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Married 10 years only to find out he has a personality disorder

Spath TalesRed flags: he love bombed me and rush me into moving to his state. Sold my home and rental properties.

Red Flag: shortly after getting married he quit his job and worked P/T living off interest earning from the owner finance sale of his home. AND his mother was constantly buying him things and giving him money. (RED FLAG?)

Two years married and an affair with younger girl. He begged forgiveness and said he doesn’t know what wrong with him.

He admitted to using Meth and had been doing so in a low dose each day in order to function. I took him to holistic doctor, as he didn’t want any counseling. He withdrew — bed and couch ridden for almost 4 weeks.

RED FLAG: he was miraculously cured and felt good as new.

During our marriage his moods were up and down. When he was up he was talkative, charming, always doing and going. He always wanted to give people he knows little presents, i.e, things he had or made or found (almost like a child). He would be angry with we if I were to give the person the gift because HE wanted to give it to them.

He would leave the house for hours and never say where he was. “I’m over at so-so house.” We lived in a small town on big lake. We always had to do what he wanted to do. Only deviation would be if I planned a trip and paid for it.

Then my son and family had to come live with us for almost a year while their house was being built. He loved bombed the 9 year old girls and my daughter-in-law. He was Prince Charming to them but to me, behind closed doors, he bitched non-stop about them being here. He even stopped paying his share of bills! He thought because they were in his house he didn’t have to pay anything.

Then one day, POOF, he was gone. Two weeks gone until the husband of a girl he was bonking was looking for him and he wanted to come home! F*cking unbelievable! Told him no.

That girl didn’t work out. She went back to hubby but he moved in with his next source who happens to be a very wealthy widow with every man toy available for this sh*t head little boy, her dead hubby’s truck, boat, house w/pool, huge brand new pole barn. This woman is as desperate as they come if she didn’t get his come-on to her. He told her she’s what he’s been always looking for. Hmm, told me that while we were married for 10 years.

I told her about his Meth. He told her he hadn’t used in years and he was a “changed” man. Yeah, 3 months you can just withdraw from a decade addicted drug. I found several pipes and tons of cracked bulbs he used for smoking it. Also found a huge amount of Meth, which was turned over to police and if they would have issued a warrant would have been a felony 4.

Oh did I mention he never was able to quit the Meth? He just hid it really well from me.

After he left I checked into phone records and texts and omg, he’s bonked everything in town. I’m just shocked at the deception but after much research I truly believe he is a covert narcissist or has some level of cluster B disorder.

After he disappeared he never contacted me or would answer my calls. I did no contact too after a point and filed for divorce. Totally disgusted by this person and the total FRAUD he was and is!

Oh, I forgot to include the story about the gambling and his porn addiction. He would use up our internet data on porn late at night. I kept calling our internet provider asking why our usage was always used up. They told me it was being used between the hours 1:00 am to 4:00 am. He burned though $80k of gambling debt in 5 years.

Live and learn.

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Meth is highly addictive and very hard to recover from. Combined with sociopathy, it is nearly impossible. You are legally liable if he uses and keeps his drug paraphernalia in your home. For your emotional and legal welfare, you should be carefully planning your exit NOW!


I will NEVER trust enough to marry again after being with a sociopath. They are deceitful and will ruin you. Not worth the risk.

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