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    As I embark on this journey of recovery from sociopathic financial and emotional abuse, one item in forums and books has struck me. References that the victim (me) has been “duped” by a sociopath. It has appeared multiple places and left me with a feeling that what happened was so simple, little and insignificant. Kind of like “you have been duped now move on.” What happened was violent and traumatic and tragic. When I think of someone being duped I picture someone being slipped a ten dollar bill in your change rather than the twenty dollar bill you should have received. The sociopath I had a relationship with was extremely manipulative and intelligent to have unfolded this plan. I truly am in amazement at the sociopath’s ability to learn and employ such deceptive techniques without any formal training in the area. The term “duped” does not seem like a sufficient term to describe what happened. Im sure that no one (or at least most) people who used that term in forums or books meant to downplay the experience. I feel raped in many ways. Not just “duped.”

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    Donna Andersen

    Traumatized41 – You are right – “duped” is not enough. The reason the experience was so horrific is because you were betrayed by someone you trusted. Lovefraud is posting a terrific article by Dr. Kathy Ahern tomorrow that will explain this.

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    Truly, we have not merely been duped. We have been deeply betrayed and discarded. I think this term is actually more a reflection of their experience than ours. As in the ‘duper’s delight’ they experience in seeing our lives devastated by their manipulations. They simply brush themselves off, laugh, and go to the next con, feeling delighted in their ability to destroy us.

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