LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: Why, why, why did I say yes to a sociopath?

Editor’s note: The following post was written by the Lovefraud reader “IMarriedIt.” Names are changed.

Thirteen years ago, I was an attractive, confident single woman. I owned a small house with 2 cats & a dog. I wasn’t looking to date when I met a charsmatic man at work, Simon, or rather, he made a beeline for me. I told him I wasn’t interested in dating. He then chose the words he knew would reassure me, that we could spend time together as just friends, but it wouldn’t be dating. We did things together & had dinner as pals (so I thought). He amped up the charm and was likeable & witty, though I thought there was something a little strange about him. One night he rang my doorbell, saying his former girlfriend had thrown him out, putting his belongings in the front yard. They’d supposedly broken up but he still lived in her house.

Red flags ignored

WHY WHY WHY didn’t I tell him to go to a motel? My alarm bells were clanging like a ship’s bells approaching an iceberg. Why did I ignore them & let him come inside? He said it was late at night & he had nowhere to stay.

Well, he never left. He made himself my right hand man, helping with housework, mowing the grass, etc. I liked to hike with my dog. Really? So did he! I loved to sit on my porch & watch the sunset on a summer eve. Wow! He did too, & he loved talking for hours. We had SO much in common.

After a few months, I ran into the former girlfriend. She was a nice lady & gave me her number. She tried to warn me about Simon but I thought she was just bitter because they broke up. Soon, I had some serious reservations about Simon so I called her. She said Simon was really good at figuring out what you want to hear & that’s what he tells you. She said Simon had an anger problem & drove recklessly. He never felt bad about scaring her. After we were married, I noticed Simons’s road rage. He tailgated & flipped people off. Once, Simon tried to run a car off the road while I was with him, I told him never to do that— what if the other driver had a gun & I got hurt? Simon seemed exhiliarated & laughed at the fear on my face.

Sexual desires revealed

Former girlfriend warned me that Simon liked to do some kinky things in bed that she just didn’t want to do. While I was on the phone with her, Simon came in. He stared me down, arms crossed with eyes like lasers. He never said a word but I got nervous & ended the call. In hindsight, I see that Simon was running off my friends, becoming my everything & getting very controlling. He started bullying me so subtly I didn’t notice I wasn’t independent or confident in myself any more. I ran every little decision past Simon for his approval. Simon liked that. Once, on a flight, Simon remarked that he hated flying because he wasn’t the one in control. “I have to be in control!”

Within six months of meeting Simon, he was pushing to get married. I wasn’t keen on that but Simon kept asking. My red flags were flapping as if in hurricane winds. WHY WHY WHY did I say yes one afternoon? It was too soon, and some things were bothering me about Simon, such as his porn use, but I thought it was occasional so I didn’t make a big issue of it. I figured no man was perfect & we had so much in common. I’d never find that in anyone else.

Sadly, I learned after twelve years of marriage that Simon has accounts on several swingers websites & had been running personals ads for several years. He described himself as seeking, searching or looking for men, women, couples & transvestites. So my husband was bisexual & I found condoms in his shaving kit when he returned from a trip. I went through the agony & humilliation of getting tested for STD’s.

Wedding jitters

I was the perfect target for Simon; my family lived out of state & I had no friends left to take me aside & express concerns. Simon suggested a simple wedding in a Las Vegas chapel so that’s what we did. I felt nauseous & clammy during the brief ceremony, which I thought was just jitters. Walking the strip, Simon seemed really fascinated by the guys slapping the hookers cards in tourists’ hands, but I thought, aw, he’s a guy. Soon, Simon & I bought a bigger house with the downpayment from selling my little home. I also made Simon the beneficiary on my investments. Now I see how Simon used me financially.

Soon after our marriage Simon got in trouble at work for sexual harassment. Simon said he didn’t do it, it was just some disgruntled employees making up lies so I accepted his explanation. A few weeks ago, my friend told me he’s hit on her too, & she warned Simon to cut it out or she’d tell me.I learned more things about Simon. He said he’d always been the black sheep of his family & had got in lots of trouble as a teen. His sister accused him of molesting her. Their mother believed his sister so Simon hates them both. I think it’s a classic case of gaslighting because Simon blames his sister for reporting him & said his sister was mentally ill. Simon got in trouble for having sex with a neighbor girl too. After that, Simon’s father put him in the Army.

During our marriage Simon’s brother got upset because Simon owed him money & wasn’t paying it back. Simon said it was ridiculous because his brother was wealthy & didn’t need it paid back. He wasn’t concerned about the rift this put between him & his only brother. A man at work asked me to give Simon a message that he still owed him money. Simon said that was a lie.

Juggling me and the porn sites

Simon’s mask of mild mannered indulgent husband slipped pretty quickly & we had frequent quarrels. Simon went for days at a time not talking to me. I guess when he thought I was distraught enough, out of the blue he’d call my cell saying “Hello, wifey!” in a silky voice, like nothing happened. He acted loving & bought me jewelry until the next cycle. I think now he bought me jewelry because he’d cheated on me. Simon spent lots of time in the den on his computer & minimized the screen when he heard me coming. I googled Simon’s email & screen name & found his personals ads on some dating sites.Now I know Simon was juggling me & his hook ups too.

I developed a sleep disorder which affected my job. Since Simon’s moved out, I haven’t had trouble sleeping normally. Simon was keeping me on a roller coaster of anxiety. My charming, smooth talking husband was really a monster. Simon also gained a hundred pounds over time. The more I urged him to lose weight & take care of his health, the more weight he gained. Maybe he did it to hurt me, I don’t know.

Bullying and sexual harassment at work

A year ago, Simon’s brother told him their mother was terminally ill & urged Simon to go visit her. Simon said he didn’t want to, & his mom passed away a little later. Who could be so cold as to refuse to see their dying mother? I expected Simon to show some grief after her death, but he acted like nothing happened.

Simon recently got in trouble again at work for continual bullying & intimidation of his employees, & sexual harassment again. One of the females he sexually harassed was pregnant. I told Simon the she could’ve lost her baby from the stress he caused her & he said “Yeah right. Pffft. I never touched her or did anything they said. They’re all a bunch of liars & set me up.” There were several witnesses & the case against him was strong enough for Simon to get demoted & transferred to a town a hundred miles away.

Because of Simon’s misconduct again at work, we had to sell our home so Simon could relocate. I moved to a condo & Simon came “home” on weekends. I found females’ phone numbers in Simon’s suitcase & some DVD’s depicting bondage & violence to women. I finally told Simon I wanted to separate due to years of grief & misery with his cheating, bullying & deceiving me. I was also afraid of him now. Simon said phrases like, “There is no one else, I’ve never loved anyone like I love you & you’re the only woman for me.”

I thought he could change. NOT!

WHY WHY WHY did I give Simon another chance when he promised for the umteenth time to change? I really loved my faux husband & couldn’t seem to break it off. In a moment of weakness I let him come back. He actually had me convinced that long distance marriages can work, if our love is strong enough. Finally, the light bulb came on for me:

  • Why is it a long distance marriage in the first place? Because he got in serious trouble at work for which he blames everyone else & is not sorry
  • Why does my husband live in another town? Because he got demoted & transferred for hitting on women & being a workplace bully
  • What a sorry excuse of a marriage this is, with us living apart & him visiting me on weekends & what is he doing Monday through Friday?

I found evidence he was juggling me & the hook up ads. This time I told Simon I wanted a divorce because I don’t think he’ll ever be honest or faithful or change the cold blooded person he is inside. He’s shown no remorse for hurting so many people, including the severe damage he’s done to me, his wife, & my ability to ever trust another man.

Divorced and starting over

Now I’m about ten years away from retirement, starting life over as a single woman supporting myself. My husband & I were supposed to be life partners & travel together during our retirement. It was all a big con by a sociopath, the appearance he wanted of a normal decent married man. I was just an arm piece & a source of sex & a good income. He never loved me, as evidenced by all the hook up ads, probable adulteries & even hitting on my friend soon after our wedding. His family has cut ties with Simon too, because he’s gone through three marriages, several girlfriends, & has burned his family too.

I looked at some pictures I took of Simon recently, & was creeped out by how he was looking at me. His eyes were predatory & he stared a hole through me. There was no tenderness in those eyes without a soul. He almost looked evil.

Looking for feedback

I welcome & appreciate any feedback! I’ve read the Lovefraud books & read the blog almost every day. I’m making progress from the paralyzing fog that barely let me function at work. My boss has been kind. I have many more good days than bad now, & am working to get back the strong, confident woman I started this story being thirteen years ago.

I still have the cats! “Living well is the best revenge” is my motto. I’m reading all I can find about sociopaths & am getting healthy again mentally. Please know that there have been times the web site & the books have kept me sane!

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Shelley, when I was a student I met a fellow student whose father was a bank robber, a hardened criminal who had abducted him from his mother when he was about 5 . I met him once after he was released from jail and visited my friend. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, as some report happening to them in the presence of a psychpath. Anyway. In jail, he had adopted a female pen name and written many romance titles for Mills and Boon!  

Wow, Tea Light. I had forgotten about who might be behind those “pen” names! Maybe a lot more males write those books than we know…

Tea Light,

That sent chills up my spine. Wow. Oh yuk. My book world is corrupted! LOL…shakily.


Shelley, creepy no?! He was in jail throughout the late seventies and eighties. No idea what his nom de plume was. It makes sense though, he may have experienced a lot of the ” duping delight” , a psychopathic trait. He was a terrifying individual. Small in stature but just ..hard to describe. I’ve never been so afraid of a smiling laughing person. He had a terrifying smile. Brrrrr! He probably banged up again now or dead anyway.

Understood, i married it too! So many things you said reminded of my spath. Into porn, writing and answering personal adds on Craigslist. Posting adds on Craigslist to “interview” people for jobs that he didn’t have to offer…he said when i caught him answering personals, “there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s no worse than a wolf whistle”. He never had a relationship that didn’t end in disaster. He never had a job that he wasn’t fired from. We got married and he acted like he was foot loose and fancy free. He was in chatrooms with men and women the first day we were apart after the wedding. He was a freak, he had a Mommy/Son fetish that he played out in these chatrooms. He gained 100 lbs or more in the 4.5 yrs we were married, just sitting on his arse, doing nothing but eating and tapping away on a laptop. Luckily for me, i caught on pretty quickly and i have to say, as soon as i found out what he was doing, my feelings for him were gone, except for pity. How do you put someone out that has no job, car, place to go, friends, etc? I did however feel that if while i was trying to get him out on his own, if he showed signs of reform that i would consider rekindling the relationship, but he never showed signs. While i was with him i did make a couple of long distance moves that made him logistically convenient and i admit that i stretched my tolerance to take advantage of his help moving. By help i mean, i had to leave before the moves were possible, so he was willing to stay behind having a free ride until my house was moved. The second time, he knew he would be cut loose as soon as my stuff was moved…he followed me across country…found a woman online that took him in sight unseen in my town who turned out to be his next victim. It’s been just under two years and he is on #3 victim since we split. The current one i don’t believe he has ever met face to face yet, but claims they have been together for a year and that he has had a fantasitc job as an Executive ever since she has known him…geez, that’s strange, he split up with the woman here in town 5 months ago, when she booted him, he was homeless and penniless! She also claims that he has lost tons of weight that he is now in a very loose size 38! Hmmm, saw a pic of him at a wedding a month ago in a size 44 suit that he bought when we were married and the one button that he could close around that gut was about to pop. So i figure it’s nothing but a cyber relationship, as is his “business” that is nothing more than a FB page. I feel so compelled to try to help his victims, but the on he has on the string now is convinced that he is a MOG and i am a demon…she’s 50+ yrs old, if she can’t see any red flags that match the information i have given her, she will have to learn the hard way.

I just reread this article written by “Imarriedit” and she requested feedback.

Imarriedit: First, I want to thank you for what you wrote. One of my worst traumas occurred thirteen years ago so that caught my attention. I can also relate to the feeling of marrying someone and going in honestly planning for it to last a life time…only to find that it won’t. People whom have never divorced, don’t know how devastating it is. The depth of despair caused by leaving an abusive husband/wife is so upsetting because they are still there. They can terrorize you or they can sweet talk you and it can make you feel scared, crazy and sad at the same time.

I also feel like I am so much older and that I won’t ever find a good, decent person to share a normal, peaceful life with. It makes me feel good to know that Donna did, and that kind of has raised my hopes some. But, right now, I feel trapped in time. I think that recovery from dealing with such a person as “Simon” is such a struggle. I know many have said it before, but I think the most painful part about recovering from trauma is that it is one step forward, three steps back. It’s like walking through mud for me.

I will say that I applaud your courage and ability to put your story into an article because I wouldn’t even know how to begin and I’ve written dozens of research papers. But, when sharing about the trauma of one’s own life, it does take courage. I hope you are continuing to read here and I hope you are a little better than you were when you wrote this. It is slow, but if I look back a year, I can see that I am just a little better.

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