When the Sociopath dies


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    My ex and I ended our 6 year relationship,
    9 years ago. He was sentenced to life in prison with all but 30 years suspended because he shot a woman he was cheating on me with leaving her to die. However she survived. When he went to jail, his family and the detectives revealed to me who he really was. He’s lived a totally separate life. To me he was my lover, my best friend, my protector. My parents and family loved him. We enjoyed fishing, movies, and eating at Furrs. I found out that he’d cheated on me with several women during our relationship, was under investigation for a couple of missing person cases, abusive to women, a theif, and had fathered several children. I only knew of his 2 sons. In our 6 years, he’d never laid a hand in me. He would always say he’d cut his hands off before he did that. I found out that his home was one that he shared with a woman for 4 years of our relationship. She was a nurse that he used to beat up. She worked all the time so it was an easy cover-up. He conceived a child with her that dies after he “accidentally” rolled over it while slsleeping. When arrested the police found several activated cellphones under different women’s accounts that contained videos of him and women in sexual acts. A month after being arrested, he was under investigation for the murder of another woman whose body was found in the same area that he’d left the woman that survived the attempted murder which means her body was already there. Phone records show that he was the last person she spoke with. The news said she’s told her family she was meeting him to see a rental home. My ex didn’t own any property. The detectives state that they know he did it, just don’t have concrete proof. Last week I heard he died of a heart attack. I was relieved to hear of it because I always feared him being released after serving his 30 years and harming other women, especially since there is no cure for sociopathic behavior. Is it normal for me not to be sad about his passing as I feel like he was a threat to society? Although he’s God’s child, he was a monster.

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    Wow! What a story! You’re probably lucky you survived that guy.

    I don’t think it’s abnormal not to be sad about his death. Not at all. It’s actually better for everyone that he can’t hurt anyone anymore. Unfortunately, he left a bunch of kids, some of whom will probably have the brain deformity AND the trauma that some of the worst of them do.

    I have the opposite problem, of still loving the person who treated me so cruelly and then died a year ago. I’m still getting the fallout from people she poisoned against me, including former clients and friends, but she did nothing anywhere near to what your ex-partner did.

    Best wishes to you, breathless!

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    Donna Andersen

    breathless – I think relief is an appropriate emotion for you to feel. This man can no longer harm you – nor anyone else.

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    Although you didn’t feel sad, you probably didn’t feel any pleasure in his death. And you probably would have been happy if he’d decided to change and become a good man. Ezekiel 33:11 comes to mind.

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    Wow! Glad you were not beaten or killed by him! I agree with the others about your relief. My ex never did what yours did, but he broke a lot of hearts throughout his life and I will not be sad or feel bad when he dies. He targets really kind women so it will be a saving grace for all his future victims.

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    I agree with Donna. You, and other women, ate safe from him now.

    My own sociopath mother just died and I do not miss her one bit.

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    I agree with Donna. He can no longer hurt you or anyone else.
    Do not cast your pearls before swine. Matthew 7:6

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    Poster SociopathsSuck said she felt free when her ex overdosed.

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    The death of the psychopath would be freeing.

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    Breathless, I agree that relief is a normal emotion. Your story reminded me of my mother’s story. Her third marriage was to a man who was caught soliciting sex from a 14 year old. He was in jail for his crime and awaiting sentencing when he died of a heart attack. Apparently, the jail forgot to give him his heart medications. My mother – in one of her few intelligent acts – sued the jail and got a settlement. When my mother died, that settlement became part of my sister’s and my inheritance. My sister always felt guilty taking what she called “dirty money.” I felt totally fine about it. It was probably one of the few good things that came out of that relationship, and one of the few things my mother ever did for us.

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    I agree with Stargazer.

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    There are some criminal psychopaths whose death would be a relief.

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    breathless- How are you now.

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    I have a friend whose loving husband is now in home hospice care. Unlike the spath, he will be missed.

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    People never involved with a spath don’t understand the feelings.

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