So hurt he did this vanished. What do I do?

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    Hi my name is ex not sure if he is my ex.he proposed to me in 5 months.he bought me a 5k a single mom he was going to adopt my daughter.he never felt this way.i was love at first sight.took me and my daughter introduce me to his family.i got a hip injury and he was great brought me to several Dr’s I would cry in excruciating pain he was there.the 7th Dr said I needed to see another Dr and get pt.i was frustrated In pain not sure how I was going to pay all medical bills so I blurted out I will have to sell ring i.cant pay all these bills.he instantly changed then .I apologized just said I was overwhelmed by siuation.he took me home and left .He said i.disrespected him and never loved was our one year anniversary coming up where we were going to tell our games we were engaged.he text me I’m on call maybe we will do something during day no heart dropped he didn’t care.i text back well if you don’t care have a nice life.the day of anniversary he refused to see me .I didn’t deserve his love or time.i was a bad person.i need to learn my lesson but shoved me didn’t want anyone else.and for me to what for him to come back to me
    This went on for 4 months.i called him at work he said if I call him he will get me fired and arrested. I couldn’t believe it.i called left messages begging him to tell me what’s going on I’d he wanted his ring back.he vanished we not call.what do I do?

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    Donna Andersen

    Mia – I am so sorry for your experience. However, what you are describing is sociopathic behavior. Believe me, you are better off without him. Also, you might want to take your ring to a jeweler. I suspect it is a fake.

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