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    I’m a stay at home mom and a few years ago i made friends with a lady who seems liked my best friend. Things went downhill over time and I started googling things that were happening. Once I became sure that she was a narcissist/sociopath I began distancing myself. We belong to the same community through my kids school and it’s hard to get away totally. At a party last year, she confronted me. I guess she noticed my change in behaviour. When I wouldn’t buy her pity play/lousy excuses she started shouting expletives at me. She looked like the wicked witch of the west melting. I was legitimately scared, since I could see that she was completely evil. I told a few friends, and interestingly a lot of people didn’t believe me or didn’t care. I only have a few friends who believed me and who seem genuine. I’ve been trying to go no contact but it’s not really possible since I have to see this monster daily when I pick up my kids from school. Many former friends now distance themselves from me as I”m sure they’ve heard that i’m really the crazy one. Ironically, I’m one of the nicest people around… probably too nice! Any advice on how I should conduct myself or how to get rid of this woman would be appreciated. Unfortunately she seems to have a huge fan club in my neighbourhood and she can make a great first impression. Much better than I can. I’m sad and I can’t stop thinking about how this horrible woman is trying to sabotage my life!

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    What did she do?

    I’d say with the kids situation just be polite. Why is she angry with you? Narcissists are often popular people. They’re very attractive and charismatic. It’s difficult.

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    Well maybe I should be more clear. She’s angry at me because I stopped feeding her compliments and kissing her ass. I got tired of it. She was also coming onto my husband and I could see that my husband was quite taken with her. Once I started distancing myself and cut out the compliments she started insulting me whenever I ran into her. She approached me at a party and had a meltdown shouting at me that I was a “c” word with other expletives in there. Maybe I should just stick to my own intuition and continue my course of avoiding her. There’s something seriously wrong with her. That’s why I posted this on a message board. I tried to remain civilized with her for a period of time but her bullying behaviour continued to escalate until I didn’t feel safe when I was around her.

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    Can you do no contact?

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