Psychopathic parents and the disappearance of baby Gabriel Johnson

By Ox Drover

In the last few years the national media have picked up several stories of psychopaths using their children as weapons to inflict severe emotional damage to the nurturing parent. In the “Clark Rockefeller” case, the man posing as a member of the Rockefeller family kidnapped his daughter from a supervised visitation and held her hostage for several days before he was found.

Another case featured here in a Lovefraud article was about Dr. Amy Castillo’s three children being murdered by her husband to inflict punishment on her after she had warned the judge that her ex-husband had made this very threat. In spite of this, the judge let the psychopath have unsupervised visitation with these children and the he carried out the threat.

Baby Gabriel

In December of 2009, I saw on Fox News the story of baby Gabriel Johnson, reported missing by his father, Logan McQueary, after the mother, Elizabeth Johnson, had fled with the baby.

Gabriel’s mother, in typical psychopathic style, tried to inflict emotional pain on the baby’s father by threatening in phone calls to McQueary to kill the child. Later, Johnson called the baby’s father and told him that she had smothered the infant to get back at him. This call set off a search for her and/or the infant. Johnson was captured several days later, but there was no sign of the baby, Gabriel. McQueary was granted, after the fact, custody of the missing baby by the courts.

In custody, Johnson told various contradictory tales of what happened to the baby. A person she had met on Craig’s List who had been hired to watch the baby during her flight from law enforcement was contacted and interviewed and indicated the baby appeared ill and may have been drugged during the short time she babysat with him.

Finally, Johnson came up with the story that she had given the baby to a couple in a park and she did not know their names or where they were from. Subsequent evidence seems to back up this story and the child may indeed be in the illegal custody of a couple, who surely by this time, know that they have a kidnapped child, but have not come forward to return the child.

No love for children

While not every psychopathic parent of a child with a nurturing parent goes to the lengths of the above referenced psychopaths to torture the nurturing parents, it is an indication that psychopaths have no love or concern for their children. Psychopaths will use those children to emotionally torture the nurturing parent, who does care about the welfare of the children.

Many parents here on Lovefraud have indicated the emotional torture that they have experienced in concern over their children when the children are in the custody of their psychopathic co-parent. Children are frequently alienated from the nurturing parent, child support is frequently uncollectable, and at best, children are left wondering “Why doesn’t my (parent) love me? What is wrong with me that my (parent) doesn’t come see me?”

It is apparent from the number of times that judges decree that a child should be given visitation with a psychopathic parent, or given into custody of the psychopathic parent, that the family court system does not understand the danger to the children involved in the contact with these destructive people.

It will only be with education of the lawyers and judges about psychopathy that there is even a chance this current situation may change and children may be protected from the violence of emotional and physical abuse by these disordered parents. Parents, in my opinion, should have no rights, but children do and should have “rights” to be protected from abuse from any source, especially psychopathic parents.

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Hi skylar 🙂

Talk to you guys later…

The Gabriele case is a weird one…..ofcourse we are only hearing the medias version….
I’d like to know more about the father…..
The mother…..yeah, he’s dead, he’s given away, I’d rather sit in jail than give him to the father…..
OKAY… what’s the story chickie….

If he’s not dead……why would she claim that?

It is just as easy to go underground with a child, than to go through all the hooplah she has….
It’s smells fishy.

I’m out too….POOF!

The Babysitter she hired when she had Gabe in the “adoption motel” said that he was ill and the mother gave her some cough syrup to keep him sleepy.l Hiring a sitter off CRAIG’S LIST? Leaving your child with a stranger in a motel?

Telling your X (she is obviously MAD AT THE GUY) but telling him she KILLED the baby to keep it away from him. What non abusive parent would do that?

Just from what I have heard I think this mother is more BPD than PPD,(like I’d ever be able to make a true diagnosis that way) but she wants to get back at the father for some reason, and she wants it badly, but she’s cold about it—too cold Me thinks. But on the other hand it is POSSESSION of the baby, OWNERSHIP of the baby that she obviously didn’t want (dead or adopted only) opr to take care of—and yea, I am being “:judgmental” from what she is saying in the news.

I personally think she gave the kid away or sold him as a way to punish her x, just like Amy Castillo’s X killed hers to punish her and make her suffer. I think THAT is what is going on here, but I doubt she will tell the location of the child if he is alive and the “adoptive” parents sure are not going to come forward and admit to a felony and lose the kid they think is theirs.

I think the only way the child will be found if by accident of DNA at some future time. I just hope the mother is still sitting in jail 10-20-40 years from now when it does happen.

Yea, I like to think if my kid was in real danger I would grab and run to protect the child, but not sure what would happen. I really don’t know what should be done now. The woman who took her kids to Holland and was able to eventually come back after the kids hit 18 without being prosecuted worked out and I’m pretty sure she did the right thing. But What about this situation? Should she be let out of jail as long as she refuses to tell what happened to he baby? Or should she just be tried for kidnapping and/or murder.? King Solomon is the only one that can try this case me thinks.

HFJ-I think my cats tolerated the P….they would be wary of him, but also very affectionate at other times. They were always weighing up situations..smelling out the territory, swivelling their whiskers to get a better sense of things…I felt more comfortable with my cats than with him and they were very important measuring tool for me to finally decide he was rotten to the core….their energy was simple loving and innocent…his energy was intense, predatory and unnerving….He didn’t like them, they could see through him and they also had more integrity in their tail than he had in his entire being…it was like the cats would look at him and say “God look at him …He is a complete moron, what do you think?” every living thing in the room was in agreement including the potted plants!!lol


Here is the latest update in this case which was released recently.

I can’t even imagine how the father must feel in this case, as there is some evidence she tried to “adopt out” the infant, but also that she might have actually killed him, her stories change so much—typical psychopathic “lie when the truth would fit better” tactics. The “NOT KNOWING” one way or the other must be hell for the father.

Well, they finally prosecuted the woman, but WHERE is the baby? Alive or dead? Why only 5 years? UGH!!!!!

‘I would convict myself:’ Mother begs judge for MORE prison time as she is jailed for five years over baby Gabriel’s disappearance… but STILL won’t say where her son is

* Elizabeth Johnson, 26, sentenced to five years and three months in prison after begging judge for maximum sentence of nine years and six months
* Said she gave baby Gabriel to couple in a Texas park
* Prosecutors say she fled with the baby to Texas to get revenge against baby’s father, who had ended the relationship
* Baby’s whereabouts still unknown despite exhaustive search for body
* Johnson sobbed and said she was sorry during sentencing

By Associated Press Reporter

PUBLISHED: 00:00 EST, 7 December 2012 | UPDATED: 08:25 EST, 8 December 2012

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