today ex got me falsley charged with crime after promising to make my life hell

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    My Sopithath ex and I, we have 3 kids – 10, 7, and 2. Older 2 go to school. I drop baby off to sitter and go to work around noon. Ex just this morning promised to make my life hell because I filed contempt charges against him for not paying support. Ex is supposed to pick kids up from school today and then go to sitters and get baby, like he does nearly every weekend. I call him around 8pm from work to check on them, he says everything is fine, kids are sleeping. Seems normal. I get home from work around 11pm and my mother calls me and asks if I’m okay and need to talk – I’m like, huh? She says omg you don’t know do you? I say What?! She says that she got a call from the police earlier that day. Ex instead of picking kids up from school, calls the police to say the kids are home alone with no adult. Police come and the girls are waiting there for their dad of course – no adult there. We live across the street from the school and they walk. He meets them in the driveway of the house when he picks them up. So the kids are scared and tell the police to call my mother. By the time they call my mother, “super dad” is there to get the kids from the evil mommy who leaves her kids alone in the house! I’ve been charged with confining a minor and neglect and social services has been notified. I’m hearing all this from my mother because while all this has happened, I was at work with my cell off. No one called me and no messages on my cell. I have a court date in about 6 weeks in front of a commissioner. I’m just gobsmacked at all this. I had no idea at the depth of his evil. To leave our kids there alone just to punish me?! I’m scared and upset and I need advice. Please please help.

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