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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 12: BPOSITIVE

Gone are the times when apples and blackberries were simply fruits and hard drive was a difficult journey. Times are changing friends…There is something about bananas though that has always caught my attention. They always seem to smile at me. Does this ever happen to you? If not, I will tell you a secret – every time you buy a banana or just before savouring one, pause for a moment and hold it sideways. Without any exaggeration, it flashes cartoon eyes, smiles wide and winks at you. If you want to check it for yourself, please try it out and share your comments here. Be positive!

Do you know how far can you go simply by being positive? When it comes to lovefraud recovery or any other trauma recovery, my research shows that you can go as far as your imagination takes you. You can fly high and soar the skies again, only when you come to understand that you possess the secret weapon to unlock the positivity in you and fill yourself up with emotions that will serve you instead of hurting you. When you learn to empty the little cup of acid accumulated in your brain by continuously pouring clear alkalizing substances like positive thoughts and feelings, it will no longer have any space to hold residues left over from all that gas lighting, pity playing or any other manipulative tactics.

This brief session will help you understand the natural forces dominating our thinking process and enable you to pull out all those weeds from your gardens that are strangling your beautiful flowers. You deserve to have gorgeous flower gardens but first you have to start pulling weeds out and I hope this practice will help you on that journey.

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Ruzanna – what a wonderful meditation! Thank you.


yes, be positive.

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