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What Does Healing Look Like?

Editor’s note: The following article refers to spiritual concepts. Please read Lovefraud’s statement on Spiritual Recovery.

Healing does not always look like what “I” think it should look.  Last week’s post was another example.  I checked it late in the evening and read many posts that sounded like my post was doing more harm than good to some.  Frankly, it made me uncomfortable for a moment and I needed to think about what I was feeling.  I’d prefer everyone to say wonderful things about these posts and get well immediately, but that is not how it works.

The Truth often makes us uncomfortable, because it means that we have a choice, and can do something about how we are feeling.  The absolute hardest lesson for me to learn was that I am not a victim (there I go again!).  If I am not responsible for my own happiness, then who is?  Healing is not always easy.  It often takes courage, faith and endurance, but it is always available.  It IS up to us.

My experience was, and continues to be, that healing does not always look like I think it should look.  In fact, sometimes it appears to be destructive, hurtful and scary.  This is where Faith and fellowship come in.

Personally, I needed the help of others sharing their own personal experience as it related to my own journey.  Many of them “thought” they were being harmed too, when in fact, they were on the road to Healing.   This gave me hope when I needed it most”¦when things looked the worst.

The gift of this site is that Lovefraud provides a place where people can share and help each other.  Those that have been through this and healed return to help others and that is a beautiful thing.  I call it A Miracle.

For the ones returning to help, what was once a nightmare of pain and suffering has now become a beacon of peace, hope and freedom for others.  I am pretty sure none of us saw that coming when we were at our darkest moments.

I certainly never thought my experience with my dad killing people would be a “good” experience”¦But hey, what do I know anyway???  Certainly not enough to tell someone else what Healing should look like!  I do know that it feels good and for that”¦I am forever grateful!

Today is a great day for A Miracle!

A Course In Forgiving begins January 19, 2012.  I did not come here to promote The Course, but to offer it to those that feel moved to do something more about the pain in their lives. 

If you registered for The Course and have NOT received an email from me, please re-register, or email me at travis@victorythroughpeace.com.

There is no fee of (optional donation of up to $25.00) for the six week online course.  This Course is designed to guide participants through the Step by Step Spiritual Process of Letting Go with weekly lessons, readings and exercises that are intended to open the pathway to healing and Peace.

If interested, please visit www.victorythroughpeace.com and click the link in the left hand column titled “Six Week Course Online”.  For those that participate, I will be available by phone and email to share experience in addition to this weekly blog on Lovefraud.


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Skylar and New B –

My ex complained about unconditional love as well. He threw that in his mom’s face all the time.

Also – AMEN to the peace comment. I don’t know of any other group of people that truly appreciate peace the way we do. We live so long in a state of turmoil and don’t even realize it. For the first time in decades, I am starting to feel peace. It’s under some really difficult circumstances, but there is peace.

I am a teacher and I had a student ask me today what one thing I would put on my bucket list. I said I want a house with some land and a duck pond because I just want to sit and enjoy my environment. 🙂

New Beginning


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