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    honnybrown Good you are separated from the spath and moving toward No Contact. there is alot of helpful information here.

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    Donna Andersen

    Honnybrown – Welcome to Lovefraud. I’m sorry for your experience, but glad that you found us.

    We have lots of information that may help you. Feel free to share.

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    Hi Honnybrown, so sorry that you have endured hell with this evil man in your life. But, I am so happy that you have figured out that he has a major personality disorder & have escaped his grips.


    It’s hell to be married to a sociopath, but the bottom of hell to divorce one. The courts dont understand & lawyers either…many divorce lawyers are disordered also. So be careful who you hire…best to get a recommendation from friends/family etc.

    If you go to the Facebook page One moms battle you can ask if there are any good lawyers who understand sociopath abuse your location.

    I would recommend that you open a fake email then a fake Facebook page so that you can chat freely without your ex knowing.

    Also in your local big box book store you can find a whole section on divorce & also there are “financial divorce” books that will give you more info then your lawyer about what you can get from your ex. And also your local library may have books on “financial divorce”. For one thing if you were married (USA) for, I believe over 13 years, you are entitled to a portion of your ex’s social security. So look this up on your Country’s social security website.

    Donna Anderson has created a library full of valuable information & also courses on line & a “book store” up at the top that will help you to unravel even more to the truth.

    A few things to do a search on in the upper right corner here at love fraud:

    No contact Rule
    Low contact rule (during divorce court)
    Grey rock method

    Gas lighting abuse

    Sociopath triangulation
    Sociopath smear campaign

    Expect in Divorce court he is going to LIE LIE LIE!! So best to have the judge swear you both into court & have everything recorded. This way you have his lies on record & you & your lawyer can act accordingly.

    Most victims of a sociopath have PTSD when they finally crawl out of hell from a sociopaths abuse. So take care of your health.

    Look into Adrenal fatigue as the main root of the PTSD issue.

    look at sites for symptoms list of Adrenal Fatigue:

    Adrenal fatigue .org

    Dr Lam. com

    plus google “adrenal fatigue”. Your local library may also have books on this subject. (I have no affiliation to these sites except for the fact my local doctor gave me Dr Wilson’s vitamins after I escaped my ex, a sociopath. My adrenal glands were fatigued.

    Endocrinologist Doctor deals with adrenal fatigue issues.

    Come here & vent, ask questions & search. This site Lovefraud is an unbelievable blessing to all of us & no doubt will help you too.

    Wishing you all the best! Take care

    Hugs to you!! 💜

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    ps Thank your lucky stars that he has a new victim so that his attention is else where & not creating daily chaos & drama in your life. Sociopaths always try to boomerang back into a past victims life with lying promise words…so use this time how to health your body & mind and also to educate yourself so that if he attempts to come back into your life you will have the strength to slam the door shut on him.

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Jan7, thank you for that information. I left him the first time in 2015. Just as you said, he made a lot of empty promises, and we got back together in 2016. Of course, nothing changed. And PTSD is an understatement.

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    You’re Welcome Honnybrown. The PTSD is very difficult to deal with especially while trying to divorce a sociopath. I was so stressed out when I crawled out of my marriage & was lucky enough to have a friend guide me to a Endocrinologist doctor who tested me for cortisol levels, vitamin & mineral deficiency etc. My test results were all dangerously out of the normal range. The doctor gave me a Rx of progesterone pills (natural hormone Rx not synthetic & also Dr Wilson’s adrenal fatigue vitamins 4 times a day. Within hours my anxiety was half and within weeks I could sleep better & anxiety felt like it was back to the normal range. When you have a relationship breakup of any kind your body automatically releases larges amounts of cortisol & adrenaline this causes anxiety etc.

    As they say stress can kill you. And the stress that a sociopath puts their victims under because of their abuse, chaos & drama really fatigues your adrenal glands etc.

    I’m glad that you realized he was not going to change. This is powerful. I went back several times to my ex. Then one day that was it, I new never again would I ever speak to him or see him. That was a good day!!. In the divorce court he tried to talk to me, I was educated on who he was and never would allow a conversation to start as I knew it would just be mind games by him to look bad in court.

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    Jan7, yes, stress can kill. Thankfully, I work in a metropolitan area. I go for an hour walk every day at lunch time. That truly helps my sanity.

    My attorney served him on 4/5. He has 60 days to reply.

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