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    I’m new to this forum, I would like to reply to other posts and help others who have experienced something similar but I have to write what happened to me, I don’t know where else to go.

    I met a Romanian girl on a web cam site online and she destroy me. She ask me for money for a year and a half to help for all the problems in her life. Which were all lies. I was wary at first about being scammed and I told her this. She spent two weeks telling me she was not one of those girls, she sent me her ID, told me she would not hurt me, that I could trust her, and she would pay me all the money back and eventually I sent her the first amount. I sent her money to help with family illness, rent, food, everything, and I told her every day I was suffering with worry and I loved her. She promised me things on a daily basis, money back, that she cared about me, that she didn’t want to hurt me, and things got worse and worse. I did not comprehend that this was possible what she was doing and that I could not change anything. I was pleading with her by this point. I was crying. I was a wreck. Day by day. Can’t possibly go into all the details. But I sent her in total around 12,000£, and have had my heart ripped apart. I met her in UK 3 or 4 times, payed for her hotel, flight, food, and she sit and listen to me talk and cry, and then she walk off and leave me alone when I did not agree to send her what she was asking. I send her 4000£ in her account because she was in UK the first time working as an escort and was asking me to help her because she wanted out. And of course my incentive was that we would be ‘together’ like she said. When I sent her this she blocked me. I spent the last months begging her not to do this, not to ruin my life, texting her from other numbers. Meeting her in UK more times. Having her threaten me that she will come to my house and kill me unless I meet her. Her last words to me were ‘I am the devil, I am inhuman and rude, I don’t care about you, for me you are a bank, I am very happy, I will kill your family, fuck you, you have been scammed, BLOCK’. This from someone who I gave my repeated trust to for almost 2 years and has seen first hand more than once what effect her behaviour has had on me. The worst part for me is I have reported this many times to action fraud and the police but she is now in the uk working again as an escort with her boyfriend doing the same thing whilst I suffer alone with no justice or anything. No one understands or is willing to do anything.

    My reason for writing my albeit exceedingly condensed version of my story here is because this girl exhibits all the traits of a sociopath. Anger, pathological lies, devalue, discard, predatory, says she has no friends, using me to attain money, no remorse, no empathy, no humanity. But I find forums online about other people who have also been scammed by girls and guys from Romania and how it’s a culture there. She is a sociopath plain and simple? I sent money once on her mums name as well. They say these girls from Romania are coached and coerced into this behaviour and way of life, into this culture. I have talked to a few of her now ex best friends who she also betrayed. This last sentence should leave me in no doubt but the hardest part to get over is not the loss of all that money, but the fact that she told me she is happy with a boyfriend working as an escort in the UK and she don’t care if I die. She seems indestructible and proud. The pain, humiliation and feelings of injustice and disbelief are difficult to live with and like all the other stories on this forum, impossible to convey with the written word.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully received and sorry for not responding to other posts just at this moment.

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