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Political Ponerology: An idea for our times

“Whether you know it or not, each and every day your life is touched by the effects of psychopathy on our world. You are about to learn that even if there isn’t much we can do about geological and cosmological catastrophe, there is a lot we can do about social and Macrosocial evil, and the very first thing to do is to learn about it. In the case of psychopathy and its effects on our world, what you don’t know definitely can and will hurt you.” (p. 9, Political Ponerology)

One thing I like about teaching at a University is that I am exposed to a lot of new ideas. Also I am not one who has to agree with everything a person says, to appreciate the good ideas he/she has. With that thought, I would like to introduce you to an interesting idea. The idea is Political Ponerology, as described in a book by that name by Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski, edited by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Political Ponerology is “a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes.”

Personally I wish the science of evil had a more appealing English name. The word, Ponerology, to me sounds too much like a combination of two words used for a male body part. It also reminds me of another word Eudaimonism. Both words stand for very important concepts but need to be changed so that we have an easier time talking about the material in public. So just what are the ideas in Political Ponerology and why do I think you should read the book yourself?

The author, Dr. Lobaczewski, is an old and wise man who lived much of his life behind the Iron Curtain. In that life, he came to understand that the evil in this world is caused by psychopaths, who he says number 3-6% of the population. The book is largely about the methods psychopaths use to infiltrate organizations and corrupt non-psychopaths. Dr. Lobaczewski also addresses the very important questions of what we should do about the psychopaths among us, and how we can have less evil in our world. His answers may surprise you.

It makes sense to me that psychopaths who have political aspirations all use similar tactics to achieve and maintain power. We all know that those who commit love fraud use essentially the same tactics, so why would political psychopaths be any different? Just like we can learn to identify love fraud by observing tactics, we can learn to detect political psychopaths by observing and understanding their tactics.

Since psychopaths are primarily motivated by power and dominance, it makes sense they would be drawn to politics. Furthermore, since they enjoy harming others, it also makes sense they would be very dangerous as leaders. There is a very large social psychology literature on the psychological effects of power. This literature suggests that having power produces behavior that we also associate with psychopathy, such as impulsivity, positive mood, reduced empathy and verbosity. I would like to see this social psychology literature reconciled with the psychopathy literature, perhaps those studying Political Ponerology will do that.

The issue of just how much of our social problems result from psychopathy in our leaders surely deserves further exploration. The group that brings us this important book, deserves our thanks. I have the honor of corresponding with the editor, Laura, she worked very hard to get the manuscript which was originally written in Polish, translated and understandable. The group she is part of, is planning a follow up book that will be less technical, and an easier read. They also have a video posted on You Tube.

Those of us who have lived with a sociopath/psychopath, know how dangerous they are, and how persuasive they can be. We have been the victims of their misuse of interpersonal power. We should all support efforts to uncover the operations of psychopaths in politics. We should also look to elect leaders who have clear track records that indicate the presence of empathy, personal stability, and conscience.

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A sociopath was in my life for 2 years and the damage done by this sociopath has cost me “oh boy” has it cost me!

I’ve read that the odds of meeting a sociopath are 1 in 25.
But I believe it’s a 1 in 2 chance out of the people you meet that want to become your best new friend.

Why you say? Read on and see why I think this.

Sociopath Odds
A person you’re introduced to that is NOT “a sociopath” will usually NOT want to become your best new friend at the first introduction.
In fact I believe that there would be less than 1 in 25 people that would be willing to do so.

Some may argue this and that’s fine but let just keep this in mind when reading the next paragraph.

An introduction to “A Sociopath” changes this odd mentioned above because you’re just another potential target / victim.
A sociopath is on the prowl and they will attempt to become your best new friend immediately.

So if meeting a sociopath is 1:25 and meeting a genuine person is also 1:25 that is a ratio of 1 out of every 2 people who want to become your best new friend!

So I guess what I am saying is that out of the people you meet, chances are that the ones that want to have more to do with you than just a simple introduction are the ones you should be cautious of. Keep your guard up!

Sociopath in my life
I have had the unfortunate luck of having a sociopath in my life for around 2 years before I realised that this person was a sociopath. At the time I realised she was a sociopath she had already formed close relationships with relatives family and friends.

This female sociopath had moved through each one of their families bonding mostly with the women but also with some of the men. I became very suspicious and I thought to myself, no one else I know is involved with so many relatives, family and friends of mine.

Confronting the Sociopath
Once I started questioning the sociopath she must have realised I was onto her, even though I was extremely cautious, she immediately went into overdrive to defame me to my family, and succeeded in doing so.

My web site of a Sociopath
I created a website and I have started writing about what happened to me, in the hope that others read my information and are able to avoid these sociopaths.

Sociopaths and Justice
The thing is I won in court against this sociopath, I won judgments the police are on my side, yet the frustration is in bringing these kinds of people to a fair justice for what they have done, the legal system has just too many loop holes and a sociopath knows these loop holes all to well.

A sociopath will operate in a grey area of the law, just above civil matters and just below criminal matters.

A sociopath knows that if you take them to court it will cost you too much financially and that you will just rite it off as they say, as a bad experience, well with me it was different, I though I am not going to let her get away with what he did, and that I will make it publicly known.

The Sociopaths History
I chased down this sociopath to when they first came into the country; this sociopath has destroyed so many families and split up so many couples. I started collecting information and statements from people about this sociopath and now I have a drawer in a filing cabinet full of information.

Investigations into this sociopath revealed many things which for privacy reasons I can’t say, I could be hit with a defamation charge etc, and can you believe that!

Sociopath Death Threats and Subtle Warnings
When I went to court the first time, my witnesses had death threats made against them. I was followed and blocked of in a car park by some people who basically warned me to stop doing what I was doing.

This sociopath has sent people to court and these people accused me of saying things to them, stated that I was taking photos of them in the court room and I was immediately investigated had the police and sheriffs attend that instance they confiscate my phone, they subpoenaed my phone records and at the end of it, I walked away from the court room that day a free man because there was nothing but false allegations.

What I learnt from this is that sociopaths don’t work alone, and that they have people who they lean on for assistance.

Sociopath Retaliations
It has cost me one of my daughters (I’ll explain how later), my marriage and financially in excess of $50,000, it has also cost me time in court, time for briefing barristers and a like.

My car (not that I care for it even though it’s 1 year old) has had the tyres flattened (particularly on court dates) good thing I organise public transport to get to court, my car has also had the windscreen cracked right across, and even brake fluid on my bonnet, nails embedded in the tyres, my windscreen wiper rubbers removed etc. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t care for material possessions but this is just a tiny example of what happens, to me it’s more of a nuisance than anything else really. But if you love your car like so many do, park it in a garage, install an alarm etc.

Sociopath mind games
The sociopath has also convinced my daughter the I am the Devil, not like a devil but the devil himself, yes I know it sounds unbelievable but I can assure you that this sociopath even has a lawyer that believes the same thing, the lawyers parents called my in-laws and told them that I am the devil. Can you believe how much influence this sociopath has?

The sociopath also convinced my daughter to make false accusations to the police and start an AVO case against not only me but 6 other family members. I have been able to prove as well as others where we were during the allegations and the case has gone pear shape for the prosecution. Now my daughter could face a 7 year jail sentence because the law doesn’t take nicely to false statements. We are attempting to explain that she is under duress and show that the sociopath orchestrated this entire case but the law doesn’t easily allow you to explain why and when it all started, stating relevance and so forth. I will have a long section on this in my website after I get all the freedom of information items from the court. i.e. the public documents.

To Conclude for now
Be on your guard, read about sociopaths, but don’t become scared of meeting people, there are so many people out there that a genuinely nice.
Be aware of people that down others around you and be aware of people that take you away from the normality you have.
If something’s too good to be true it usually is.

All in all I wish you wisdom and by the looks of things because you have come across this site you seek the wisdom in guarding yourself against these kinds of predators.

Take care for now and be safe, I will write so more soon.


my login name is below funny I guess that no one took that name

Ox Drover

First, thanks for posting this good link and about this much needed book.

It is pretty “obvious” when you listen to the politicians that the field is littered with the bodies of their victims, and that the “good old boy” system is alive and well, and functioning as it always has.

having been raised in one of the nationally recognized top ten in corrupt counties in the US I am privy to a great deal of personal information on how they work.

One of my cousins even had an article years ago in LIfe Magazine as one of the most corrupt sheriffs in the US at the time. He ran the “political machine” in the county like his own country, complete with beatings and graft. Looking back now I can see that he was not just “corrupt” he was a psychopath.

Look at the Clinton Whitehouse doings. Being from Arkansas I am familiar with many of their “doings” when they were in the Governor’s office here in this state. I could name more than a few politicians who exibit psychopathic and narcissistic behavior.

If 4% of the general population (I think that figure is low) exibit psychopathic behavior, if you factor in the OTHER personality disorders of BPD NPD etc. I think the percentage of people with some form of personality disorder is VERY HIGH, and then if you add the people in positions of power that start “getting off on” the power and exibiting some antisocial behaviors, WOW, it gets scary!

Through working with BDPs and PPDs in psychiatry as a Registered Nurse Practitioner I had a pretty good “PErsonality Disorder RAdar” when I met people from outside my “circle of trust” as they are somewhat RED FLAGGED by almost immediately wanting to “become your new (and o nly) best friend.” Yet, I too was fooled by several that were NEW in my life. I even went to work for one in a professional capacity in a community mental health clinic, and was there six months before she lunged for my jugular vein just to make sure I knew who was in “charge.” I resigned and gave notice the next day.

I’ve been involved in business arrangements in the past with them, to my great frustration and loss. Rented houses to them that they had no intention of paying past the deposit and the first month’s rent—had to take them to court to get them out–had them as employees, etc.

If I went back and added up all the Ps in my life or BPDs or NPDs, the list is quite long—if I added in the ones I have known but not been personally attacked by these people, the list gets even longer.

In many ways the “stories” are all the same. The plot doesn’t vary much…it is all about power and control and gain of some kind.

Ox Drover

With Elections coming up for national offices here in the US in the near future, I hope that all American citizens will take time to look at the candidates and VOTE. I call myself a “political agnostic” as I am not sure there is an “honest politician” in the bunch–there seems to be so many special interests in politics, that I am almost convinced that someone has to be personality disordered and narcissistic in order to get to public office in the first place. I realize that is a very negative point of view.

While I think the democratic way of chosing leaders is probably the best of several “bad” choices, at the same time, I see it as also very suspect in today’s world.

When I am “dictator” it may not be better, but it would be “different” LOL It isn’t likely that I will become “dictator” of the US any time soon, but who knows, if I did, I might start to be corrupted by the absolute power as well. LOL

When I was a teenager and thought I knew the answer to all the world’s problems it all seemed easy…just get rid of all the people like Hitler and Sadam and Osama and the world would be a wonderful place. Now, I realize that if you could get rid of all these people there would only be another P rise up to take their place, and we are never going to rid the world of these people, but the rest of us do somehow have to live here and make the best of the world as it is, and do our little bit to educate others, and to heal ourselves and avoid more interactions with the ones that we do encounter, and vote with our “heads” rather than to just look at our own “self interest” when we go to the polls.

I think this is a very important concept, and one that we all ought to think about—the political Ps.


Has anyone else been following the Elliot Spitzer (governor of New York) scandal? The man, it turns out, has been involved in a prostitution ring. He was caught on tape phoning in his order, saying, “Yup, I’ll have my usual.” He transported the woman across state lines, which makes him guilty of a felony. What arrogance. While in office, he went after and brought down two prostitution rings. What hypocrisy. He has three teenage daughters–what a tragedy. What kind of chance do those girls stand growing up with a father like that? I’m not a shrink and can’t judge whether he’s a sociopath or not, but it sure doesn’t sound like he has much conscience, not to mention feelings–for his family, for the women whose bodies he buys as casually as if he’s plunking down for a tuna sandwich, for the people he’s supposed to represent. I’m really tired of these gamers who are only out for themselves–and I’m especially tired of them being in office.

Ox Drover

I haven’t been watching the news much lately so that is a new one on me, will look it up.

I am no longer “shocked” by the exposing of these Ps in office. There was a day when I was “shocked” by the depth of man’s ability to sink to “new depths” however, I have come to be a
“political agnostic”=I am not sure if there is even one honest politician.

I think our government and most governments in the world are a travesty at best…the ones in power divide the spoils. We vote but nothing changes except who gets in on the dividing up the money–first one group, then the next.

Sure he “brought down” two prostitution rings, probably his competition.

Years ago I was introduced to Joe Conforte (not sure of spelling) who ran the “Mustang Ranch” a legal brothel in Nevada and he had his little granddaughter with him about age 6 or 7. He very proudly showed her off for the people at the gathering to admire. I almost puked. Here he is with his precious granddaughter which he obviously cared about, but he made his living selling other women’s bodies…I always wondered if he “turned her out” when she was 18.

I heard on the news years ago that he ended up jumping bail and going to live in Brazil over some tax matter with the IRS.

I still remember the news about Edward Kennedy leaving that woman to drown in his car upside down in a river and trying to cover up the fact that he was “out with another woman” I am not sure if she could have been saved, but we will never know because he was more concerned with his political career than with her life. Yet, he has been reelected over and over. People get the kind of government they deserve, and obviously we keep electing people who are psychopaths.

I don’t think even the media (which is after all owned by the same powerful people who support these candidates) honestly exposes all the corruption that they know about or could know about. I may sound very cynical, and maybe I am, but I no longer believe in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, and a politician who won’t feather his own nest for his next political contribution.


I was both amazed and encouraged when I caught just a clip of a news video today where the reporter was discussing malfunction of brain activity in reference to Governor Spitzer’s behavior. In Bill O’Reilly’s discussion last night of possible reasons behind the Governor’s behavior he blamed it on the Governor evidently wanting to get caught because of course he knew better. But Bill O’Reilly completely missed or ignored any link to pathological behavior or the characteristics that we here are now so familiar with. I too am not a psychiatrist, but I wrote to O’Reilly. Maybe the silver lining to Mr. Spitzer’s predicament is the sorely needed exposure to those sociopaths not only next door but also to those in politics.

Ox Drover

Bill Clinton managed to stay in office after he was exposed as a rapist and a philandering creep.

Hillary was elected even after she had been repeatedly shown up with crooked financial dealings in the whitewater, and other dealings.

Edward Kennedy has been reelected many times after deserting that poor dying woman upside down in his car without a single thought except to “cover up” his part in her death, which might have been prevented if he had tried to save her instead of going into a “cover up mode.”

How many other politicos have been caught with their “pants down around their ankles” and yet have continued to stay in office.

The old “saw” about “well, I know he is a crook and yes I keep voting for him, but he’s MY crook” is so true it seems.

I feel like the old man in the myth going around with the lantern looking for an honest man…in this case, an honest politician.

It would be nice if someone were to discuss the psychopathic mind set in these people, but it seems that people are so afraid to “label” someone with a “diagnosis”—and yes, we are NOTall qualified to make a legally binding diagnosis, but if it “looks like a duck and quacks like a duck……”

His two-faced behavior sure looks like a DUCK to me.

Reading a book called “The Acting President,” this weekend, I was struck by how much various descriptions of Ronald Reagan made me think he was an N or S.

He often fabricated quotes and anecdotes that he said were real but came from movies or didn’t exist at all.

Once he dismissed someone he never mentioned them again. He was called cold, distant, aloof and kept people at arm’s length, even those closest in his cabinet.

He lied about signing documents relative to Iran-Contra.

But what struck me most was the fact that people around him said that he used people, was not concerned with the details of anything and seemed only to really care about himself.

By the way, eatatjoes:

“my car has also had the windscreen cracked right across”

Me too. The guy who came to replace it said no way it happened naturally, just sitting in my driveway overnight. It was the night after I let out the fact I was working on a book on N’s and P’s.

Now I have a new blog started and will have an entire section dedicated to N/P/S behaviors and what I experienced. Hopefully he’s on to his next victim and no longer cares.


Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.

James 3:18

In today’s politically correct world, we often make the mistake of being peacekeepers rather than peacemakers. A peacekeeper is one who says, “Oh, I can’t ruffle feathers. I can’t step on any toes. I have got to keep everybody happy and keep the waters calm.”

If you are a peacekeeper, though, nothing will ever change. You will end up listening to worldly wisdom and wasting your life trying to maintain the status quo.

Instead, God challenges us to be peacemakers. A peacemaker is someone who is willing to speak the truth to those around them, even if it means upsetting the status quo.

To be a peacemaker, you must care deeply for those people who are in the wrong. And you must be willing to show them the truth about what they are doing. Don’t judge people. But be willing to show them the truth and then talk to them about the fact that God loves them and wants them to discover the true peace that is only available through Jesus Christ.

A Prayer for Today

Dear God, There are so many times when it is easier to keep the peace rather than make the peace. Help me during those times to have the courage to speak the truth to those around me. Help me to point them to you and to help them realize your will for their lives.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.



Thank you for the above post. I never gave any thought to the difference. I googled the difference and found new insight. There are peace keepers, peace breakers, and peace makers. I want to be a peace maker. I want truth in all aspects of my life. I appreciate the wisdom of others. Thank you.


Dear apt/mgr: When I first found out about my EX, of course I had to stand beside myself. Me, looking at me as if it were happening to someone else. Of course, your mind knows it’s you … but easier at the beginning to absorb as much knowledge as you can.

Of course, no one expects it, it just is what is.

Anyway, I logged on to different spiritual leaders and signed up to receive their updates. Some come in daily, others per week. As I read through the blog I notice others discussing topics … the updates come in that fit some of the discussions, so I share them so we can acquire additional wisdom.

Peace to every one on this journey.

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