Was my ex a narcissist or not

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    Theres no doubting my ex was a mummys boy. Hes 32 and still lives at home. Never moved out. He def has the little boy who never grew up thing. But i wonder if he was a narc or not. Its been 8 months since our break up and im still affected by it. When i first met him he was amazing. He bought me gifts took me to lovely places. Would treat me all say long then at the end of the day want to massage me. Even if he had been working all day. He would alwayz come to mine. I know that can be a sign of love bombing. The txting all day after a few months he loved me. I was his soul mate. Never had this connection before. After about 7 months things changed. He didnt come to mine as much he would say he was to tired after work. So in order for me to see him i started going to his more and more. Anytime we had an argument he would switched off or give me the silent treatment for a few days until i kept on at him to speak to me. Then he would go back to doing nice things . But if i ever said anything that critisized him he would again not talk to me. This would get me so upset. He often would say he didnt feel responsible enough for a relationship. He felt drained with arguments. One minute he felt responsible then next minute it was my fault for assuming things. A few times he told me it was over when i was sick once because he had brought dinner to my flat which i thought was lovely but he didnt stay to look after me. When i said to him should u not want to stay and look after me your ment to be my bf he stormed away then phoned me to say its over.
    Im very confused. He even once told me during an argument if i didnt leave his house he would call the police on me..
    But when he was nice things were amazing. He was great in bed and the sex was the best ive ever had. He often said he couldnt get enough of me and was during sex said to me dont ever leave me… my mum always said she found him fake and that he tried to hard… he wanted attention in him….. can anyone give their thoughts please. He was also the most affectionate man ever just really cold when there was arguments or problems.

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    Donna Andersen

    chocolate34 – what you are describing is typical sociopathic manipulation. Dump him and do not take him back.

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    Thanks donna anderson. In what ways do u think this. Is it the silent treatments. The love bombing etc.. im not with him anymore we have been apart 8 momths he now has a new gf.

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