To get rid of a sociopath, think out of the box!

One way to convince a sociopath to leave you alone may be to make yourself unappealing. Here are suggestions from a Lovefraud reader:

Why all the drama with the cops, probation, looking over shoulder, parole, etc.? The secret seems to be getting the stalker to want no further parts of you. My cousin did that by explaining an elective surgery as a bowel surgery and with a product called Liquid Ass sprayed down the back of her pants confronted him outside her house with the explanation that it’s a lifelong after effect she’ll have to live with. This sociopath was a daily threat and annoyance and that was the last time she ever saw him, which was August of 2011. Horrid stench along with whatever else would be the last thing the particular stalker would ever want is what she has to become until he’s gone. He doesn’t like overweight women? Grab a fork! Do the lovelies get a copy of the victim impact statement before the parole board? Buy lots and lots of guns, assault rifles, rocket launcher and go on about them in the statement … That you don’t think he deserves capital punishment and she doesn’t want to be forced to administer it in her own house. It’s crazy outside the box thinking but it works.


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Margaux,I’m not sure I understood your story, but it sounds like you were conned by one of these Jamaican male prostitutes? This is a big business in Jamaica, with older women from other countries going there for the sex with younger males and paying them dearly in cash and material gifts. Many of these men email the women after they go back home and pretend they are “in love” so they can keep getting money. Or to secure their “job” during the woman’s next visit. The families of these men are often supportive because prostitution is a one of the few decent sources of income in Jamaica. Though Jamaica could sell its own agricultural products – pineapples, for example – it is outsourced by the world market. Some of these restrictions were put in place many years ago by the United States. The very poor Jamaican people were given a loan in exchange for allowing commerce that has now killed its own economic viability. It’s very sad, but it is a reality. When economies are very bad, sex always sells and it becomes a big source of income. This sets up a culture of conning and exploiting foreigners for money. It’s very sad. It happens in Costa Rica, too, to a lesser extent. Sadly, this is a big reason many westerners like to travel to third world countries – to find sex and romance.

I have a friend who is a native Jamaican and has lived there all her life. She is married to a Jamaican man who is pathetic (as she calls him). He is gone most of the time, cannot make any money so lives off of her income, and though she doesn’t say it in so many words, I believe he sleeps around.

I also hear that you feel you have reached out, and there is no one there to help you. It pained me to read this. I know what that feels like – I have had to help myself my entire life, and with little support out there, the burden gets very heavy. I hope that you can find the strength to keep looking for the help you need, and that you find the courage to heal in the face of your adversity. I’m curious what country you live in? I think you mentioned you are not Jamaican?


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