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Why I Wrote “God Has Failed Me”

By K.M. Lessing

I see many books and horror stories written by women who were the victims of psychopaths. They go on and on detailing all the pain and suffering they endured. And they leave out one vital detail: his name. So he goes on to the next victim and the next and the next. I ask you: why must we be so careful to protect men who are predators? Why must we take every precaution to make sure these dangerous men stay safe—safe to con the next woman, safe to destroy the next mind, safe to play his sadistic games”¦until the end of his life?

When I wrote my books, I decided NO WAY. I decided I would not protect the man who destroyed me emotionally. So I published his REAL name and REAL pictures in my books. It would be negligent of me not to do so. He’s a predator who’s manipulating and using women. He’s a pathological liar. He’s a danger to society, and most of all, he’s a public figure religious leader using spirituality to seduce women”¦ and cheat on his wife. So no way am I going to protect his pathetic a**!

From the book cover

god_failed_meRead the blockbuster exposé of a philandering Muslim imam. In Part 1 of her true story, K.M. Lessing openly reveals her imperfect life and candidly narrates her journey through the following: gothic club enchantment, her wish for love, marital misery, alcohol entanglement, spending the holidays alone, bad church experiences, loss of faith, disappointing people, the question of abortion, trying to find a boyfriend who isn’t into porn, nihilism, and exposing a crafty internet predator who turns out to be a married religious leader from Iran

This book is a true story and contains authentic transcribed text messages, voicemails, and conversations.

Throughout her book, K.M. Lessing provides her perspective and critique on the myth of romantic relationships, toxic American “culture,” Hollywood, American pseudo-Christianity, the myth of counselors and why it’s better to become independent, questionable religious leaders, men’s accountability for their errant sexual behavior, and her first-hand experience with Islam.

About the author: K.M. Lessing is a new indie author and apostate of Islam. She worked for too many miserable years in the corporate world before writing her first books about her quest to find the only thing that really matters in life. As she refuses to suppress the complexity of emotions and conflict of desires that make her a human being, she is definitely not very professional.

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I must say K.M Lessing is very brave not that she mentions the name of her ex but she talks about Islam negatively…coming from a family who are muslims except myself, it is a dangerous path but I do applaud and have lots of respect towards her.


I’m happy to hear you say that. I began exposing a man on my face book page with his pictures, name and comments about him. I did this to try to warn other women about him because he also is posing as a man of God and scams women out of money and uses them for sex. I have been attacked over and over again for exposing him while some of the women have been very grateful. Some of the women have told me to “let go and let God”, but God uses people to get His message out and so does satan.


Sounds like the ex I listed below..

He was all about God, and the sacredness of waiting to have sex. In reality, he wanted to drain my bank account while screwing others.

I don’t say my ex’s name because he has already stalked me, threatened me, threatened my children, and sued me in Federal Court. Although his suit was ultimately dismissed, he has cost me thousands of dollars that I am still trying to pay back. I have complete admiration for victims who are willing to stick their heads out of their foxhole, but I do not possess that kind of courage. Kudos to those who risk their lives and safety.


I was stalked, after a break in and assault during the middle of the night. The police follow up was laughable/ cryable. Was the REALTOR who I had listed my home with. (DAVID KENNETH HERNLEY who has a LONG record)
He tried stalking me until I did put his name out there. And DARED him to try it again.
My horrible experience could have been worse, as countless other woman have suffered from with him.
The police in Naples.Fl not doing anything was by far the worst part. But FLORIDA is a stand your ground state. And I think he’s just barely smart enough to not take me up on the dare.
Again….get his name out there so more eyes are on him. And more are warned.
I blasted David Hernley all over the web and several other ladies wrote to me about him. Including his first and last of 8 known ex wives. As well as his sister.


Also….get an atty. and counter sue. He can pay or be locked up.


If anyone is interested, David A. Cain of Georgetown, TX is being named right this instant.

There’s a problem with naming names, it can backfire horrendously. People think you’re a bitter ex, or you want the person back. Neither case being true, you’re just looking out for others. Sadly, it takes them finding out for themselves firsthand that you were right all along.

Be careful, but don’t be afraid to say whom.


I agree. If you tell someone who has never dealt with a psychopath, you were involved with a psychopath, they think you are a bitter ex. They have to find out for themselves.


waaaaal i figger its like this, if’n i was a bitter sort of folk, i’d be tarring his ass. not just exposing him. i’d be suing his rank ass for thousands n thousands in back child support and not supporting us while together even. i’d doing be a helluva lot more than putting his nasty name out there.
ppl dont believe u no matter wat you do nohow. so ignore the naysayers, let go n let God n shine the lite brighthot on the vermin while they scurry n slither back into the shadows as fast as they can.
sick bastids.

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