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    I am new to this site. I have been battling with my psychopath ex-boyfriend at court for the last over 3 years. 2 years alone was spent for custody of our young son. This deranged man is very wealthy who hired one of the most ruthless female attorneys I ever met. I am a paralegal and have been working in the legal field for over 27 years – but not in Family Court, unfortunately. Needless to say, my ex-boyfriend has physically, sexually, emotionally and financially abused the heck out of me. He now continues to use the court system as a weapon against me. In July 2016 he was given sole custody of our son. It would take a book for me to write about all the lies and sick things I discovered about this monster throughout that trial. I should be happy that I was given half access to my son. However, my ex waited 2 days after the passing of my father who died from a 3-year battle with cancer to serve me with a petition for child support. My ex is a millionaire and I’m on social services because I’m so stressed out I cannot handle working a full-time job right now due to what this man has put me and my family through. This man is using the child support system to try and destroy my life! I am not a dead beat parent. I work a part-time job and that entire check goes to child support. Without going into much detail, is there anyone on here that has been through a similar situation? Also, has anyone ever tried to sue a psychopath/sociopath for harassment using the court system or anything on that order? I’m trying to fight this man before he completely destroys me, has me killed and takes my son far away from where me and my family lives. He’s actually been telling our 4-yo son that he is doing everything in his power to “make sure mom never sees you again and we are going to move far, far away”. My son woke me up in the middle of the night, crawled next to me and burst into tears – saying he doesn’t want me to leave. My heart is so broken right now. I’m beside myself. I’m not an overly religious person but I have been praying to God to give me the strength to get through all this. It’s been one battle after another. I’m going into such debt that I’m fearful I’ll lose my home and be forced on the streets. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am so sorry for what you are going through. I just posted a question and came across your post with tears in my eyes, what I am experiencing is nothing compared to you. I was told that unfortunately suing for mental/emotional distress is very difficult, but Donna would be in a better place to advice. I was recommended not to do that in my case, it is very difficult to prove and there are strict federal and state privacy laws, but it may vary from state to state.

    Just to let you know I had to fire my attorney because he was misinterpreting this law. To give you an idea, I have been recording my husband, once I figured something was going wrong, every time he would get into rage wanting to kill people, kill his own son or my dog, kill teenagers with their families (there was an incident with his son and his friends joyriding in our truck), every time he was in this rage making racist, sexist, child abuse, threatening and antisocial remarks (in loud voice, shouting and angry), I would turn the recorder on. I asked him a number of times to see therapists with me but he would tell me his only solution was alcohol. I did not record him to post it online, my intention was to ask help from therapists myself because I couldn’t stop his rage and wanted to help him. It turned out my husband had a personality disorder and it was coming out after 2.5 years of our marriage. I found out I have been used an abused for 4 long years.

    Now the reason I am sharing this is because imagine I want to sue my husband for emotional distress and I have Everything to prove my husband was a manipulative, abusive, emotionless, senseless, unsympathetic, dangerous parasite. If I go on telling the court about all I have gone through and they ask for evidence, sadly I would get in trouble presenting any evidence I have because it’s against some privacy laws. Once I found out my attorney misinterprets this even though I had no intensions of using any evidence or exposing my husband’s terrible lies (he would be sent to jail or be locked in a psychiatric ward if the authorities find out the truth), I was just answering his question for example about the false claim that I stole his military dog (which was a lie and I recorded him wanting to kill the dog kicking him around etc and he never served in the military), I had to fly back to Utah to interview another attorney who turned out great (thanks God!).

    Just wanted to share this to let you know that you do not hurt yourself mentally and emotionally any further. It’s best to make sure your State has laws to protect you and make sure you review those privacy laws if you ever want to go ahead and do something. I never threatened to expose my husband or hurt him in any way, thanks God I have no kids, etc, but he still started a smear campaign against me presenting false claims about me that would humiliate me and defraud me.

    Here is my post about leaving my psychopath husband and the last comment about the smear campaign that’s been going on since I left a few weeks ago.

    Preparing to Leave my Sociopath

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