"She survived; He didn't" article

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    A Hit Man Came to Kill Susan Kuhnhausen. She Survived. He Didn’t.
    Ten years later, she tells her story.

    This article is in the current weekly paper Willamette Week, in Portland Oregon: http://www.wweek.com/news/2016/08/17/a-hit-man-came-to-kill-susan-kuhnhausen-she-survived-he-didnt/

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    Donna Andersen

    What an unbelievable story! Thanks for posting.

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    You’re welcome, Donna. I knew you’d be interested. Makes us all want to train as ER nurses, right????? She’s only slightly over five feet tall!! It’s easy for me to think of her as a hero, but as she says in the article, she is still very negatively affected by having killed the guy. It’s a whole sad thing for her. 17 years with the guy who tried to have her killed.

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    It’s good to read an account where the outcome is a semblance of justice. What a nightmare for the victim, even though it turned out as ok as possible.

    Even though the marriage relationship wasn’t focused on in the article, I noted a red flag – that they talked by phone for very many hours before meeting. My ex engaged me in many many long emails at the beginning of our ‘relationship.’ I have since learned that it is best to use non face to face contact only briefly for check-ins and to make arrangements for spending time together. It is easier to hide many things and to deceive in general in texts, emails, and phone conversations.

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