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Sociopathic husband isolates her in the wilderness and lives with two wives at once

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Esther.” Names have been changed.

Thirteen years ago I met Frank on After just a few dates he said we were soul mates.

He moved in quickly and insisted that I move away from my identical twin and he rented an apartment for us to share.

I never saw my twin again. He purposely kept me from her, my family and moved me to a secluded home up in a one road only access to a national forest.

I lived with no running water. No Internet. No long distance phone. No cable. To heat my home I had to chop wood or save money to buy trees that were wet and had to wait for them to dry out before I could burn them. I had propane but he was angered if I used it.

He at times would threaten me with violence, lack of food.

He would take away my vehicles or make me drive in another vehicle into the forest and then stop and force me to get out in the deep snow and leave my car in a deep embankment for punishment as I was to learn a lesson for skidding the car in the road in the first place. It was too far for me to walk from the home and he would not come back for a week to take me to get the car free from the embankment.

Weeks later I accidentally found out that he was also living in another home over one hour away with a Chinese woman. He had been living with both of us for over two and a half years.

I should have known when he started doing new movements to me in the bedroom. I asked him where he learned what he was trying on me?

He made up lies. He also yelled at me more. Gave me a huge black eye and bruises my chiropractor questioned.

A worker of my spouse accidentally told me that one of the homes that I thought Frank was living in part time to be convenient to clients was rented out.

I called Frank he said he bought a new home in and was living with another woman.

The previous week Frank had made love to me in our bed and later that night I woke from a dream. I poked Frank and said, “I just had a dream you were cheating on me with an Asian woman.”

He turned over with no expression and told me to go back to sleep.

My dream was true.

Sadly as I write this I have already had my son fly from Florida to help me escape. I was issued a choice from the police either a battered women’s shelter or flee to Florida. I went to Florida as Frank held a shotgun to my head as well as made threats to bury me with my dog.

I am sad that the Asian woman still does not know that we shared an evil man. I was told to not jam that relationship up.

I filed a police report and begged the police to please go help her. If she ends up dead it is not on my hands.

I just found out that the woman is married to Frank and we are both his wives! Bigamy is a class 6 felony.

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Hi Esther, my gosh you have been to hell & back. SO thankful you have freed yourself from this evil man & with the help of your son moved to a new state. Best thing to do is to leave their area/state when dealing with a sociopath, I did the same I drove 3000 miles away the day I left my ex h. Sociopaths love to isolate their victims for total control over them. They end up training us to please them & ignore our needs. My ex did the same, not to the extent of what you endured.

What happens now with the police report you filed?

Thank you for sharing your story. Sending Hugs to you 🙂

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