Red Flags of Love Fraud: The best book for spotting the socially sick

Donna Andersen determined through surveys and her knowledge of people that the term “sociopath” should be revived and used to describe those who (irrespective of their official psychiatric diagnosis) have adopted a predatory or parasitic lifestyle. In taking this bold step, Donna has filled the void created by my colleagues in Academics and the American Psychiatric Association who can’t seem to agree on how to name and define this group. These are people who are called by many names in popular psychology books including: psychopath, narcissist, antisocial, and borderline. The word sociopath tells us what many with these diagnoses are socially sick.

The person on the street need not care about diagnoses, the person on the street needs to know how to spot and avoid the socially sick. Red Flags of Love Fraud is the best book yet about how to do just that. It shows us how to identify and avoid predators and parasites.

The word “sociopath” also does a service to the mentally ill; to use it is to understand that not all people who suffer with psychiatric disorders are dangerous. A sociopath is by definition dangerous because that individual has a mental illness AND has made a choice to victimize others. Though initially a choice, victimizing behavior becomes an addiction the disordered person will not overcome.

I know Donna to be a first class journalist who bases her writing on solid research. Red Flags of Love Fraud is no exception. The information in the book is based on scientific surveys and her experience with thousands of victims.

In addition to being an outstanding writer, Donna has dedicated her life to preventing suffering by giving people the tools they need to protect themselves. Red Flags of Love Fraud is well written, organized and understandable. Together, the book and accompanying workbook provide a complete look at how to avoid entanglement with a sociopath.

This set of books makes a great graduation or birthday gift for a young person. Buy them as a present for yourself if you are single and dating. You need to know this information to avoid a situation where the person of your dreams becomes your worst nightmare.

For more information, visit the Lovefraud.store.

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