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    Years ago I found this site at a time when I was going through pur hell. I was raising a family members daughter and discovered that she was a sociopath. I took her to psychiatrists and had her in therapy and she manupulated them.

    I managed to get her through high school and in college. This sight helped me to understand that she had her own agenda. I wanted to give her the opportunity and get her away from me. The drama she brought into my life was unreal and would take a very long time to tell. I really need to write a book about it.

    The day I dropped her off at college was such a relief. I returne home and within the first few weeks things began to happen. She dropped my name from the list so I couldn’t monitor her progress. Then, she called me asking for money and cursed me out. I didn’t hear from her anymore until the holidays. She was in town and called from her uncles house. She was still cursing and helling. She needed me to help her with the next semester even though I had no proof that she even stayed in school. In fact, based on the pictures she posted of the boys she said she “found to lay up with”, I suspect she wasn’t in school.

    Her uncle was on the other line and allowed this girl to speak to me that way. He drank the Kool aide. I calmly told her that I was done and wouldn’t be doing anything else for her. She hung up on me aND I haven’t seen or heard from her since. This has been over 5 or 6 years ago.

    I just returned from my 2017 family reunion and to my surprise she showed up. Apparently, she has been in touch with other family members who were not helpful or supportive when I had her. They never invited to to anything. Very vendictive group. I said nothing to her just ignored her. Eventually, the following day she game to me while around all of them and said hello and introduced her 2 children (and one on the way). I said hello turned and finished the conversation ì was having.

    She claimed to be married and I know she has told so many lies. A sociopath doesn’t change her spots. Later that day while no one was around her she walked past me and I looked in her eyes. That I when I say the mask slip. That evil face was there. She wouldn’t look at me directly.

    Sociopaths always have an angle but I did not and will not buy into it.

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      jlarue, I can understanding getting her through high school. But you don’t have any obligation to put her through college. She is legally an adult now, so you can go no-contact or minimal contact with her. You also are not obligated to family who are backstabbing and unsupportive. In fact, you are free to cut anyone out of your life that brings you down. Kudos for rearing a sociopath child to adulthood. Now enjoy your freedom. You deserve it!
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    Thank you Stargazer. I don’t talk to those family members and won’t be talking to her (sociopath). It’s been a great relief to have her out of my life. There is life and peace on the other side.

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    Sounds like you did the right thing, and it’s clear to her that you are not a vulnerable target. It sounds like there may be some other sociopath disordered members of the family. Maybe you will write that book someday?

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