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No parole: Family is a life sentence


If you live within an hour of San Francisco, I hope you will consider an evening of theater at The Marsh, this holiday season. On most nights, Carlo D’Amore performs No Parole, an autobiographical one-man show that points to the fact that “family is a life sentence.” Carlo has a great deal in common with all of us since he grew up in the shadow of his late mother who was a con artist.

Although Carlo left home as soon as he could at age 18, he continued to have contact with his mother. Towards the end of her life, she suffered a right brain stroke and could not live alone. Carlo took her in and cared for her. Even in this state, his mother continued to con and manipulate him. He explained to Chad Jones, “After 30 years of going through these experiences, it came home to me,” he says. “I went ballistic. I came close to”¦I don’t know.” He confronted his mother, who at the end of her life did finally stop the conning.

Following those events, Carlo decided to write about his experiences and turned them into the theatrical production which is described as a “wry, energetic adventure play, No Parole takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey through the life a flamboyant, live-for-the-moment con artist mother, who has no trouble posing as an attorney, professor, daycare worker, or nun. From Peru to the Hollywood Hills to an illegal New York City walk-up, No Parole provides a hilarious and gut-wrenching look into the life of an extraordinary woman who saw the world as her playground.”

Many have found that writing about life with a sociopath/con artist helps them sort out their feelings. Carlo takes this a step further, since he not only wrote his story, he performs it in this production in which he plays both himself and his mother.

I am thankful to Carlo for pointing out that family is indeed a life sentence. Even for those of us who have no more contact with the con artist family member, the person continues to be part of our lives. Carlo told me No Parole is about coming to peace with that reality. I am impressed with Carlo who has been able to come to a place of integrating both the good and the bad experiences he had with the mother he loved.

In addition to showing us that at least one sociopath finally stopped conning, Carlo shows us that many at risk kids are capable of great things. The same genes that can contribute to antisocial choices can also make for leadership and creativity-including acting. Carlo made the decision early on that he was going to use his talents in a prosocial way through acting. His Broadway credits include the Round About Theater Company’s production of Tennessee William’s “Summer and Smoke” directed by David Warren, and most recently “Latinologues” directed by Cheech Marin where he played seven different characters to sold out crowds at the Helen Hayes Theater.

Carlo has another solo show in the works, Feet First. This show is based on his mother’s brother. As is common, Carlo’s mother was not the only sociopath in the family. Carlo told Chad Jones, “My uncle died in San Quentin chained to a hospital bed. It’s a tragic story,” Carlo says. “The title comes from Incan lore: if you’re born feet first, and you make that journey, you’ll be blessed to waltz through life. It’s basically about a man looking at his life from prison and attempting to pass a positive image on to his son.”

Carlo hopes to bring No Parole to the New York City area which he considers his home. I wish him success in that effort. He was kind to speak with me and share some stories of his mother. Even before I had a chance to share my views on the subject, he pointed to the quest for power which is central to the personalities of con artists. He also shared that his mother was very high energy and required little sleep.* He and the rest of his family were not surprised that she had a stroke, given the fast paced frenzy that was her life. He also spoke of the fear he lived through as a young boy worried that his mother would be arrested and imprisoned.

Carlo said he was glad I told him about Lovefraud, he was glad to see our efforts to reach those who have sociopaths/con artists in their families. We all take a certain amount of comfort in the fact that there are others who understand the mind games, unless you’ve been there… Can you really know what it’s like?


No Parole at The Marsh, 1062 Valencia St., San Francisco. Tickets are $15-$35. Call 800-838-3006 or visit

*(I have gathered a lot of evidence that points to con artists being sociopathic and manic).

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I appreciate Carlo’s courage in bringing this story to the stage. Years ago a literary friend of mine told me that true art in writing comes from humility and compassion — the humility to get your ego out of the way and let the characters come to life, and compassion for every character, even the villains in the story. For Carlo to play both his mother and himself on stage represents a rare combination of humility, compassion and courage.

So many of us, as we struggle to make sense of our experiences, get stuck in anger and pain. To move on, I believe we must look at how we can create “art” out of our own lives. Perhaps not on stage, or by writing a book, but by re-writing our life’s course — taking the ruins left by the sociopath and piecing ourselves back together to be stronger and better because of the experience and understanding we’ve gaine.

Ox Drover

Wow! I wish I could go to San Francisco to see this play! I too always felt that there was NO PAROLE from my family, that even No Contact was not an option, at least for very long. That I was CHAINED to them as if I had leg irons that attached me to them and their conning.

Even after I went NC with my biological father over 40 years ago, he still was emotionally chained to my leg. Somehow because he had not raised me, physical NC was okay, but I still rented him emotional room in my head and never got that out until recently when I went NC with both my mother and my P-son.

I admire Carlo for taking on his mother as her caregiver, in spite of the fact that she was continuing to try to con him. I have made the decision NOT to take on the role of my mother’s caregiver, and to let her, when and if the time comes, have hired caregivers (she has enough resources for this.)

My sons and I have made the decison not to even claim the body of their P-brother (and my P son,) if that time comes when we/they are alive. One of my sons has made the decision to bury my mother and arrange her funeral, but the other son and I have made the decision not to attend her memorial service if we are alive when she passes away.

I think we all have to come to grips in our own ways with the “family is for life” scenario. I did it with my son by visualizing him as dead about age 11 or 12, and his “organs” donated to a criminal who is a STRANGER to me, not someone I know. The MAN in prison bears no more relationship to the BOY I raised than he would if his organs had been physically donated to a stranger who was a murderer. I know this is a way for me to cope, but it does help.

As far as my mother is concerned, I realize that she has never loved me, it was all about control and keeping up a pretence that we are “a nice normal family” and that if I don’t play along with her enabling that she is willing to devalue and discard me in favor of the MAN who is a murderer. Once I came to the full realization that she would punish me in any way possible–financally, emotionally, put my life at risk, condemn me religiously and to the community, etc—if I did not go along with her pretense of “a nice normal family” then I realized that I had no recourse but to “divorce” her (NC physical, and now as close to emotional NC as I can get.)

For years I had harbored the thought that at the death of my bio-father I would sue his estate (I knew he would leave me nothing) and get a large settlement just to piss off his ghost, but when the time came, I realized that I did NOT want to piss off his ghost any more, that I did not want his money, and that even if he had left me a great deal of money, I would not have spent it at all, but would have given it to a charity. I realized I had “grown beyond” wanting even that kind of “revenge” against him.

I also realize that while I may have acheived “parole” with my P family members, it is NOT COMPLETE FREEDOM from them. Just as a person who comes out of prison, even after they are off “parole” the experience of prison is still WITH THEM in some form or other, it still leaves a “mark” on them, even if they are “reformed” and live a law abiding life from then on. There are horrors that they have witnessed, have endured, that never leave their minds completely, but hopefully I can, like Dr. Viktor Frankl in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” find value in the suffering I have endured and become a better person than I would have been if I had not had these “lessons” in pain and recovery.



You also show courage in your choices, and compassion even though you’re making such hard choices. The first choice is to realize what we are dealing with — that it is NOT normal, and that it is something far outside of the definition of “normal” motivations and behaviors.

Carlo and the Lovefraud community should know about Geoffrey Wolff, who wrote “Duke of Deception” about his father, who was apparently a full-blown P by the accounts of his behavior. Geoffrey Wolff is considered a major literary light, and his description of his father propelled him to that position. Check out the book reviews and comments on Mr. Wolff in Wikipedia and the NYTimes.


I am in awe of any of the adult children to these folks to having survived the insanity cause by Big EGOs in full swing, especially being so vulnerable as youths.

I knew how difficult it was for me as an adult to get thrown into battle with the likes of them and how horrifying to watch how they could spin the truth in their favor. Making responsible well adjusted individuals question themselves as well as others. It was all about control … anyway they can/could/would control. Truth had nothing to do with anything they do in life. It’s all in “what is in it for me”.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible to find out there are so many selfish, greedy people in our world.

Now we know how everything gets so screwed up in life. For every step we go forward, some greedy person(s) are purposely, out of their own greed making through their control go 20 steps backward.

They are the ultimate puppet masters of the world.




It’s not about greed, it’s about chaos and manipulation. A greedy exploiter wouldn’t enjoy the wreckage in the way that these creatures do.

See my comments on Dr. Steve’s blog on “exploitation.”

Ox Drover

Dear Rune,

Courage is one of those words whose meaning was perverted by my P-bio-father to mean that you are “without fear” if you are courageous.

To call someone a coward (fearful in a tight situation) was his worst condemnation. I accepted that definition for many years of courage and I always felt that I was a “coward” because I was fearful if my life or safety was in danger.


“Courage is being scared chitless, and yet doing what you know you have to do.”

I have always accepted my P-bio-father’s definition of my own cowardice, but I no longer accept that definition. I know I am afraid when I am threatened, but I do my best not to freeze like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming-car.

Even though I have changed the definition of courage, intellectually, I still put myself down from time to time, so it is an ongoing struggle to overcome 40 years of programming that I am a coward. I have been told my many many people of my “outstanding courage” in the face of fear, in the face of horrible circumstances, and yet it is still difficult for me to accept that I am courageous. My mind tells me that I am, but my inward “child” still feels like a coward because I DO feel fear—in circumstances where FEAR IS APPROPRIATE.

Dr. Leedom has postulated that one of the things that Psychopaths lack is FEAR. I agree with her. They may experience a lot of things, but FEAR doesn’t seem to be one of them. My psychopaths don’t fear prison, they don’t fear getting caught, they don’t fear lots of things, they never anticipate consequences the way I would. I might like to do something illegal, but I am TOO SCARED of the consequences. They do NOT FEAR consequences. Maybe it is because they are so arrogant and egocentric that they think those consequences will never happen, I’m not sure why they have no fear, but they don’t seem to, at least the ones I know.

What I am doing now, for ME, if the acknowledge my fears, but not to let those fears make me live in TERROR, because many times fear to that level makes rational thought and rational decisions impossible.

We sort of have to run our lives like we would run a business, and make decisions based on GOOD JUDGMENT rather than emotional decisions. Sometimes our EMOTIONS are so twisted up that the decisions we make are totally counterproductive to success in the enterprise whether it is life or business. We have to eliminate “wishful thinking” and do the ADULT thing. We must take into consideration our “inner child” and be kind to that child, but we don’t necessarily “give it anything it wants” no matter how badly the child wants what is NOT GOOD FOR IT. We have to become our own caring, nurturing and PROTECTIVE parents.


Rune: What do you call control? Greed, that you are insisting to have situations in life go your way, no matter how it happens. Just because chaos flourishes in the process has nothing to do with the original intent of GREED.

“They” spin all the lies and deceptions over the years … no one remembers the basics anymore how their new words came into our everyday vocabulary got established to cover up their greedy motives. The major one that comes to mind is “politically incorrect” aka … don’t blame a FOOL for being a FOOL, cause it’s not nice, it’s not politically correct … which spins the publics’ heads, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh … it’s not nice to tell FOOLS that they are FOOLS and they hide it behind nationalities, religious beliefs, male/females, old/young, race, etc. Which fools come in all category … but want to hide behind the political correctness of society. It’s all a big fluff over, don’t call a evil person and evil person cause it’s not politically correct to oust us out of where we hide … everyone!

Just deduct backwards anything they do … and the major factor is GREED … then accompanied with any of the other vices out there.




Dr. Liane Leedom points out the predominant trait of the desire for control, so I agree with you on that.

When I think of “greed,” I think of some sort of material gain. Remember Martha Stout describing “Stamp Man” in “The Sociopath Next Door”? He was apparently one of the dumber Ps, because his thing was to steal stamps from the post office and watch the chaos as the police showed up. For him it wasn’t about having the stamps, but rather making people run around.

The guy I was involved with destroyed my business by contradicting my orders to workers, promising things to people that I knew nothing about that cost goodwill as well as money — basically killing “the golden goose.” And one of his so-called pet names for me was “golden goose.”

In two different houses (being remodeled) in two months, the thermostat was ripped off the wall, leaving the furnace on in June and July. This is about control and chaos — and the fact that it’s so pointless, to me, distinguishes it from the way I think about “greed.”

And the fact that the behaviors are so strange makes it hard to use conventional words to describe the behaviors!


Yes, OxDrover:

“Courage is cowardice, black is white, love is weakness, and on and on.” They can twist the simplest concepts, the ones we know in our hearts, and spin and spin and insist and charm, or bully as the case may be, until we fall in line with their fictions . . .

I think that when we’re in it, in the relationship, in the house with them, in the family with these people and we’re trying to make sense of the non-sense, we lose our footing, we lose our connection with our inner guidance on what is or isn’t truth. We go along with them because we rationalize their lies and question ourselves in order to keep the peace. Only when we realize the whole picture of how false their projections are can we disentangle and reclaim ourselves and then figure out what we’re going to do with the true picture.

You talk about the emotions getting twisted up — it’s also the logic that is turned into pretzels.

Reclaiming ourselves and our lives takes great courage, and acknowledging healthy fear is also a courageous act. I know that when I started to suspect how off balance the P was in my life, it took great courage for me to simply be quiet, to not confront him, because I was learning that my confrontation of his behavior would only encourage him to create more lies, or chaos, or new levels of devious revenge, all while he smiled and charmed and denied his behavior.


Rune: It’s because greedy people over the years have secretly manipulated the masses and spun the original meanings for any of the vices in life to be accepted by the average person in society. We’ve been slowly and systematically accepting bad behaviors over the years without realizing their original meanings.

Remember this:

Practicing these virtues protects one against temptation toward the Seven Deadly Sins:

Humility against Pride
Kindness against Envy
Abstinence against Gluttony
Chastity against Lust
Patience against Anger
Liberality against Greed
Diligence against Sloth

Another good site to view is what the churches have knowns for years about these personalities … except they call them the “trouble makers” LOL. See below the site I’m referring you to.

To understand the difference between us (givers) and them (takers):

It takes our willingness to open our eyes, relax, sit back and objectively review and unravel what they’ve done through seeing it through one of the vices in life … what they are focused on as their original motivation … what they were consumed with (an addiction sort to speak or at least a comfortability in how they conditioned themselves to live) had to do how they conduct their lives … with GREED being the mother of all sins.

I hope I made sense … I’ll simplify this writing … I just needed to get out what I wanted to say. Today is not one of my better days … (LOL).



I Agree! Chaos for no other purpose except to Delight in it!
Nothing going on I’m Borrd ! Lets see I’ll cut my self and bleed all over the place! Or Kill a Pet and write stuff on the wall of the place I do not own! Or I’ll just go punch the person who supports me and Loves me! Or I’ll Turn the music up full volume and play the same Irritating crap over and over and over and over till I get a reaction and when I get a reaction I’ll have an excuse to Rage and destroy the place i live in that I don’t pay for ! Or Or Or Or Or!

The Greed here is I must be the ceter of attention and the Whole World revolves around me! I can’t be borrd ! LOVE JJ


Rune: Funny you mentioned the thermostat situation. I had a platonic room mate years ago that refused to pay rent each month. He gave me a lousy $200 dollars a month and 1/2 after moving in … (about August) … by October I was telling him to move out.

Finally, mutual friends tried to help … I finally got this user out … in January … which happened to be a mild month that year … Spring weather. Anyway, I’d come home from work to find my windows wide open and the thermostats up to the highest setting.

He also did many other things to me to intimidate me … a few days after he moved out … I found about 100 pairs of my underwear … he bit the crotches out of every pair. (That cost me money) … He was in every nook and cranny through my house. Apparently, nothing was off limits to this character. It just makes me shudder how ruthless they are. What control freaks. He actually called the police department and said he heard gunshots go off inside my house … next thing I knew, I had about 20 undercover officers throughout my house. You’d think these people were bums off the streets … that’s how good they are in the undercover work they do. At least I now know that are police is alive and well in our community.

Of course, they couldn’t smell gun powder … and this roommate never got picked up for that phone call … which tells me he is one of the police’s rats out on the street. Cause if he was an innocent Joe Schmoe citizen … his butt would have been tossed in prison.

Remind me to write more about this character. I forgot all about Butch the weirdo room mate I had. I think he’s living with a girl I went to high school with… she hasn’t been acting her normal self.



From the description of Carlo’s play: “a flamboyant, live-for-the-moment con artist mother, who has no trouble posing as an attorney, professor, daycare worker, or nun. From Peru to the Hollywood Hills to an illegal New York City walk-up, . . .”

I see the chaos. I see the pointless chaos, and the thrill of manipulation. Attorney, . . . daycare worker, and nun?! It’s so absurd that we don’t believe someone can be that absurd, so we try to make sense of it. And from this, Carlo was learning his life lessons — how the world works, what love is, and so on.

Again, I admire his courage and heart in working through this spaghetti-ball mess and creating a story to share on stage.


Yes, Wini:

We’re talking about “Butch” here! Yes! Pointless and cruel in the manipulation. So much of what happened to me and my business I didn’t even find out until months or more than a year later. Several people talked to me later about their perceptions. I was shocked at what they’d seen and what they believed.

I think part of how I was blindsided is that I was raised and was living my life by the code that you outline:

Humility against Pride: I was humble, just trying to live and work
Kindness against Envy: I was kind, taking him in along with his children
Abstinence against Gluttony: I didn’t have time to think about gluttony
Chastity against Lust: I wasn’t even looking for a relationship, but he seemed so sincere . . .

Patience against Anger: Oh, yes, I was patient when I should have gotten legitimately angry (See Dr. Liane & Sandra Brown’s book, and note how victims of these types are generally “tolerant” people.)
Liberality against Greed: I was generous, thinking I was helping someone get “back on his feet.”

Diligence against Sloth: I think my 12-, 14-, and 18-hour workdays didn’t leave much room for sloth. I was trying to “put out the fires” that kept inexplicably happening all around. I didn’t realize he was the cause.

And I know now that he was gleefully laughing at the way he exploited all my virtues to engineer my devastation. While he smiled, and “nurtured” me . . . “Dear, you look tired. When the next money comes in, we should take a vacation.”



Hey Rune, you and I could have dated the same guy (LOL). They are all the same, all of them, different states, different heights, different looks … but all are insecure, greedy, selfish and live in their BIG egos… and do the most incredible damages … to destruction, total destruction.

Come to think of it … that room mate Butch … and our mutual friends … My EX fiance also knows the husband of said mutual friend…. Mmmmmmmmhhh, here’s another avenue I have to look down. When I told this mutual friend how my EX conned me, she just said matter of fact “I was wondering why you dated him … he was trouble when he was with his wife” … DAAAAAAAAAA, I almost screamed at her … WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME. But, figured she’s a screwball in her own right with her ego out in the forefront all the time … so it was useless to get any compassion out of this character … even though she’s always insisting others respect her.

Live and learn with these folks.

Peace … at least I’m still standing.


Wini, you got it!

It’s the same weirdness — and it isn’t like “normal.”

I saw a study today, done in Florida, looking at how dogs have a sense of fairness. They expect a “fair” distribution of treats, and they know when they are not being treated fairly. I see this with my own dogs — they want my affection above all, but they know if the affection or treats or whatever are not being spread around fairly. And I also know that my dogs worry about me, and check in on me if they think I’m not OK.

My point is that my dogs’ behavior is more “human” than the creep I was involved with. They understand “fair” and they play by those rules. He didn’t. My dogs never take pleasure in delivering pain. He did.


Rune: Yes, my pets are the same way.

As far as greed is concerned with the majority of these folks and what motivates them. What they are focused on … as you read most of these bloggs … laziness goes hand in hand with their greed. A very toxic combination with these folks … none of them really want to work for a living … they just put on a show for everyone.

Just watch this bailout fiasco going down … all the selfish and greedy got caught being lazy … on a big time scale … and now they want easy money to bail their greedy, lazy butts out! Then they’ve have the audacity to stick some of the real workers out in front to cover up the fact that they are greedy and lazy.

They should take those from the lower ranks who have creative ideas and let them lead these companies out of the dumper.

Then watch the flip flop of some of thse politicians … one minute last week they are screaming and shouting … hurry, hurry, hurry give my lazy greedy buddies the money … and the flip side is, well yeah, they should be fired … yeah, we should watch them … yeah.

Give me a break with all these actors giving everyone lip service.


I live in San Francisco. I will check it out for you :O)

Ox Drover

Dear Rune,

I loved that study about how dogs judged what was “fair” and what was not. LOL Good study!

Many animals have a sense of fairness, other animals seem to have no sense of fairness and they want what they want and they don’t care if others are deprived. I have noticed in my cattle that “family groups” (a cow and her offspring, even her adult offspring) will “share” feed but they will not share with others in the herd. Horses tend to be the same way.

The Ps don’t seem to want to share anything with anyone, I know my P-son has NO intention of “sharing” what he feels he is entitled to with anyone if he can help it—of course EVERYTHING I have worked for and everything my family has worked for for GENERATIONS, should “rightfully” belong to HIM and no one else has a right to anything he wants.

I had devised a way to be “fair” to my kids and step kids with distributing my husband’s personal momentos, by “dealing” things out into piles and numbering the piles then letting the children draw numbers and each one would get that pile of original things, as well as a xerox copy of any photographs and so on in everyone else’s pile. I thought that made great sense and I wrote to my P-son and told him how I had come up with that plan to be “fair.” He wrote back immediately and said “Don’t get rid of anything of his until I GET (OUT OF PRISON) AND get home… you are his wife, you don’t HAVE TO BE FAIR.”


Well, Yes, I was his wife, but I WANT TO BE FAIR. I want to carry out my husband’s wishes that his personal momentos be divided equally between his kids, my kids, and our adopted son. However, since the attack on our family, I have no doubt that my husband would not want my P son to have anything of his, and he won’t.

It isn’t about the value of these items, as the monetary value o f them is zero, but the sentimental value is the only value, yet my P-son wants it all, because he wants to think that my late husband valued him above all the others, and that is NOT TRUE. My husband was so disappointed at the WASTE of brains and talent in my P-son and his instance that he engage in criminal activities that landed him in prison that my husband did not have any remaining respect for my P-son, and though he went to visit him with me a time or two, he didn’t have a desire to go visit him. My stepfather felt the same way and never communicated with my son from the time that my son stole a gun from him when my son was 15, and to his dying day, my stepfather had no respect for my P-son, just disgust. Yet, my P-son still thinks that he was the most “admired” and “successful” member of our family, and the smartest and the one with the most entitlement—-sort of like the guy who killed his parents and threw himself on the judge’s mercy because he was an ORPHAN. LOL

My P-son’s incessant demands for this or that, or do this or do that, send me money for this or that—-the pity ploy—“I’m in prison and I can’t get this or that unless you do it.” WELL, boy, WHY are you in prison? Because you are innocent? NOPE? Well, then tough!

Thanks, LGLG, I hope you enjoy the play. I would like to see it! I’m glad this guy made lemonade out of lemons!


LGLG: I’m looking forward to your review of the play. And no matter what your artistic evaluation, please convey to the writer/actor my (our?!) appreciation for his courage in this work. I’m glad you can go.


OxD: You may be interested that the P in my life had a dog who was also a P. The guy “loved” his dog. (Translation: he was always showing it off, and he liked how it was unpredictable in its attacks.) With some effort, I worked with my Australian Shepherds to accept his Shiba Inu. They got so they would play together, but I never knew when the Shiba Inu would sneak in an unprovoked bite. The P said this was because the dog had been hit when he ran into traffic as a puppy. I believe — having watched his behavior over 18 months — that he was a selfish, unpredictable, malicious little spirit from the get-go, but was good at (mostly) hiding it. One “trick” the little dog pulled several times was that he would jump on my head with his four feet while I was sleeping in the middle of the night. As I think of it now, I have a flicker of a suspicion that the P might have egged the dog onto me, but I remember that at the time the P also seemed to be asleep or far enough away to be blameless. But isn’t that how the Ps play?

One time the dog turned on the P while he was holding him in his arms and took a bite out of his lip. He tried to blame me somehow! I begged him to not let his daughters hold and cuddle the dog next to their faces and sleep with it because he was so unpredictable, but the P just laughed.

Who would believe this if they hadn’t lived with it?!

Ox Drover

Rune, some breeds of dogs have that aggressive gene(s?) bred into them as well as the unpredictability. A certain amount can be trained, but there is some genetic stuff going on with it too. A researcher at Ft. Roots, Little Rock, AR spent 20+ years starting out with one litter of pups and breeding the most aggressive to the most aggressive and the most timid to themost timid and in 20 generations he had two completely different groups of dogs, all from the same two parents he started with one group would faint or cringe and the other group were like pit bulls on speed.

Interesting experiment.


This experiment is fact

Russians use Character traits for breeding Foxes. They discovered that gentle ness also carried a color trait. Did you know Dogs evolved over only about 15000 yrs.?

True. My ex wanted an Akita because of aggressiveness. I wouldn’t go for it. I’ve seen them in action. So, I opted for an Akita/Lab mix and got a real mush. Love him.


I want a Heina


You had a Hyena. Your ex. Wasn’t he a scavenger?


There are no Animals deserving of the Malignancy of these people!

The Closest assessment is a Parasite Leaching Life from you!


Parasite? I’m thinking of the thing that erupted from the astronaut’s chest in “Alien”!


Was copied from a real Fish! that lives very deep and never ever sees Light ever!


my son has a pitbull ( Brutus) he used to escape the back fence and one of the neighbors called the police and said there is a pitbull in my house!! The police said what is he doing? “sleeping on my couch!!! the lady said. Brutus is huge and the strongest animal I have ever seen – I love him but I told my son I can not take care of brutus because he wants to eat my weiner dogs! Brutus sleeps with my 4 year old grandaughter – that used to bother me – but brutus is a gentle giant – now I have neighbors that keep pitbulls on chains – they are trained to be mean – the owners should go to jail I think – again that is just my mindless rambling at midnite….


I know a 19-year-old girl who adopted a pitbull/lab mix. I thought this was a disaster waiting to happen, but the 3-year-old pitbull (girl-dog) is an absolute predictable sweetheart. Good with cats, good with other dogs, and devoted to her mistress.

When I described psycho-dog earlier, I’m talking absolute unpredictability, untrustworthy, and sly . . . very sly. Um, like his master. It’s not just about the breed. It’s both genetics and training.


Hi Muldoon: I haven’t written you yet, so here it goes.

1. Are you involved with your battered womens establishments in the city/town you live in? If not, I suggest you contact them and be put into the system. The professionals that work with battered women shelters are Angels on Earth and are there especially for women like you and your precious children. They can advise you how to help yourself and there are many people involved with battered women shelters to help you get your life started again.

2. As for your EX. NO CONTACT with him. Your love can not cure him. We all want our love to cure our EXs … only your EX can help with compassionate therapists help him help himself. First he has to acknowledge that he has a problem. You can’t do this for him.

Right now, just focus on you and your children. Please contact a women’s help line today. If you don’t know who to contact, call your local police department and ask them for a phone number. The dispatchers on the help lines into the police department will be able to guide you.

Good luck sweetheart and peace to you and your precious children hearts and soul.

You will make it through all this, ALL of you…. step by step … slowly but surely … you will become stronger and more confident as time goes on.

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