“Nothing says I love you like a Glock”

I was going about the morning as usual, working on my next book, with CNN on in the background, when I heard what has to be the sociopathic quote of the year, “Nothing says I love you like a Glock.” I have not shared much about my own experience with a sociopath, but one of the things I am most ashamed of is that I did not react more strongly to my former husband’s preoccupation with guns. He did not personally own any gun, but he talked about them a great deal, and he was very persistent about the idea that I should learn how to shoot. He also wanted me to own a hand gun. I did take the NRA gun safety course and I learned how to shoot. I have to say, target practice was fun and I was good at it. I had and still have, an aversion to guns, and so never applied for permission to own one of my own. I felt like a fuddy-dud though, after all our Constitution does give us the right to arm bears, or is it bare arms? I don’t know…

What I do know is that the presence of a hand gun in the home is statistically associated with completed suicide. Access to weapons means a greater likelihood of using them on one’s self or others on impulse. A good thing did come from my training in fire arms, that was I became a more comfortable asking my patients if they owned weapons. All psychiatric/psychological evaluations should include this question.

The sociopathic quote of the year belongs to Drew Peterson, a man who the entire country believes may be responsible for the disappearance of his wife. To read the story visit The Chicago Tribune Website.

Although many people who own guns and use guns are not sociopaths, nearly all sociopaths are in love with guns. This is not discussed at all in the scientific literature but, in my conversations with other victims, they have verified the obsession. Sociopaths are in love with guns because they are the ultimate symbol of power and sociopaths are preoccupied with power. Sociopaths enjoy not only real guns, they also enjoy toy guns and violent videogames. Many studies have shown that sociopaths enjoy violent entertainment more that the average person.

If someone you suspect is a sociopath, wants you to have a gun, please get away from that person immediately. I strongly believe that many sociopaths who do not kill their partners, get their partners to kill themselves. Obviously, a person can also be murdered in such a way that it looks like a suicide. Please notice that Mr. Peterson bought his wife a gun as a Valentine’s day present. How telling is that? How sick is that?

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Dear Aussie girl, Hope you are feeling better!

nolarn, SOME STATES have a compact between states for the RN license. I think that Lousyanna is NOT one of those. Back when Katrina hit our state health department sent out a call for RNS and RNPS to go to LA and we were on “stand by” but the NON-COMPACT Lousyanna board wouldn’t let us practice there even iin a DISASTER without a license from Lousyanna which would take forever to get. So you may not be able to work in the “compact” states like states who are in it. My friends who were EMTs and Paramedics (and their licenses were honored by Lousyanna’s PA board) went and worked down there for several weeks, but the nurses had to stay home and weren’t allowed to go because of the license issue. HOW DUMB IS THAT!!!

My RN and APN friends here who have AR licenses that travel just go to states that have a license compact.

I think you could apply for and get a license in a compact state and keep your lousyanna license years ago back before the compact I had licenses in CA, TX, FL, and AR all at the same time. So you might look at applying for a license in another state (pick a “compact” state) then ALL the other compact states will honor that state’s license so you can kill about 20 birds with one stone on that score.

Oxy, what you said about Louisiana is one of the stupid things about this state, especially relating to disasters like that. I had no idea that they denied out of state nurses the chance to help after Katrina. I guess that’s why the state board here tries to push to get a list of our own that will step up at anytime to do it. I guess they think that they can get all the help they need from outlying Louisiana cities in other areas of the state to support New Orleans and the south central region for storms. All of my friends here were stuck up in hospitals with patients during Katrina and had to evacuate with them-most of them in Charity and Baptist Hospitals and you wouldn’t believe the horror stories. Those who can get out of staying now, get the hell out as soon as they can. They don’t care to stay. Many have PTSD.

I attempted to do what you said about the compact license in 2009 but was met with a problem. I was told that in order to have a compact license, I had to have that state be my primary state of residence and that is what I refuse to do at this point. I have zero desire to move from my home unless I get to the point next year where it its time to reapply to the PD and I find out about that. That’s all that’s keeping my here but I love my place, my neighborhood-it’s what I’ve always wanted. If the PD tells me that I will not be getting my job back and that I won’t be reaccepted as a recruit, at that point, I will no longer be tied here and will make plans about what I want to pursue for the future-whether it be applying in other cities, or just giving up and doing something in forensic nursing or perfusion school or law school or something different. I had a temp Texas license that I was waiting on permanent approval. I was told by the board that since I had no intention of establishing permanent residency in the state of Texas, that I would only be given a Texas license and it would be a NON-COMPACT LICENSE. I don’t know if that’s a national rule with the compact or some BS that Texas has thrown up because they treat nurses like a gigantic pile of shit there. I can’t be sure, but I do need a little more time to decide what to do. I need to talk to some travel nurses on line again somehow and see if the climate has picked up since 2009 . During that time, the recruiters were so desperate to get people for the few spots that they had and there was a lot of lying and misrepresentation going on. I actually had profiles out with several companies and they were submitting my profiles without my permission and several companies were submitting me to the exact same position in the same hospital-that is bad. There were long time travel nurses on unemployment because they had traveled for so many years that no one wanted to touch them for full time jobs in one place-it was summer of 2009 (Obama’s first summer in office). I was talking to my bosses yesterday at the end of our meeting and they really felt like the new healthcare plan is going to be really bad for the outlook of nurse hiring-until we find out for sure if the thing is going to happen and how it’s going to happen. There are few jobs. People post positions but don’t seem in a hurry to fill them. They may hire some new grads cuz they’re cheaper, and there are a lot of PRN positions-so they don’t have to pay health benefits.

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said……..
Free piercings……courtesy of GLOCK!

My ex used to try to convince me to buy a gun he actually had one he “borrowed” while we lived in the mountains it barely worked … Im not afraid of guns but he told me he used to clean his gun naked.. when he lived with this one girlfriend he had.. creepy.. also creepy is that the dog next door got shot in the arse and they tried to blame my son I think it was my ex in fact I would bet that it was him… sick …

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