RedFlagsCover_3 in x4in _72dpiNow that you’ve completed the exclusive Lovefraud checklist of sociopathic traits, are you concerned?

Did many of the traits and behaviors sound like your partner?

Do you need more information?

Red Flags of Love Fraud, by Donna Andersen, will give you much more detail to help you decide if your partner is a sociopath.

But that’s only the beginning of how this book will help you. It will also explain how you were hooked, how to escape and how to protect yourself, so that it never happens again.

In fact, many readers have said that Red Flags of Love Fraud saved their lives.

Here, chapter by chapter, is what you will learn:

Chapter 1 The Red Flags of Love Fraud

Chapter 2 What is a sociopath?

Chapter 3 Sociopaths are everywhere

Chapter 4 Vulnerable to a sociopath

Chapter 5 The sociopathic seduction

So will this book really help you? Here’s what one reader said about Red Flags of Love Fraud:

“If you have found yourself in a relationship with someone who initially professed undying love for you, convinced you that you are the only one for him, and tells you that you are soulmates, beware! Those constant text messages, phone calls, and “coincidental” run ins are not romance, but stalking tendencies. These signs and so many more are classic signs you are involved with a sociopath. This book outlines the characteristics of a psychopathic relationship dead on! And it’s based on thousands of similar stories experienced by people over and over again. Donna has the MO of a sociopath down to a science. If you have a gut feeling something isn’t right with your partner, read this book. It will save your life!” A Lovefraud reader who posts as “Snow White.”

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Not convinced yet? Here are more highlights from the book:

Chapter 6 Sociopathic sex and bonding

Chapter 7 The reality of the relationship

Chapter 8 Escaping the sociopath

Chapter 9 Protecting yourself from predators

What this book will do for you

Red Flags of Love Fraud 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath reveals, for the first time, the tactics of social predators who pursue romantic relationships not for love, but for exploitation. This book explains how sociopaths seduce their targets, why it’s hard to escape the relationships, and how you can protect yourself.

Buy the Red Flags of Love Fraud ebook or printed book directly from Lovefraud now and save 20%!

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