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    In Amy Grant’s song, “Takes a Little Time” there are the following lyrics:
    “It takes a little time, sometimes To get your feet back on the ground It takes a little time, sometimes To get the Titanic turned back around
    It takes a little time,sometimes
    But baby, you’re not going down
    It takes more than you’ve got right now Give it, give it time…” I find this song to be inspirational. As I embark on this new year, I resolve to do a better job at self care, and I’m going to take a “little time” each day to get this done. My goal is to take at least 30 minutes of each day for prayer, meditation, gratitude, affirmation, tapping or other physical activity. I have known for the past 2 1/2 months (since my sociopath abandoned me) that I have to “give it time.” As I work on the positive, and continue to let out the negative, my internal healing will continue. The more I work on this, I will get better and better. I will continue to fight to “not go down” with the “titanic” in my head of the horrible betrayal and its effects that I have suffered at the hands of an evil man. I want to turn this thing around and come out on top. And I want all of you going through something similar to achieve the same success. May this New Year be the best for all of us! We deserve happier lives! And may we get them!

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    resilient That is a nice song. People who have been involved with psychopaths talk about being enticed, devalued and discarded as opposed to being abandoned since psychopaths consider people to be objects to be used.
    Best wishes.

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    I feel all of those things. My therapist has been working with me through all of them. For me, discard and abandonment are the same.

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    I guess words have different meanings to different people.

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