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The psychopathic world of David Mamet’s plays

Hilton Als writes this in a recent New Yorker magazine:

Among the many terrible realities to which David Mamet exposes us in his exceptional, calculated work, one theme stands out: suckers will never get a break in this wretched world. In the sixty-year-old playwright’s fictional universe, the humane are too soft and dim-witted to survive; their tormentors chew them up with dry relish. Mamet treats the stage as a kind of bloody forum; the gladiators one finds there are skinny con artists, callow film producers, real-estate agents in cheap suits, and ghastly lovers who spar, using the author’s hyper-stylized language as both spear and shield. Even to refer to some of Mamet’s characters as “lovers” feels wrong—like calling a thief a victim. Mamet’s protagonists do not love; they size each other up and assess what they can extract from each other—and the answer is usually money. If they show any physical tenderness at all, it’s brief; they kiss, then withdraw, constantly reminding themselves of the primary rule of survival: Get or be gotten.

Does this not capture the psychopathic world?

Glengarry Glen Ross, for example is a brilliant, excruciating example which has been made into a movie. Business people speak of making ‘a killing’ – Mamet shows the truth behind this choice of words.

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Great, apt quote, Dr. Steve…it certainly is a great description of an exploitative culture.

Ox Drover

Art imitates life.


Literally Sleeping With Mr. Wrong

There he was stunning and charming as ever. He swept me off my feet upon our first meeting. It was on the line of a New York City cruise where we first laid eyes on each other. He had all white on and was very neat. He had a bald head and a goatee. He smiled a lot and had very intelligent conversations. He told me that he had written a book and that he was in law enforcement. He had been working for Sing Sing Prison as a Corrections Officer (at least that is what he said). He also told me that he had three beautiful daughters.

We started dating slowly but continuously. First there were flowers, cards and then the chocolates. We dined at very nice restaurants in Brooklyn (where he was from). This man knew how to treat a woman. I felt special because I was treated like a queen from a handsome, smart and professional man.

We started to get in a serious relationship. He asked for my hand in marriage. I was so happy that with all the bad happening in my life that I had someone good who was by my side. We got pregnant and we were excited. We decided to combine our lives and children and get a new home to support our upcoming union.

Well we found a beautiful condominium that was perfect for us. Mr. Wrong asked my mom for my hand in marriage and my mom happily told him yes.

We moved in together and things were fine for the first four months. He went to all prenatal visits with me and still paid a lot of attention to me. It was great, so I thought.

Tragedy struck

I had four children of my own. Life was routine up until one day I had a family tragedy. One of my children did the unthinkable, took the life of their partner. The charge was manslaughter. I felt like my life was in a world wind. I was about to lose my child to the system and I lost their partner to death. Could life have gotten any worse? Well that wonderful man who was in law enforcement came to my rescue. He came with me to court, jail to visit my child and even helped in choosing a lawyer for my case. He was my media spokesperson. I was indebted to this person. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I was now vulnerable.

I was in the media a lot because of my child and circumstances surrounding the case. I started getting threatening phone calls from people I didn’t know. How did they get my number? To make a long story short I received a phone call from someone I didn’t know. They were asking me to come to a hotel room; they claimed to be an attorney and said they could help my child. I immediately told Mr. Wrong what happened and he asked me to find out the information of the hotel room and such from the caller. I gave it to him. Well, Mr. Wrong claims he went there in stead of me and he told a chilling story to me that included kidnapping and murder. He claims that in order to protect me and him he would not give me specifics on who these people were or where the bodies were to be hidden. I wanted to go to law enforcement but with what evidence. Was this even true? They would laugh me right out of the police station.

Blessing & Curse

As you would expect the fun didn’t last long. I had spent all my savings on our condo. I was pregnant and I found out that Mr. Wrong had two more children whom he didn’t have anything to do with, four girlfriends and a mentally ill mother in which he collected her social security benefits for himself. He fathered 5 children 3 of which were 2 years old. When I asked him why he didn’t tell me about them he said because it was before me and none of my business. I soon found out that he had four residences prior to living with me in one year.

I was 7 months pregnant and Mr. Wrong left me. No explanations just left. My son is 2 months now and I have not seen Mr. Wrong. I went to court to seek child support and was told that if I can not get him served (process service) that they would have to dismiss my case. I eventually found out that Mr. Wrong left and ended up living with a woman (supposed wife of 15 years) and took his two daughters who he told me about in the beginning there to live with him. These were not her children and to top it off she introduced herself to his daughters as there step mom of 15 years. His daughters knew me because they lived with us in the condo for 6 months. To get them to dislike me, he told them that I killed there hamster and stole money out of their room. Now technically he has 6 children by 5 different women but only cares for 2. Not surprisingly he receives social security benefits for those two daughters. They are an additional source of income for him.

My blessing was giving birth to a 7lb 9oz beautiful baby boy and the curse was having a sociopath as a father.

Please visit me at my personal website:


Dr. Steve….
This is a video of a dance that I think was created about a malignant narcissist that I know. (Just my guess) Anyway, it certainly captures the pain of interacting with one!!! It is the video on the right called Emotion Tabled.


Speaking about a psychopathic WORLD: Did anyone catch Larry King Lives show tonight? BEN STEIN … what did he loose his mind? Or, did he ever have a mind? … he and Dodd insisting that we hand money over to the car industry! What are these people INSANE? At least Jon Stossle made sense … telling Stein that the creative folks will turn the car industry around. Now we got Lutz doing his spin master routine. Why don’t these greedy folks say … hey, you need to bail us out cause we don’t want our buddies in the insurance industry to stop getting all their greedy perks. Give me a break here … change gears guys! Do something for us … the tax payers of the world … you talk about oil shortages … yet, you still want to build cars for what? So the American public can’t buy gasoline to put in them? SHIFT gears guys and put people back to work by building MASS TRANSIT. Now let’s see if any of them can spell MASS TRANSIT. That is M-A-S-S T-R-A-N-S-I-T!!! Then we can relax, take Mass Transit around our country … we want to drive anywhere when we get to our destination, rent a verhicle. No big deal.

Something STINKS BIG Times with these guys and hurry hurry hurry bail us out. What? Is their some sale going on for one of Dubai’s Islands that they need to get their greedy hands on?

Here’s a BIG cream pie right in their mugs.


Now let’s think this out about MASS TRANSIT. Mmmmmmy … you put the construction industry to work because they build the foundations for the mass transportation to float over … yes, we want them up in the air … don’t want to be hitting any wild animals on the ground …

Who else gets back to work … the electricians and the engineers and the blue collar workers … building mass transportation. Then their are all the cities and towns that can build central railway locations … and we put the restaurant industry back to work, waiters, waitresses … and all the people involved in travel … back to work.

My o my, I see a lot more people being put to work in MASS TRANSIT.

My o my, what I see is the Insurance monopoly angry that the American People don’t have to pay outrageous insurance prices anymore. I’m shaking my head … boo hoo, so sad for you.

Oh, yeah, we have factory workers back to work … building the parts for MASS TRANSPORTATION … and I see all the other business springing up around our country … being in close proximity to the central stations in the cities/towns USA. Then there are the brand new drivers USA … that will pick passengers up and bring them to local hotels/motels/Inns … more people, back to work.

I can go on and on and on about how many of the American People would be gainfully employed due to MASS TRANSPORTATION BEING BUILT IN OUR COUNTRY…. during the building and after they are built!



I’ve heard quit enough tonight … Now they are talking about putting a CAR CZAR (not the King reference to the title … rule # 1, Big Egos need BIG Titles) to oversee how the greedy get their money.

Give me a break … they’ve been playing the gloom doom days for years bilking up the gas and oil prices so that we spend weekly salaries on just getting to and from work … now we have the opportunity to put our money to good use and build mass transportation and the only thing these big egos come up is a fancy title for who can get “1 JOB”:, to hand all the big egos OUR money.

Good nite. We have live in all the American HOMES to witness all the Big EGOS in full BLOOM.


Honestly folks these people are THIEVES.


The bail out makes me sick too… So tired of the prevailing greed…


Stormee: All these weeks they’re screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling … ” … and not only do they show everyone in the US and the WORLD how arrogant they are by flying in on separate jets … they had multiple jets, not one jet, but multiple … with their greedy hands out … then they urgently telling DC to hand over the money to them … then they give these flimsy, probably 30 year old plans that they pulled out of the archives as an explanation for their greed … they come to a solution to put ONE PERSON TO WORK … aka calling that ONE person the Title of a “CAR CZAR” a title of arrogance!!!.

NO plan whatsoever how to save anyone else’s jobs … just make up one position … the CAR CZAR can handle the money to go from the CAR CZAR’s hands to ours.

HELLO … is anyone home in those brains????

We have an oil shortage … and they are still talking about making more cars … to put what in the cars? If there is such an crisis with the oil … why aren’t these people shifting gears how people can travel in this world???

Is it me … or are these people definitely over the edge … their big egos must have lopsided their heads in that tilt position… now I know what CNL was referring to years ago with the CONE HEADS!


But Wini
Their mutimillion dollar salaries and pensions are at stake that can not possibly be allowed to happen ! Period these MEN need that money to put food on the table and cloth their children annd send them to private schools and colleges and pay for the neccieties in life like Dental teeth whitning and computer games and new lexusises and those things they are acustom tooooooooo! :)~


Indi: I know … the money they make in a month can let them live in retirement.

I can’t help but shake my head West to East …

I hope Obama takes his wife and child on that much needed vacation and get away from all these greedy WOLFES … in sheeps clothing …

That should send them all a message … the newly elect Prez and first family aren’t listening to you folks …

Ttthat’s ALL folks.


I meant to say children.


Indi: Those on the Hill should video each and every one of those CEOs and say, quick, quick, quick … tells us a creative thought! Just ONE creative anything coming out of your mind. Hey, we can play fair … put a few on a team and come up with a constructive, creative idea.

I’m fair minded. You can even contact that flunky you stuck in the mail room years ago … I’m sure he’s the creative one.


Actually there are all sort of various “cars” in development. Everything from hybrids to electric, biodfuels, natural gas, etc. I for one support the bail out as long as there are some hefty restrictions on it because if the car companies go under the effects are wide spread. I agree the greed has to go and many many changes need to be made. But putting millions of people out on the streets unemployed, sinking us from a recession to a depression, all because of a select few at the top is cutting our nose off to spite our face.


BloggerT7165: Please … save the tears. These people DIDN’T CARE TO CHANGE OVER TO GAS EFFICIENT CARS. Period. Now they are crying the blues … hey we saw OJ crying the blues too tonight. They all sing the same blues songs over and over and over again.

I’m sure over their Lobster Dinner with cavier … and champagne cocktails … they’ll trying to shove a 40 year old document pulled from the archives on us.

Those employees can work for the companies that have been deligently working on efficient economy cars … don’t let these BIG EGOS fool you too.

They all are giving everyone the OJ routine … LIP SERVICE.

If they were so concerned about the economy and efficiency vehicles, why didn’t they change gears years ago? BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T CARE. That’s why.


Wini You have male


Those employees can work for the companies that have been deligently working on efficient economy cars ” don’t let these BIG EGOS fool you too.

Such as? And I have no tears for the select few at the top. And the reason why companies, ALL the major car companies did not change years ago is much more complex than just they did not care. Sorry Wini but the companies making cars, and more importantly, the companies that make parts/services for the auto companies can’t just suddenly go to work at a different place because there is no different place.


Why Do you always play Devils advocate?


Wini Did’nt like her MALE:)~


She’s one of them ther Femininininst that Stan likes so much ! :)~


BloggerT7165: Are you kidding me. They just had a special about the efficiency car they are making in Sun Valley, CA.

Oh, so because it’s not the big muckity mucks … in co-hoots with the insurance companies … I can’t stop shaking my head. OK Blogger … give them the money and we can sit back and watch them piss it up a rope.

Everything they’ve shown us … the urgency routine (quick, quick, hurry, hurry … the look how many people are loosing their jobs …yeah, how many CEOs got laid off?) the arrogance, the no concrete plans … tells us they have BIG EGOS … NO SUBSTANCE .. and they are ALL TALK … no ACTION.



Indi: R U still in the house?


Again Wini I am not talking about the CEO’s and select few. But you also did not answer my question as to where all the workers could go work? I am all for placing severe restrictions on the money used and make sure it is payed back but I am not about to punish all the low level workers connected to the auto industry because of the incompetence of the few at the top, not to mention punish everyone else in the country when it sinks us into a depression that we are already close to.

And Indie I play devils advocate because intelligent discussion comes from the give and take of two points being discussed and the truth is what we all should be after. When it comes to this issue there are no easy answers. If we simply hand them money it will probably be a disaster. If we let them go under it will be a disaster.


You Know BloggerT … this urgency routine, I’ve heard before … what those Big Ego CEOs are doing is the same routine my EX did to me … hurry, hurry, quick, can’t wait … have to have that money to pay my EX for back child support. So like an IDIOT, yes, IDIOT … bleeding heart idiot … I wired him the money … thinking his EX wife and youngest child wouldn’t go without.

Do you know what I found in paperwork years later … TRUTH versus all his lip service lies he told me for 8 years, 8 years.

I don’t want to go in detail what he did with the money … but it didn’t go for what he pretended in urgency that he needed it for … it went to him, him, him and his other, yes, other fiance.

And I’m out $250,00.00 dollars of what I worked and saved for … for 30 years of working.

So, go give those PSYCHOS the bailout money … and we can all sing the blues TOGETHER … in harmony.

All right. If I’m wrong in my assessment of this urgency bailout … then I didn’t live it in my own life!

Peace … I’m doing my breathing now … this is so beyond unbelievable … it’s so laughable and these guys can’t wait to spend, spend, spend that money on themselves. Efficiency vehicles my foot. They’ve been holding the American Public hostage for years … and no one sees it.


BloggerT: Bring Sun Valley creative folks back into the plants to make their efficiency vehicles on the production lines they have in place. Boot those Big Egos to the curb … let’s call it a day.

Those guys that are making efficiency vehicles in California … jumped ship from those Big Egos years ago and started their own plants. They worked for the Big Egos and saw the writing on the wall.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist on that question … it was easy.


Actually Wini all the CEO’s have agreed already to salaries of $1 dollar a year and Ford Motor said they can make do for a few months on their own before needing help. The urgency is real because if they shut down plants and lay off folks it ripples into all the people the work in other plants providing services to them.

And Wini I am sorry it happened to you but it does not follow that every exerience will be the same as yours, done for the same reason as yours, or even involve similar intent as yours was.

Again it is not giving them the money freely, it is giving them the money with restrictions on it. And they may have held us hostage by we also held ourselves hostage by continually buying gas guzzling vehicles and making them popular sales even.


Yes Sun Valley did a good job. And how many Americans are buying there cars? It is not just the cars that need to change but the entire infrastructure that needs changing. How many electric plug ins are at your work or house for electric vehicles? How many natural gas pumps? How many biofuel stations? How many mechanics and garages are set up and trained for these vehicles? How many plants are running to supply the parts? It sounds easy to say just change. I agree with you that we need to change all of it and should do so quickly and that should be part of the bail out package. But it is not that simple.


BloggerT: Again, give me some room to breath … aka A BREAK!

A dollar a year salary … means, I offer my service for a buck … in the meantime the ink isn’t even dried on the document … oh, by the way, I’m retiring …see ya … give me my multi dollar retirement package. DITTO, DITTO, DITTO …all the way down the line.

Yeah, right … it feels like the same con pulled on me … all the chaos going on in the background in my life … then the sky is falling, the sky is falling routine …

Hey, I live in a state with nothing but BIG EGOs … knowing that they only care about what benny packages they can put together, meanwhile, they are loosing million/year … people are laid off left and right and these Big EGOs are still padding their retirement packages … that’s all they cared about … and the people who were left towards the last lay off … had to say yes sir, with smiles on their faces … as 100s of their employees that worked with them were let go … until the very end. The company folded and all these CEOS retired in style.

I don’t know what I’m talking about … go see how many insurance companies paid those people for ANYTHING down in New Orleans. I don’t know what I’m talking about. This is highway robbery and everyone knows it. Now we have a chance to turn our country around … changes in Washington … well change it.

P L E A S E.


Hey BloggerT: I said the hell with putting the money into efficiency cars … put the money into MASS TRANSPORTATION … and let’s call it a day.

You’re the one that wanted to talk about the poor poor poor CEOs in this country.

Give me a break, will ya.


You want the TRUTH BloggerT: What part of these people are big time con artists do you or the American Public not understand?

From the Banking … to the Car manufacturers … to the Insurance companies … to … do you want me to list more … that it is for them, them, them and nothing for us, us, us.

Who was it that said … ONLY THE LITTLE PEOPLE PAY TAXES!



No Wini I did not want to talk abut the CEO’s, I just agree that there needs to be a bailout plan I did not agree that we should bailout the CEO’s pay however.


And Wini I am very sorry that you had to experience what you did. I am guessing that when things like this come up it is a sensitive issue for you and provokes a strong reaction and feelings in you still. I understand how awful some of these people can be. I had one go after me and I had to file a complaint against that person with State and Federal agencies to make what they were doing stop (they fired the person and I let them dimiss the case with predjudice). I have done labor contracts, mediations, arbitrations etc and yes I am very well aware of the horrendous greed that some of these CEO’s display as well as many other labor issues that many people never even consider.


BloggerT: I mentioned my personal situation because it was done EXACTLY the same way these CEOs are begging for money … WAIT until everything is as chaotic as possible, hurry, hurry, you don’t have time to do due diligence … then hit for the money NOW so they can get the money and run … hey, their are so many other crisis going on … no one will pay attention to us!

Give me a break with this nonsense. They are trying to tell everyone, that this crisis just hit the fan? Less than 2 months before the Pesident elect takes office and the current President leaves office? I don’t buy anything they are saying, NOT FOR ONE MINUTE and I’m living proof what they will do to anyone!

They had to know a long time ago, this was coming down. What? Last few weeks they woke up to this problem? That is how arrogant these CEOs are. Going for that last hurrah … before they retire. Hey, they only care what goes into their retirement packages. Period. They could care less about the employees, the employees families … because if they did … they would have asked for help years ago … but, none of them did.

I saw the same thing happen over and over and over again in our state. If the company is going down, none of those managers are laid off … just the underlings … and the CEOs retire with an even better retirement package than they originally planned for.

Where was their backup plans … for upcoming years? There is NONE.

Where are their designs for economic vehicles? There is NONE.

Am I the only one that remembers what Iaccoca said years ago when he took over … The HEAD doesn’t know when the TAIL wags.

Hey, lay off one manager, and you save 5 employees on the assembly line. I didn’t see them do this either.




Yes Wini you keep focusing on the CEO’s and I keep trying to let you know I am not talking about them. As U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo said in a recent article “Doing nothing will bring about a cataclysm.” And he is right. I am not in the least happy that we have to bail out these companies. But with millions of jobs related to the auto industry the sad fact is that if they go down they pull us with them. Here is a decent article I found on this that talks about this

And yes I am also tired of getting stepped on too.


And Wini I think that story makes a great point. It is not just the CEO’s that are the problem. There are many people out there that over spent and went beyond their means and are now being bailed out. Every day common people.

I am hoping this is just going to be a painful, and much needed, correction to the absurd way that some have become in our culture with living beyond their means, instant gratification, and materialism. My fear is that this could end up being a full blown Depression and if that is the case the pain has just started for all of us. What I do know is that many changes need to take place and none of them can be done quickly or fast. So I am hoping the bailout will keep us all afloat long enough for changes to happen.


BloggerT: I’m not concentrating on the CEOs. Only the CEOs are concentrating on the CEOs.

All of what they are asking is ridiculous in the first place.

One, we are suppose to be conserving energy. Right? Or am I watching TV on another planet?

So, why are we concerned with making more vehicles to pollute the earth and use gasoline that we supposedly DON’T HAVE. Then we are suppose to be creative and car pool, van pool, take the bus, bike to work, walk to work … do this, do that. To me, mass transportation … we all do what New Yorkers have done for generations …any time they need to drive a car … they rent it for the week, for vacation … etc. Look at all the money they save each year?

They hiked up the gas prices to the highest prices in record this year … or did anyone NOT pay attention that their paychecks stayed the same while prices all across the board went up! Every shelf in every store almost doubled their prices … yet, the American Public made the same paycheck.

We’re in a crisis … right? People are loosing their jobs all over this country. I’m sure the last thing they are going to think of is buying a vehicle, any vehicle. Why should they buy a vehicle, they don’t have a job to drive to.

I don’t know if this is legit crisis or this is the disgruntals loosing the presidential race? It’s sounds too political to me … like stick it to President elect and make it as difficult as possible for him to take office … you wanted this office … here!

Peace. The older I get, the more insane people act.


Wini I would like a new Fourdoor Jeep Rubicon in the deep Pearl Blue with all leather interior ! Monster Lift on monster tires and full Chrome package the works !

For my Christmass present! Thanks LOVE JJ


Wini to be fair, I think I should mention that I think the best course, and the most painful, would be for the Big 3 to file bankruptcy much like United Airlines did in 2002. They are in such bad shape that this truly may be the only thing that would save them. I think if they did that they would lose some jobs and lower wages. If they shut down completely it would be a disaster though.


Did anyone watch the video “Emotion Tabled” that I mentioned? It is at
To clarify, I do NOT know the choreographer’s intentions but I think the dance captures the pain of interacting with a Nor Malignant N or P very well, and perhaps some of their pain as well. It starts slow so hang in there, and the ending I think is so powerful. A direct link to just the video is at but it is easy to find on the easier link above. Just scroll a few inches. The only description from the dancer/choreographer is: Anger manifests in many ways, none productive. 1st prize winning piece, Stuttgart Solo-Tanz-Theater Festval, 2007. Choreographed and Danced by: Ryan Lawrence .

You can see why it won first prise in an international competition! Very powerful! And sort of healing for me….


justabouthealed – I watched the clip – and yes it is powerful – his movement’s showed the pain he was in and trying to escape from it..Thanks for sharing that – I guess the impact of spaths is everywhere – we here it in song’s – see it on film – and dance. I guess nobody escape’s the pain of loving one of these abnormal human’s..


BloggerT: These companies are pawns for greedy politicians playing Obama. You already saw who the greediest are … replay who’s been out front insisting that the money be forked over – re watch the news reels over the last few weeks. I’ll give you a hint who’s the biggest players of this scam … the Senior Senator from my State … plus the Senators from adjoining State to mine … insisting that all these deadbeat companies should be bailed out. What a bunch of con artists.

The routine was the same how they scammed me. All of them … played me like a fiddle. I had so many fires going on at the same time … they never let me breath … and in the end, they took EVERYTHIING from ME !…. I know what I’m talking about … I lived it. BIG BULLIES and THIEVES all of them! I HOPE THESE A$$H*LES PRICKS GET THROWN OUT OF OFFICE.

Now they are doing the same scam at a bigger level. Note how Obama has to put all these fires out … Fires that these politicians made deals in the backrooms with all these companies.

Obama should hold up all five fingers and tell them to read between the lines.



BloggerT: My EX fiance’s father was head of a union and personally knew our State Senator, as did my EX … they are the same age. All making deals behind my back to nail me.

Now you know why everyone blocks me from having this con-artist picked up … cause the rest of them go down with him … PRICKS all of them.



BloggerT: Correction … I meant to say Congressman from adjoining State to mine. But, the Senator from my State was correct.


Bless you Lily


Don’t really have time to read all the responses here, so sorry to all for whom I’m sure they mean a lot! Yes, Dr. Steve, I find it interesting that you put this here. Mamet’s world is s wild and manipulative–

I’ve recently been watching Kushner’s Angels in America. When it first came out, I saw it on Broadway and didn’t fully understand it. Now that I’ve had a relationship with a major manipulator, I do. Roy Cohn in that play, I believe, embodies the sociopathic spirit of the corrupt American system. Such wonderful dramatic justice that he dies of AIDS (though keeps refusing, right til the end, that he’s really gay) But he DIES, ushered to the other side by Ethel Rosenberg, whose execution he assured. And that wonderful character of Prior Walter LIVES — I now think that Prior is an apt prophet for our time: a person who knows the dark side, recognizes he has to be alert, but also maintains a goodness in his heart.

Notably, too, by the end of the second part of the play he has his beautiful body wrapped in something like a burka. Beauty attracts evil — because evil likes to make beauty its own.


I haven’t seen his plays but don’t think I will.

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