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‘Soaked in Bleach:’ Movie about Kurt Cobain’s death alleges his wife, Courtney Love, was involved

Soaked in Bleach from Montani Productions on Vimeo.

Editor’s note: The following story was submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

By Sellena

I highly recommend you all check out a brand-new movie, Soaked in Bleach. It is a documentary about Kurt Cobain’s death in early April, 1994.

This movie presents compelling evidence that Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide, but was murdered.

Tom Grant, the P.I. who investigated Kurt Cobain’s death, and who is interviewed a lot in this movie, thinks Courtney Love had something to do with Cobain’s death, if she didn’t murder him herself.

Grant first got involved in this case when he was initially hired by Kurt Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, days before Cobain’s death; first because she said someone had been using his credit card and she wanted to know who it was, then because she said Cobain was missing, and she wanted to know his whereabouts. The longer he worked for her, the more he suspected foul play. For this reason, he secretly taped all his conversations with Courtney Love and other people in this case, which are played in this movie.

Investigating the death

As he investigated this case, Grant learned that basically, just before Kurt Cobain died, he and Courtney Love hadn’t been getting along. Kurt wanted out of their marriage; so much that he was already having his will re-written so that it excluded Courtney. Courtney didn’t want a divorce. According to their prenuptial agreement, if they divorced, Courtney would get maybe up to a small fraction of his money (Courtney had asked their attorney, Rosemary Carroll, if they could get this prenup revoked). If he died, on the other hand, she would inherit his entire estate.

This investigation, which Soaked in Bleach first covers and includes reenactments of Grant’s taped conversations, is very complicated and would take me forever to describe, but you can read all about it at the following sites:



Interviews in the documentary

After the investigation, Soaked in Bleach covers a lot of interviews with forensic and drug experts. One of the biggest points they get across is that prior to his death, Kurt Cobain had injected an amount of heroin that was so massive that it would have been unlikely if not impossible for him to shoot himself afterwards, as he was already be too incapacitated.

There are also interviews with handwriting experts, since Kurt Cobain had written a “suicide note” before he died. Close examination of this note in the movie reveals that it was not really a suicide note at all, but Kurt Cobain’s explanation of why he was planning to leave his band Nirvana. The handwriting at the bottom of this note also looks different than it does in the rest of the note. As Rosemary Carroll told Tom Grant, it is possible that this note had been forged by Courtney Love; especially since Carroll had found a piece of paper in Courtney Love’s backpack that looked like Love was trying to copy Cobain’s handwriting. This piece of paper was called Love’s “practice sheet.”

Soaked in Bleach also covers the way the Seattle Police Department handled – or mishandled – Kurt Cobain’s death, and Tom Grant’s frustrating experiences with them because they refused to rule Cobain’s death anything other than a suicide. Other detectives in the movie also criticize the way the SPD dealt with Cobain’s death; showing that Tom Grant was not the only one who had reservations about their work.

Trashing the movie

It is worth noting that about a week or two Soaked in Bleach was officially released on June 11, the movie’s IMDB page was flooded with one-star ratings (the highest you can rate a movie in IMDB is 10). Yet if you look at the written reviews, most of them are positive. Several reviewers believe this indicates “tampering.” Some people also believe – and this is certainly possible – that the ones who rated the movie one star were paid to do so.

Courtney Love also had her legal team send cease-and-desist letters to theatres where Soaked in Bleach was playing demanding that they stop showing this movie. So far, only one theatre has done so.

Soaked in Bleach is not the first movie to raise questions about the possibility of Kurt Cobain’s death being a murder. In the movie Kurt and Courtney, which came out in late 1997, Tom Grant was also interviewed. Nick Broomfield, who made and starred in this documentary, ran out of funding for this film near the end of the movie; due to MTV, at Courtney Loves’ lawyers’ behest, pressuring his financial backers to abandon his movie.

P.I. says Love is a psychopath

Tom Grant also considers Courtney Love a psychopath. He explains why in page 4 of his Kurt Cobain murder investigation case study manual, which is a downloadable PDF:

Courtney Love On The Inside

Courtney’s personality has been described by reporters and writers as flamboyant, frivolous, and provocative. But Courtney uses her baby doll appearance, her rambling oratories and her sometimes outrageous behavior to cover a host of psychological problems. As an investigator looking for answers to a mysterious death, I viewed Courtney from an entirely different perspective than most.

I found Courtney to be extremely intelligent. She’s also a psychopath, a pathological liar and an opportunist who will use anyone and any situation to self-promote her ambitious goals of fame and fortune.

No, I’m not a psychologist. Courtney’s unbalanced mental condition is obvious. I don’t believe it takes someone with a degree in psychology to identify the problem. The media may see Courtney as a person who is “fascinating.” I see Courtney as a person who is dangerous.

Courtney’s specialty is an uncanny ability to manipulate others to suit her purposes and to serve her needs. She changes her personality like a chameleon. She’s adept at becoming the victim when she’s criticized. She frequently puts on her baby doll act of sweetness and vulnerability while readily admitting, “I never claimed to be an angel.”

Courtney can cry on a whim. She uses this “skill” to gain sympathy. She openly admits to being a liar and an opportunist. She wears these titles as badges of honor, often using her habitual lying as an alibi. This, most often, confuses the observer. In doing so, she’s allowed to get away with her schemes. Her antics are usually excused with a shrug, “Well, that’s just Courtney!”

Tom Grant is not the only one who thinks Love is a psychopath. Many other people do too, and have confirmed this. In her book Girl In A Band, Kim Gordon of the band Sonic Youth wrote that she “was the kind of person who spent a lot of time growing up staring in the mirror practicing their look for the camera…If Courtney wanted something from you, she would use 100 percent of her charm and persuasion to get it.” She also wondered if Courtney is “mentally ill.”

Threats and assault

Love doesn’t just lie and manipulate; she has also physically assaulted people and animals, and left threatening messages on people’s answering machines and voicemails. Some examples, which are just a few of many:

– At the 1995 Lollapalooza tour, Courtney Love punched Bikini Kill lead singer Kathleen Hanna in the face for no reason. Hanna and other the Bikini Kill musicians said she had never even met Courtney Love, that Hanna was just standing there, watching another band play, when Love belted her.  Hanna filed an assault charge with the police, Love was eventually charged with fourth-degree assault, and got a one-year suspended sentence.

– Lynn Hirschberg, who interviewed Courtney Love and wrote an article about her in Vanity Fair in 1992, said the Love used heroin while she was pregnant. Love left a message on Hirschberg’s answering machine cursing her out, and, three years later at a party, grabbed Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar statue and threatened to pound Hirschberg with it.

– Courtney Love’s own daughter, Frances Bean, got a restraining order against her mother in 2012 after accusing her of killing family pets. Her dog accidentally swallowed pills, which killed him, and her cat got strangled after getting entangled in a pile of Etsy fabrics. The judge also ordered Love to stay away from Frances’ dog Uncle Fester.

As I have said, these are just some of many examples of Courtney Love’s deranged, criminally insane behavior. If you google her, you can find a lot more.

Love fraud

I don’t know how Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love met, but it seems to me that she lovefrauded him in some way.  Though drugs definitely played a part in their bonding together, his star was also rising, and she obviously saw this as a perfect opportunity to sink her claws into.

You can buy or rent Soaked in Bleach at:

You can order DVDs of this movie at Amazon.

You can also read about this case at:

Especially check out the Kurt Cobain murder investigation case study manual at, which is a PDF.


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Sellena – this is really interesting, and the movie trailer is scary. Thanks for bringing this up.

Picking up the pieces...

I still remember it as yesterday, and I was never even a fan of Cobain or Nirvana.
Something just struck my heart as being: too much expected, sad, strange (even though he used drugs) and too perfect…
After my own experiences with my psychopath wife, and after seeing a documentary on Cobain, where Courtney Love´s own father told straight to the camera that she is insane, and that he doesn´t want to have anything to do with her,; I understood that she has to be a psychopath, and that he would not have died without her sinister aid at least… I really hope that justice will catch up with her (and probably with Yoko Ono too…) sooner or later!


Sellena, YES, I think you are right about her. I have always wondered how she has friends because of her horrible chaotic behavior…but now I can see her using pity play & other manipulative techniques to prevent people from leaving her & using them for all that she can gain.

At the time Curt died I really did not listen to his music nor did my local radio play much of his music but I did watch the national news when she read his last note at a radio program or maybe it was at his candle light visual that thousands held for him in his city.

What stood out about her reading his last note was WHY would you ever read such a note after your husband literally just killed himself…it seemed so far off and not normal behavior. And during the reading of his note she was calling him such names as “asshole” and other belittling words that it made me wonder how she treated him when he was alive. The whole reading was just so uncomfortable to listen too. Now I get it yes she is a sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder and yes it makes sense that she would want to read the note to everyone because she changed the note (added the last words) a sociopath would do this…he/she would want everyone to see the note to make sure they were thrown off track & also they would be bragging without anyone knowing they were bragging.

In the book Freedom of mind by Steven Hassan he mentioned something to the affect that if someone kills themselves that most likely they were being mentally controlled. I believe that if Curt was not killed by her physically she killed his spirit emotional & mentally with all her sociopath chaos & drama & gas lighting abuse pushing him over his edge which lead to more drug use to calm his nerves & anxiety.

Glad that his daughter has seen the light and made the necessary steps to get this sociopath out of her life for good with a restraining order. No contact is the only way to go even if it’s your own parent that is the sociopath.

Thanks for posting this info.

if you google “Courtney love reads Curt Cobain Suicide note” you can listen to her ranting while reading the note.


I read all of this. Yes. It may sound silly. But, I pegged Courtney Love as a wanna be years ago during my Hollywood years. I was NOT enamored of Hollyweirds but I did hang out with a couple of friends from work who were part of that crowd… although I will say, even though my friends were kids of ultra rich, they were solid good hearted women, not bizarre at all. It’s just that for them, the Hollyweird were normal but for me, I saw stuff that bugged my eyes out.

I didn’t just read these articles. I read from Courtney Love’s father who said she was like him, a psychopath. And from her mom, who’s family genealogy is also disordered.

The message I read from this subject is that Courtney Love hired a Private Investigator to be her dupe. But he didn’t submit. It’s clear that the death of a heroin addict, even if it was Kurt Cobain, wasn’t properly investigated. It makes no sense that a guy who’s addicted to heroin, (pleasure), would commit suicide with a shotgun (pain), the same gun they admit MISFIRED, so he had to shoot it again? And that the gun was just laying on his chest? Anyone else with experience shooting a shotgun believe that?

Yes, I am persuaded by the that Cobain’s death was suspicious. And the recorded public words of Courtney and her parents are persuasive enough to convince me that Courtney is probably genetically a psychopath (her father wrote about his daughter Courtney, “she’s a psychopath like me”; her mom has a genealogy history of sociopaths as well.).


How does one shoot oneself with a shotgun? I am aware of a musician who committed suicide with a rifle or shot gun by putting it in a vice in his shop, about 25 years ago.

I am very well acquainted with the Cobain case and have read everything written on Kurt’s death, much of which is downright vicious. Courtney was involved with many of the negative books about him and projects his “widow’s” evil qualities onto him even 21 years after his death. According to the many friends he had, Kurt was sweet, gentle, caring, and a very loving, good father to his little girl. He was also fighting very hard (and winning) his battle with addiction. I am thrilled to see this site commenting on this case. It will greatly help all those others who are involved with, or who may even be meeting one of these psychic vampires in the future. It may help many avoid a fate similar to Kurt’s. I suggest that anyone interested watch the film “Soaked In Bleach.” You don’t need to have been a Kurt Cobain/Nirvana fan to watch it. It’s actually more a investigative education primer as well as a chance to see a well-known psychopath in action. Just a suggestion. There are other very good books out there about sociopathy, including A Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, and Lovefraud are by far the two best books I have read on the subject. Read both of them and you will ramp up your sociopath immunization by 180 degrees.


Remember when she was at a Hollywerid “Roast” and she entered with her HAND gesture and saying loudly “SATAN”!!

NUFF SAID …and THEN SHE TOTALLY SCREWD UP MADONNA interview from Rolling Stone guy and I remembered a male friend told me a Bitch always runs in to a bigger Bitch ..WOW two hounds of hell there

Yea, I always thought of Madonna as the biggest slut in the world, but Courtney makes even Madonna look good. I hadn’t seen that clip of Courtney at that roast you mention, but I can’t say that what she did surprised me. I’ve always considered her to be more a demon than a woman. Poor Kurt. He deserved so much better.

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