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A common verbal ploy of the psychopath

This is my first post on the LoveFraud blog. It’s a great pleasure to be part of this most worthwhile effort to teach people to recognise and avoid sociopaths. (Or psychopaths, as I prefer.)

Over at my blog – the top two inches – I have been thinking and writing about something that psychopaths invariably do to deflect things away from themselves and onto others.

Perhaps you’ve encountered it: the psychopath does something wrong, but the moment attention is drawn to this he (usually it’s he) magically causes you to feel bad.

Here are a few examples:
1. The wifebeater says: “Why are you making me do this!?”
Consequently she may think: “It’s true, I shouldn’t do X [usually something insignificant] because it makes him upset.” Do you see? Suddenly she’s the baddie.

2. “Shut up. At least I’m not as bad as OJ [or someone heinous]”.
In other words, You don’t appreciate me; you should be grateful, but instead you get upset about what I do. You, you, you (not me).

3. She (sometimes psychopaths are women) says: “Why are you so mad with me about this? Of all the things I’ve done before this doesn’t even make the Top 10!”
In other words, Hey, I’m actually improving; you’re the bad one for noticing that I’ve done something bad.

You get the picture. The moving stories by readers of LoveFraud cite many instances of this kind of misdirection.

The best technical term I’ve encountered for this mode of discourse favoured by the psychopath is paramoralism. It was coined by the scholar Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Here’s my definition:

A paramoralism is a psuedo-moral statement. It is stated in moral-like terms but with precisely the opposite intent and effect: to get what he wants and to bamboozle the other person into being unable to use their normal means of knowing right and wrong.

Keep an eye out for paramoralisms. Not because everyone who uses a paramoralism is a psychopath, of course. But I believe that we can develop our abilities to identify when someone is cleverly turning defence into attack in this way, and thus we can resist accepting moral blame that does not belong to us.

Let me know of any that paramoralisms that particularly strike you and I may write about them.

Good to be on board!

Righteous Woman,

I read all the posts. What I see is you attacking and going off topic talking about religions of the world, war, your “proven” facts, blah blah. While you might not agree with the Apt/Mgr, I find the spirit of your posts more upsetting. Honestly, I left the discussion on DDHG because several people were attacking eachother and it was unproductive. And having to constantly defend ourselves against constant attacks on our character, thoughts, intentions… well, that sounds familiar, now doesn’t it?

It sounds like you want to be heard. You don’t want anyone to talk to “You” about their beliefs and yet, I see a whole lot of yours here and all with the label “fact.”

I admit, I really do not like hearing religious stuff on here. This is not the place and I caution people who want to pray for their sociopath. If you want to pray for people, go right ahead. But let us be careful that we do not influence/misguide someone that is still with a Sociopath, and no doubt in a state of deep fog and confusion, to consider staying and praying for the “healing” of a Sociopath. This could be potentially a very dangerous idea for someone still with a Sociopath. If you are with a Sociopath, you must leave, take care of yourself, and if you have any energy left, go ahead and pray for anyone one you want but stay out of contact with the Sociopath.

I hope that we can all offer support here to eachother and that the spirit doesn’t turn sour. I also hope that we can be extra careful to be respectful to all people as I am sure that many have been through a lot of trauma already and this should be a safe haven for us all… even you, dear Righteous Woman.

To all Lovefraud readers,

This is a place of sharing and healing. Please honor that. I’m ending discussion on this topic.


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