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    Hi there I got married the year 2005 when I
    Thought I met my prince charming things
    Happened so quickly as I met him the year
    Before the first three months of me dating
    Him he took me on holiday showered me with
    Gifts I could not believe it he asked to get
    Engaged after 6 months he was married before
    With three children and I thought at the time time
    A horrible x wife he left her after 12 years
    Of marriage and met somebody else little
    Did I know he left her for somebody else.
    We got a house together I was working and
    So was he eventually he opened up his own
    Company and it became successful there was
    Little things I started to notice but thought
    It will go away assuming he had a bad marriage
    Marriage I noticed he had awful
    Arguments with the ex wife wishing
    Womb cancer and death on her and
    I became concerned by his choice
    of words to speak to the mother of
    His three children like that it
    Disturbed me but then would say he
    Didn’t mean it. His parents did not
    Like me because we came from different
    Backgrounds his mother would often
    Drop little racial comments to me
    In conversations but he would pretend
    He never heard her one day we had an
    Argument and he racially abused me
    Verbally but I gave him the benefit
    Of doubt and said he never meant it
    He would spit in my face and I always
    Forgive him. Since he opened his
    Company he told me he wanted me to
    Stay at home which I did 2007 we had
    a baby which his parents refused to
    See as they did not want a grandchild
    That was half ethnic minority his
    Mothers choice of words when I was
    Pregnant why doesn’t he kick her
    Down the stairs so she looses it he
    Never said anything the mum was in
    Total control of her husband and her
    Son. I was to later find out that he left
    the person he was with he left her
    For me this is
    Is classed as a overlapper if you
    Google the word men that start a
    Relationship with someone else before
    Leaving the previous partner he lied
    And told me he left her a year befor
    I was so annoyed my x husband lied
    About any and everything he hated
    His daughter and would wish bad
    Things on her I thought to myself
    This man is mental he would
    Constantly put me down and say I
    Was fat and ugly and I was to dim
    To even get a job I begun to feel
    Really shit about myself and would
    Always wear black because I felt
    FAT and ugly he put me down on his
    Company as a shareholder and was
    Giving me 200.00 per month but that was
    Only to reduce his taxes
    His company was submitting 600.00
    Per month to the tax office this
    I found out when he left as I had
    To apply for public assistance
    As I had now become a single mother
    They also told me he was submitting
    45000 a year in my name in dividends
    From his company this i never ever
    Received he controlled all the finances
    He was going abroad quite often to
    America telling me he was doing
    Business out there but I later found
    out it was another woman he had been
    Seeing he did fraud in my name and
    I could of ended up in prison.
    He left me and my son in 2015 is
    Wheb all this came to light my son
    Was in a private school which I was
    Using the only bit of money I had
    When he was living with me i was
    Paying half he was paying the other half
    But me not knowing he had lots of
    Money to pay it all. But was always
    Telling me he was broke he then stopped
    Paying his half of my sons school fees
    And told me to take him out he cannot afford
    It anymore my parents stepped in and said
    They will pay it as my sons life has
    been turned upside down as it is so
    Basically they wanted hin to continue
    His stability in the school about 7
    Months after thst he took my car back
    And said he couldn’t pay for it any
    Longer but then heard he gave it to
    One of his women over here it destabilised
    Me as I could no longer get my son to
    School and take him to his after school
    Activities yet again my parents stepped
    In and gave me there car.ive truly
    Suffered at the hands of this man always
    Telling lies on me told me he hopes
    I die and get run over by a car
    Saying I was usless he stopped his other
    Children from seeing my son infact
    None of his family play a part in my sons
    Life I literally got the blame for
    the marriage breaking down it was all
    My fault he would say he would hide
    His finances he would curse out jesus
    God and say some really strange things
    He would literally put everyone against
    Me and I found out he had done the
    same to his x wife which she later
    Became an alcholic due to his
    Persistent nastiness and lies I
    Thought at one point I was going
    Mad he would tell me that everyone
    Thought he was to good for me and
    He could do better he wants someone
    Professional thar has a brain he
    Would smash up things in the house
    Every Christmas the tree would get
    Smashed up as it didn’t go his mums
    Way between him and his father they
    Were petrified of her as she was in
    Control he would come across to people
    Like he was perfect but nobody knew
    The demon I was living with apart from
    His x wife and x girlfriend. To this day
    Although he told me I wouldn’t receive
    The money anymore from his company
    I then found out he is still submitting
    Payments to the tax office in my name
    He doesn’t know I know this as they have
    Told me but the money is not coming
    To me I don’t know where it’s going
    It’s under investigation I do not
    Talk to him anymore. The names and
    Torment I suffered from this man was
    So intense and it’s taking me a very
    Long time to get over it as I need

    Meeting me

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    Have you gone No Contact with this man?

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    If you have to have contact with him, look up posts about going “gray rock”

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