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The six steps of healing from a psychopath

There is no straight line to healing after an encounter with a psychopath. No clearly defined path that says, step here, go there. For most of us, there are no tools in our lifeboats that will aid us in the process of letting go so that we can move on to live and laugh and love again.

Healing from such an encounter takes energy. It requires a personal commitment to doing what it takes to clear your mind, body and spirit of his or her lies. Healing takes time.

When I first got my life back after the psychopath was arrested I looked at the devastation around me and cried. How could a once vibrant, successful, loving woman have fallen so far from her path? How could she have lost her grace and dignity by loving such a man? I didn’t want to believe that woman was me. I didn’t want to believe my life had crumbled to such disarray. But to heal, I had to accept what was and let go of my disbelief that it couldn’t be true. It was true. I had loved a man who lied. I had fallen into his web and let go of all that I had held true.

Stepping Into Acceptance

That was my first step. Acceptance. Acceptance of my life that day, in that moment. It was in tatters. My home was gone. My life savings evaporated. My belongings disappeared. I had to accept where I was at without falling victim to wishing, ”˜if only’. I had to accept that I had done things that hurt my daughters, my family, my friends, myself. I had to accept that in order to keep the appearance of that relationship alive, I too had lied, deceived and manipulated. In giving into him I had to accept that I had given up on me to the point that I no longer existed as a separate individual. I had conspired with him in my destruction. I had to accept I was a victim of abuse.

Acceptance was hard. Facing the truth of what I had done and what I had become hurt. But, to be free of the past I had to face myself and love myself for the wounded, abused woman that I was and acknowledge that I did not have to stay there. I had to accept that only I could create the change in my life that I desired, that it was up to me. If I wanted to move beyond his abuse, move away from that painful place I found myself in, I would need to find my courage and turn up for myself so that I could step into forgiveness.

The Gift of Forgiveness

And that was my second step. Forgiveness. For all that I had done and said and become that hurt me and everyone in my life. For, no matter how blind or stupid or gullible I had been, no matter how unintentional my actions, I had betrayed the sacred trust I entered into when I gave birth to my daughters. In my betrayal of that trust, I had broken my commitment to be a conscious and loving mother that they could count on to be there for them when they needed me.

Truth was, I hadn’t been there for them. In keeping myself locked in that man’s unholy embrace, I had hurt them. They too had suffered through what he had done, who I had become and what had become of me. For all of us to heal, I needed to forgive myself and to ask for their forgiveness and be willing to accept their right to be angry without picking up their anger for them. In forgiveness, I could lovingly let them move through their pain without forcing them to let it go before they were ready. And in giving them that grace, I gave myself the grace to feel my feelings, without having to deny them, denigrate them, or escape them through searching for myself in someone else’s arms.

My Commitment to Myself

Through forgiveness, I found myself taking my third step. Commitment. To myself, to my daughters, to those who love me. Through my commitment to do what was loving and necessary to get what I needed in my life, I made a commitment to turn up for me, without fear, without judgement, without hesitation. I made a commitment that I would honour my journey, no matter how painful, and keep myself safe on the path to healing by not falling back into remorse, self-denigration, self-abasement and guilt. By committing myself to love myself, warts and all, I gave myself the grace and space to move into my fourth loving step.

Embracing Gratitude

Gratitude. Yes, he had hurt me. Betrayed me. But I was alive. I had the chance to heal, the opportunity to begin again. By stepping into an attitude of gratitude I chose to create harmony, not discord, with all my words and actions. To bemoan what he had done, to focus on his misdeeds would have held me pinioned to the pain of his passing through my life. I deserved better. And so, I embraced gratitude and let regret and remorse go. I did not need to get even with him. I did not need revenge. What I needed was to find my peace of mind, to create a life of harmony without him in it. Every night I wrote out my list of gratitudes, I thanked my angels, God, the Divine. I gave thanks for my life, my daughters’ lives, the love that filled my heart and the opportunity to make amends.

Making Amends

Making amends was my fifth step. Making amends does not mean putting straight other people’s lives. It doesn’t mean righting the past. It means, staying true to who I am today. To keeping my commitments, my word, my promises. It means consciously choosing each step of my journey with dignity and grace, treating my world and everyone in it with integrity, being honest and open about my feelings, my life, my journey. Making amends means asking those I have hurt what they need and being committed to do what it takes to give it to them. Making amends means knowing who I am today and being the best me I can be so that I can live my sixth and final step without reservation.

Living with Grace

There is no easy way through the pain of having loved a psychopath. But, no matter the darkness of the path, the rocks and potholes strewn across the way, the fierce winds that blow or stormy seas we navigate, living with grace gives me the courage to face life’s ups and downs without losing my way. Like a sailboat aiming for shore, my journey is not a straight line. I continually correct my course without losing site of my objective. Standing in my ”˜I’, staying focused on my journey, I am not pulled from my centre by the winds that blow around me. With grace, I turn up, pay attention, speak my truth and stay unattached to the outcome. With grace, I am free to be all that I am meant to be, confident that my best is good enough.

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Thank you for these wonderful words! I agree, healing involves all of these steps, starts with acceptance, and is maintained by grace.


Wow, ML never ceases to amaze me with her insight and progress!

Clearly you, ML, are way ahead of me even though I believe we have both been on this site for the same amount of time, since the inception of lovefraud last year. Still, I am enmired in the disasterous aftermath–one that may result in forever losing my ability to practise professionally. And NO ONE, almost no one in the mental health field knows what lovefraud and sociopaths are about! Sure they write about them and admire the abilities of the sociopath to read & manipulate better than any trained psychologist. But they are ignorant. Only those who have gone through this fire have an inkling of what sociopaths are about and how powerful & dangerous sociopaths are.

But, let’s get one thing right:

Lovefraud says that the prevalence rate for sociopathy is 1%! It is NOT. It is 4%!!!

One out of every 25 of us is a sociopath! That’s four times the rate for schizophrenia.

The risk of running into a sociopath is FOUR TIMES HIGHER than the rate scale on this website.

We interact with them all the time. They know us but we don’t know them! When we fit their con and are deemed appropriate victims for their finely honed scams, games which they have run and developed typically over their lives since their early teens, then ‘we get more of their attention and we get “to learn” more.’

Unfortunately, we get to learn at a price. As it is said:

When you lose [your job], don’t lose the lesson!


I am old enough to know better, but, I met a man 1 year ago at an online dating site. He was wealthy, appeared generous, wanted me to quit my job so he could take me traveling. I did!. Then the tantrums (his) started. I found out he had a clinical diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder and OCD. He could flip out and render a sales girl in tears in minutes or, he could try to seduce her in my presence feigning innocence. He tried to get me to put his name on the deed of title to my home and my cars. He said he had spent a great deal of money on me and that proved he was trustworthy. He wanted me to take out a credit card in my name so he could transfer his bills on to it. He moved me half out of my home but not really into his. I was almost reduced to complete powerlessness. He slept everyday until 2 pm and then expected me to wait on him like a servant (I did). He was horrid. When we finally broke up, he left me, stealing all my tools and all the food in the kitchen, even the coffee creamer. The very next day he was active on 6 different dating sites looking for new victims. He was even on a one for married people to cheat on their spouses. He slathers on testerone creme so he can keep being sexual. He never went off these dating sites when we were together, he just hid his profile until he found a suitable “mark”. He would save up to 40 women on one web site in his favorites. He would then contact and open a file on 4 or 5 favorites so he could gage his e mails and phone calls to their interests. The reason I know this is for some reason, I had access to his e mail and then his passcodes. It sickens me that he is doing this and it was done to me. I still have my home. I got another job. I will get more tools. He still calls and threatens that he will damage. my property if I don’t give him back the money that he spent on me during our relationship. He even went to a lawyer to sue me but got no where. I never asked him for anything but love and fidelity. This guy is smart educated and goes for smart educated intelligent women. What is amazing to me is that they bite!!! I bit!!!


My “creeped out little freak” also slept until very late in the day and wasn’t showered or dressed until 3 p.m. I never understood why. He wasn’t into drugs or booze. I suspect it was part of the antisocial quality of his disorder. He would stay up all night. He would never tell me what he did or why he behaved this way. I didn’t reach the “moving in” stage, and from what I’ve read on this site, I am grateful!! Perhaps, because he wanted me to become available to him immediately (although never offering me his place to share). When I didn’t agree immediately, he deserted me. My creep was smart, too. As I’ve said in other postings, he skipped 3 grades (verified) and graduated college at 18.

He was also an internet junkie and was all over the sites and still is. That is how we met.

I am grateful he has left me alone. My six months with him were enough to scar me emotionally, but I will say, now, I am stronger because of the experience. I am more in tune with real love, and with my own impulsivity.

These people are CREEPY. Best to get away from them as soon as possible.

TIP: Google them using their full name (including middle name). That was how I found his prison information. Without the middle name, it did not come up.

I could almost rationalize his behavior and stay in denial, but the knowledge of his federal offense and conviction is what keeps me in reality every time I get a passing soft spot.

He never told me about his crime and prison stay. I found out after he had tired of me and was through with me. He probably would never have told me.

When I asked him about the long stretches of his past he would not discuss he once responded: “It is better for you that I remain an enigma.”

Well, he’s no enigma any more! Take action. Be proactive. Stay strong. Check people out before committing to them!

The section about Forgiveness really struck me. I get very tired of hearing we should “forgive” a sociopath (or narcissist). How can you forgive the unforgiveable? I know in Jewish tradition – you can only forgive a person when they ASK you for forgiveness and make amends to you. Personally – I think forgiveness is over-rated for a sociopath and somehow puts the guilt process back on the victim.

That said, one of the women who exposed her predator on my blog made a similar comment to me about her kids. About how her predator stole time away from her kids, she was in the divorce process and said she will never fully forgive herself for allowing this soul-scarring creature to take away her time & energy. He was a sex addict who used a lot of NLP & seduction techniques on her to monopolize her time & her mind.

Many victims beat themselves up after these relationships and they shouldn’t. They are not dealing with empathetic human beings. And don’t keep their secrets!! By posting them on exposure sites – you make them GOOGLE-able and may save goodness knows how many other people from being entangled with these people


I wish it would have been easy enough to just Google my sociopath and find out all about his sordid, sorry excuse for a life. Unfortunately, he was able to cover his tracks pretty well, which probably means he’s no stranger to screwing people over when the opportunity arises. He had taken great pains to conceal the details of his “offline life”. He once flew into a rage when the owner of a forum we both belonged to posted his birthday for all to see. The constant paranoia should have been a red flag, but I was naive then.

It’s good to keep in mind that many of these people have spent a great deal of time plotting and conniving, mulling over things that wouldn’t even occur to normal people. So there is no sense blaming yourself. No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance that you could run into one. You can take certain precautions to reduce the probability of this happening again, but the sad reality is that the risk is never truly eliminated.


I am a mental health therapist. My first husband is narcisstic and my ex-fiance is a sociopath. I think everyone must realize these people are really good at what they do and those most vulnerable are those of us who genuinely care about others. While my ex-fiance was more devastating emotionally, I think not knowing the characteristics make one more vulnerable. Now that I have had this experience, I am a much better therapist because I can spot them now.

No *Love* Lost

anb71…thank you for your comments. It makes me feel less like a for having fallen prey.I also think you’re right, they seem to target and exploit our most prized asset..EMPATHY.I can only HOPE that knowing the characteristics makes me safer. But in reality, i KNOW if i am targeted by a Sociopath for what i can do for him,..he will make damn sure he comes at me covertly and mimics normal human emotions no different than the Narcissistic/Psychopath who invaded my mind,body, heart and soul with his NEED to emotionally rape me.

Healing from my disenchantment with HUMAN NATURE has been a monumental undertaking.If forgiveness was for him and not me, i would hold a grudge forever.But i am forever negatively altered in my judgement of people.

I only WISH i could say…”I could spot them now…”
I am no less easy prey than i was before…because i genuinely CARE about others still, which is who they target….but trust comes at a price sometimes.Love is about risk.Sometimes you win, and sometimes you run head long into a Sociopath.Me? I self protect by NOT interacting with the human race in a way that might leave me open to this again. 1 in 25 is WAY too high of odds for me.I keep my GUARDS up knowing i am human, female, vulnerable and somehow easily preyed on by men with hidden agenda’s. I hang onto my justifiable anger so i won’t EVER forget…to not let my guards down again.

anb71 and I are “twins” because I am also a mental health therapist, was married to a narcissist and just broke up 1-07 with my fiance who is a sociopath. I was also much more devastated by the sociopath fiance because he had no integrity! He was deceitful, dishonest, insecure, untrustworthy, and abusive in the end. I felt in the end like I didn’t know him at all! He quickly turned on me when he knew I was figuring him out. I also found two addictions he was hiding–online pornography (he never could sleep and was getting up during the night) and drinking. I didn’t live with him and lived 30 miles away so he had plenty of time for his extracurricular activities. I am sure I have only sheered the top of an iceberg of trouble that was waiting if I had married him. The night I broke off the engagement, I took my brother along who waited outside. I took a cellphone. I had become very scared of him. He was calm. I returned the ring and told him to stay away from me and that I didn’t want ANY communication with him. That night, the jerk got back on the online dating service we met on and downloaded his profile. It was sent to my friend the next day! That is when I became obsessed with “getting even.” I have NEVER felt like that! I went to friends and family right away. I got support from them. I wrote many letters which I never intended to mail (although you want to scream at them and tell them off!!!) because I knew it could open another dialog or he would gloat, knowing I was so upset. I found this site which is helping me tremendously. I have given the website to many women friends and I have gone public with co-workers and friends so they can “be aware.” Two months later, I am feeling so much better but I know I was lucky and got out before getting truly hurt and burned by him!


My sociopath…con artist has only been in jail for a few weeks now…yes I was able to put him in jail because he robbed me and beat me til I was unrecognizable and I called the police and he was arrested and subsequently put on probation and I had a protective order against him. He convinced me to marry him before all the orders were in place. Then he walked past that protective order and robbed me again at knife point then had the stupidity to return to my home later that night. I called the police and he was arrested and placed on $100,000 bond for the knife robbery and sentenced to 90 days in jail for the protective order violation. The system has yet to violate his probation but I am told that it is coming with time. I, also discovered that he had married me but had never been divorced from his first wife and I spoke with the vice squad who filed bigomy charges on him. Last week he was formally charged with bigomy. I go to counseling every Thursday. I spent over 2 years with this man torturing, harrassing, and financially ruining me. With one excuse after another. Now I am bitter, untrusting, and angry. I wake every couple of hours during the night. I can not believe that I am reacting like this…how could I have given him so much control over me. I was always the strong one. I changed my number so many times in the 2 year on again off again nightmare that I still have a hard time remembering my number now. I feel so isolated and alone. When will I be me again?


Tilly, Silly, Silly, Tilly….

What would that make you if you did THAT?!! How would you ever be able to post on LF from jail??? Why would you even want to waste your time and energy on that LOSER??

Id rather hear what you are planning to do going forward with your life being Psychopath FREE! Do not let them win by being consummed by a lowlife! Drop him from your psyche…there is so much more to life…even after being burned…we just have to realize we have the choice to get on, move on, get away, (even if they took everything of ours — we still have ourselves and others and life ahead of us) — they falter by being who they are for the rest of their lives — the only way we can falter is if we let them take up space in our new lives!!!

DONT DO IT… Get him out of your mind, together with all of us!!!!!


To bemoan what he had done, to focus on his misdeeds would have held me pinioned to the pain of his passing through my life. I deserved better. And so, I embraced gratitude and let regret and remorse go. I did not need to get even with him. I did not need revenge. What I needed was to find my peace of mind, to create a life of harmony without him in it.

WOW WOW WOW!! I have soooooo been struggling with this and you summed it up and gave me such an “ah ha”..peice of mind is all I have I get it..I HAD to go through the process of it all to get to the here and now…amazing article..thank you!! It all within us..the answers..the ability..the peace…we have it already…and once it is “found” hold it and treasure it and NEVER let anyone take it away again!

Ox Drover

Dear LTL and Endthepain,

I am sooooo glad you guys are brining up such wonderful articles out of the archives….

THERE IS A WEALTH OF INFORMATION in the archived articles. When I first came on to LF I systematically went back through them and read each one (I thought) but I must have missed this one! THANK YOU!!!!

When new people come to LF I usually, along with welcoming them, suggest they go back through ALL the old articles and read the ARTICLES (the blog comments can come later) but reading the “book” made up of these articles is so educating and so enlightening that it is like “healing on speed” in that you get SO much wonderful information on such a broad stage.

LTL, what you said to Tilly is so right on! ETP, your comments are so right on as well!!!! Thanks for bringing this article up!


This is a wonderful article, thank you from me too.

I had been thinking about forming some sort of a “12 step” on this, and this piece does it. As in the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, Acceptance. Making Amends, where you can, is also part of the program.

This is all I would add, the last step of 12-step, revised: helping others who have also suffered by their love of a psychopath.

Here on LF, I’ve drawn amazing strength from blogging with the new people who arrive (almost daily) it reinforces my own understanding and shows me that I’ve made a few baby steps since NC started.


He used to call me silly tilly too.


ok. Then I def wont call you Silly Tilly! 🙂


mine called me Sugar Booger~~!!!



For reasons of good taste alone, I promise I will never, EVER call you that!


Oh come on Matt – please??


In these tough times, we all have our price. What credit card are you going to use?


Matt you are a hoot!


Matt is asking for a credit card, so he is looking for at least 5 figures, here.

Am I right, Matt??

Something about recovering funds from trip to Greece with S? 🙂



Damn. You can read me like a book!



I think our minds might be wired the same.


Matt go to Greece with Henry…work out the legal agreement as co-writers and for the LF Comedy Show (with Donna’s approval) ..and JimIndiana Consulting Services….come back from Greece, relaxed, re-energized and scouting producers… you will have the public in stitches — and so many people relating to all of your S jokes!!!! And jokes in general… The hard part will be splitting the income!!!! 🙂


your no fun – I thot it was endearing at the time, but of course I was under the influence……………………….


learn – I like the way you think – Greece would be fabulous – but I dont think he is interested in a okie from muskogee…


Im sure there is a lot of history and sighseeing and you can show Cityboy Matt your Okie Pride and even play Merle Haggards Song “okie from muskogee”… and ode to living right and being free!!! LMAO Matt and Henry in Greece writing the LF Comedy Show to lighten everyones load and bring smiles with healing!!!!!


Years ago I met the nicest man, his name was Richard Burton (not ‘the’ Richard Burton but that was his name) he asked me to go to Dallas for the weekend told me to pack my bags, so I did..two brown paper grocery bags..we get to the motel and it is a HOTEL called The Westin..the porters come out to get our luggage and there are my two brown bags with IGA next to his beautiful matching luggage..later I asked him “why didnt youtell me we were staying at such a nice place and I would of at least used boxes? He said “Thats what I like about you…..


Henry …Is this real story…or a joke…because either way I just choked on an almond (a chewed up one TG!)…. I hope its a true story!!!! for that one! I once put a ripped suitcase with safety pins and drycleaned clothes in the plastic wrapper on the porters cart and got in the other elevator with another family and their cart!!


It’s true. But if Matt want’s to go to Greece I know where I can borrow some nice luggage!!


Haha! No way Henry!!! You are “IGA”-ing it to Greece with Matt! He would only want the real you!!! oh ok…its Greece..boxes are probably a better idea!


I think when one is on vacation they should opt for “store bought boxes” instead of the freebies at Costco. It’s classy!


As in dollar store! 🙂 And tape them up in neon orange duct tape (another use for it)….so as to spot it quickly on the conveyor belt!


Can I come just to take pictures and LMAO? Ill contort myself into a box!


Ha. That’s another thought, we could just FexEx ourselves to Greece in a box! We would just be “traveling with our luggage”.


Then when security finds us we can say Henry and Matt did it, and get their comfy seats on the plane!!! LOL… oh my goodness…Ive GOT to get some SLEEP! Night Shabby…and all!

Ox Drover

I just read the IGA luggage story, ah yes, a MATCHING SET OF LUGGAGE, a non-matching set would be a plastic wally world bag and a paper bag. Believe me, I know CLASS when I see it! And to me, class is not being ashamed to wear a patched pair of pants, or ashamed of using a paper bag for your luggage.

BEING REAL is where it is at! Not that a nice set of luggage is not okay, it is just that THINGS do NOT make the person. My X-BF the P was all about THINGS and SPENDING so others would envy him or feel inferior to him. But you know, I actually do KNOW a couple of mega-millionaires who wear deck shoes and no socks, and use paper bags for luggage, and if you looked at them you couldn’t tell they were any “richer” than the rest of us. Old Sam Walton drove a beat up old truck and he obviously didn’t have to.

People who flaunt their wealth, education or anything else, have a problem—-or people who are ashamed of their financial poverty also have a problem. I’ve been rich and I’ve been BROKE with a capitol B, and rich has some advantages, but either one is just a temporary financial condition that can be “fixed” so I’m the same rich or broke! It doesn’t change ME one way or another.


Well, as long as this thread is all over the place, I will post this, since I have no idea where it belongs, if at all. It is about terrorists and then the woman who has been studying it realizing she had been a victim herself. She doesn’t use the P or S word and maybe it fits, some, maybe not.???

Ox Drover


That is a DISTURBING link–I’m not sure what to “make of” it in fact. The lady and her background of the rape and the apparently uncaring and abandoning father, being not believed by the cops, etc…..and then her life long interest in “bad guys”—PTSD? Yea, I’d say so. Noticed also that she’s been married 3 times so obviously has some problems with relationships (wonder why? tongue in cheek here, guys).

Radicals of any kind, religous or political, who want to force their ideas down the throats of others are scary folks.

Thanks for putting up this link. VERY interesting!


Wow! You described me….how could a once vibrant woman…fall in love with such a man? How could she fallen so far?
I look back on all the lies and the cheating and the disappearing…all of it, and wonder how I could have fallen for such insanity.
Each action, each lie was so smoothly explained. And I wanted to see only good. I had invested a lot of myself into this man so I had a need for the relationship to succeed.
More so, I guess, than my need for dignity.
That is the hard part, the focus on myself. Being with a psychopath makes you focus more on them if only to safeguard yourself. You become vigilant because you sense there is more going on than you are being told and you keep trying to piece it together… to bring clarity to what you are experiencing.
I am so new to realizing all of this. I feel so raw and scared that I cannot maintain the distance needed to heal. I fear falling right back into his web.


tri – hypervigilance and anxiety is the web he spins – when we get wrapped up in their web we lose sight of who we are – please be careful – your X sounds just like mine – it was three years of hell and when I finally kicked him out the ‘last’ time i could not function as a normal person – I felt this HUGE LOSS, but it didnt matter – I knew I had to listen to my instinct and not my heart – i am much better now 3 years later..if your like me you will never be the same person again and that is a good thing – hang in there – your doing the right thing and I know how bad you are hurting – walk through the pain you will be ok..


Wow neveragain, that’s a great link about that woman researcher.
amazing. I can so relate to her.


Thank you, Hens!
I was doing pretty good today, then listened to a voice mail he left saying how he was so sorry for the pain he had caused me (for moving in with another woman while with me) and loved me. His voice was full of pain.
Hearing it took my breath away. I had to pull the car over and regroup.
I was able to think through that the “pain” I heard was him playing the victim while trying to re-victimize me.
I appreciate your comfort. I have found such strength here. I was so lost and so down before I found this site.
I had lost the trust of my daughters for dealing with a man like this.
We were together four years, part of which he was in prison for. So along with being a psychopath, he is a man who has been arrested many times. One would think I could have seen the dangers with a man like this, but he is so incredibly skillful and seductive in a very subtle way.
I have lost my self confidence. I feel so ashamed.

Ox Drover

I went back and re-read this article…gosh I hate CRS because I didn’t remember much of it and it’s only been 9 months since I obviously read it before…poor woman! Talk about a life of TRAUMA. I can understand her feeling really numb and her talking about the “fog.”

Yea, One/Joy I have seen that blog…and it is true, they do suck! LOL

Trimama, Hens is right, the hypervigilance is pretty bad at first but it will decrease. NO CONTACT is the key to that too…it is important that you do not let him contact you—blockk texts, e mails, voice mails, change your number if you have to. Don’t let him lure yoiu backk into his web like a spider! It will get better. REad here and learn. REad all the articles in the archives—read and learn it will help you get your feet bck under you! (((hugs))) and God bless.


Dont beat yourself up too bad Trimama, your in good company here. I understand about the shame and embarrassment and humiliation. Maybe the universe thumped us on the head?
So explain the voice message to me again, he is apologyzing for hurting you because he moved in with another woman and he still loves you? Delete that voice mail – your dealing with a dangerous mind twisting scum bag.
Yes I like men that are on the ruff edge, bad boys so to speak, but their is a reason they call em bad boys.


don’t be ashamed. You’re getting it together now. That’s what matters. NOW, not yesterday.


Thanks you guys!
I needed you so badly. I am so thankful to have found this site. I was so lost in this situation. Everyone who has even an inkling of what has happened says to walk away.
It is not so easy.
Skylar? Yes, he is apologizing to me for moving in with another woman which he acknowledged last week. And continues to tell me he loves me..while living with her.
He calls from a blocked number.
He is dangerous. Very much so. If not for the emotional games he plays, then for the physical harm he does when he cannot control his anger. He is a powerful man. He has tried to strangle me. Twice.
I met the woman he was with before me and she was a whining, pathetic shell of a woman. It was clear to me after awhile that he was the reason she was like that.
I feel so badly for her, and angry at him for doing that to her.
He is a bad boy and that was exciting to me. Was.
He takes great pride in being bad. I never took him seriously. I should have.
But I will heed exactly what you all suggest. I don’t have good perspective right now. I still feel addicted to him.
Thank you!


Yeah, One, it’s a good blog. If you meant the specific post, it’s very interesting to hear a professional’s opinion.

Edited: I’ve just noticed you posted about ‘narcissists suck’ in June 2010, but better late than never, eh? Never mind, it’s still very relevant.

Psychiatrists have thrown up their hands with the personality disorders. No surprise. And the academics organising the DSM know very little about the actual experience of being in relationship with these people. Labels are just that — labels. Traits or full-blown, free will or not (just read BeAware’s post on the fact that criminals and psychos do have different brains so even if they KNOW it’s wrong they can’t do otherwise … interesting one) mentally ill or just plain evil … you could, and we do, spend a long time in a short life worrying about what’s going on. I spent three years. Now I’m interested, but I know that I’m more interested in making sure I’m whole enough to avoid being broken again, and making my daughter as Cluster-B proof as I can. She met one early in her life and it was a good lesson for her. I’m determined that she grows up loving herself enough to be immune as possible to their manipulations. Truth be told, she knew before I did that I should have got out of there. She begged me but I was hooked. I’ve done her harm, but we’re healing together.

I spent too long trying to find out what was up with the man I knew. The very strange thing was that no matter whether I went to a Narc site like webofnarcissism, a bpd site like bpd family, a histrionic site like psychforums, or here … everyone was having EXACTLY the same experience. I felt at home on all of them because no matter which of the cluster B labels you read about, you can find plenty of traits which fit in the people we’ve known. I don’t think it really matters whether we can state without doubt that they were borderline, HPD, narcissist or psychopath. They’re showing signs of the Cluster B continuum and that’s all I need to know to be sure it’s not going to be pretty. All of the ‘victims’ are deep in trauma because of the core behaviours of the character disordered. I prefer character disordered to personality disordered because, really, he was a man of bad character. No honesty, integrity, conscience or empathy. Just exploitation, entitlement, manipulation and blame-shifting, like the high end of every cluster B disorder.

DSMV, who cares? They’re not about to walk into therapy for help, because it’s never them, and what can be done anyway? It doesn’t seem that any of them change that much over time. Possibly because of their brain structure/chemistry, possibly because it works and that’s all that matters to them. They all need to win, and to get one over on people. Can someone who exists in that way long enough ever be normal? If nothing else, the shame of admitting what they’ve done to others seems to keep them immune to the truth. It was hard enough for me to admit to myself what had happened, and I was nowhere near as culpable. I just knew the dance and was a willing partner. No more.

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