sociopath or just alcoholic?

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    I have been dating a guy since March. The first 2 months were amazing. The last 2 a nightmare. I woke up last week and broke up with him. I have read every book I can to try and figure him out. He has so many of the signs of being a sociopath but he doesn’t do the no talking to me and he never wants to breakup nor leaves for any period of time. I do not believe he is talking to anyone else but he is certainly crazy. He accuses me of things I have never done. He acts an ass in public. He blames his fit throwing on abuse as a child and others forcing him to react in a violent manner. He is (tries to be) controlling, obsessed, jealous, lies by omission and swears he never lies. Told me someone hijacked his phone and erased all his pictures and got in his email and he finally said it was me. He was obsessed for a month or so with that crap. I went to a parents weekend at my daughters college and he first was pissed I didn’t tell him my ex(her father) was going to be there then he accused me of lying and never even being there! Psycho!! Last weekend I had to call 911 because he kept saying he was going to commit suicide and that he told his 17 yo and that he was fine with it!

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    Donna Andersen

    Anotheronebitesthedust -what you are describing is sociopathic behavior. All of the following are typical of sociopaths:

    1. Amazing in the beginning of the relationship
    2. accusing you of things you didn’t do
    3. blames fit throwing on being abused as a child
    4. “forced” to react in a violent manner
    5. controlling
    6. obsessed
    7. jealous
    8. lies by omission
    9. swears he never lies
    10. story about phone being hijacked
    11. accusing you of hijacking the phone
    12. accusing you of lying about parents weekend
    13. threatening to commit suicide

    Get rid of him.

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    yep. sounds sociopathic to me. definitely not merely alcoholic. i like how Donna breaks it down. the first nine points of her list, you could paint my crazy guy with a brush.

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