Why Woman marry Men They Know Are S-Paths

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    Ok, not an idiot

    I am trying to wrap my brain around something, I was involved with a man for 2.5 years until I discovered he was involved actively long term at the same time with 6 other woman including a wife of 25 years. An active duty high ranking military officer. I informed all the woman and showed them proof. It was a mess. He was stalking everyone trying to smooth things out with everyone. HIs wife left him in a messy divorce, kids hate him and he is being demoted and forced to retire. Just found out the other day, he is engaged to one of the woman. She has 2 small girls. Knowing what she knows, seeing so much of the destruction he caused his family and other families, why on earth would someone subject themselves to life like that??? Willingly enter a life of pure hell. I keep asking myself, did I not share enough? I can’t help her anymore but maybe I should have shared more graphic details. Is she too a s-path? I just don’t get it. Why do woman marry men they know are sociopaths?

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    This is something I’ve wondered too after just getting out of a relationship with a s-path. I showed the girl he’s with now all the proof she needed to see who he really was and yet it’s as if she doesn’t care. The only thing I can think is that he’s just that good of a con artist to make them believe otherwise or that he will be different. It really is baffling.

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